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This articles details about ” Paid Survey Websites”.

Make every second of your spare time precious by filling your pockets with extra cash.  Why to waste time in watching videos or reading gossips make your time valuable by earning cash with simple online works with no effort. Earn money by filling out online forms or testing products.

Many companies around globe are conducting researches and offering rewards for your opinions. Companies use this opinion polls or surveys for their branding, marketing and case studies.  So make your opinion valuable by participating in these simple programs.

Here are some trusted paid survey sites that pay you good amount of money for your surveys:

You will be given limited number of survey every month, for earning more money you can join as many as possible.

  • Paid Survey Websites – Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is very popular website that offers good rewards for taking surveys and signup bonus.  Swagbucks offers you rewards for filling surveys forms, plays games, watching videos and for polling. Rewards for swagbucks will be Paytm Cash, Vouchers and prize draws. Swagbucks offers 70 points – SB (40 p) per survey.  Swagbucks has good track records for its payment process and trusted surveys. Swagbucks offers users to complete surveys from multiple providers and gives bonus points when you disqualify for a survey. Each surveys takes 10 min to completion, you can bump your earning by taking wide range of offers. 

  • Paid Survey Websites- Paid View Point:

PaidView Point is on the top of Paid survey websites that takes online surveys for good amount of money. This is portable website; once you register into it you can receive regular notification latest surveys available. For every survey you can earn $0.03 to $0.10 and also rewards to logging, referring friends.

  • Paid Survey Websites- MyView:

MyView is paid survey site. This survey site is for people who love gift cards, You can receive payments in form the gift cards options from all top retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart,iTunes, Shell etc.

  • Paid Survey Websites – GlobalTestMarket:

GlobalTestMarket  paid survey site that offers surveys based on product development. Surveys from this website takes just 10 to 15 minutes, you can receive good amount of money. Mode of payment is cheque or paypal. 

  • Paid Survey Websites – MindSwarms:

MindSwams is also trusted  paid survey website that pays $ 50. MindSwarms requires webcam to participate in survey, each survey takes 20 min. MindSwarms is highest paid website compared to remaining websites. 

  • Paid Survey Websites – Vivatic: 

Vivatic another trusted website that offer you online surveys jobs, writing reviews jobs and data entry jobs. Payment will be done in form of cash; it pays £ 1-2 per survey. Vivatic is a great website that offers you good amount of money. Each survey takes 15min to complete; it also offers many extra rewards with attractive opportunities.

  • Paid Survey Websites – MySurvey: 

MySurvey is paid survey website pays you £ 3-5 per hour. It is famous consumer panel that conducts surveys from new members to participate in market research studies for rewards. MySurvey  pays the rewards through paypal payments, amazon and high street vouchers.

MySurveys offers 100points for every surveys, also offers extra rewards for signing up. Each surveys will take 15min to complete, so you can earn £ 3-5 per hour. 

  • Paid Survey Websites – OnePoll: 

OnePoll a paid survey site that conducts short and quick surveys. OnePoll pays 10p to £1 per surveys. Mode of payment will in form of cash or paypal payments. OnePoll has quick and fun surveys, each surveys takes just 3 min to complete.  Min reward threshold is £ 40.

  • Paid Survey Websites – Survey Bods:

Survey Bods a trusted paid survey site works with top companies that conduct polls. You can earn 50p-£3 per survey, min reward threshold is £ 15. Each survey takes 15min with very easy procedures.  Surveys conducted by Survey Bods are very easy and takes just 10 min. All top branded companies conduct surveys through this website. You can get bonus points of  £3 for signing and also many rewards for referring friends.

  • Paid Survey Websites – YouGov:

This website is different from other website; the surveys conducted in this site are related to social issues like politics, public affairs and commercial products. Rewards will be in form of cash or prizes draw. For each survey you can earn 50p- £3 and minimum threshold is £50.

  • Paid Survey Websites – iPoll:

iPoll is paid survey webite based multinational company, this website has mobile compatibility and multiple payout opportunities.  Rewards form iPoll will be cash, vouchers and magazine subscriptions. Each surveys takes 15minutes, you can earn 40p – £1.70per survey.

  • Paid Survey Websites – MindMover:

MindMover conducts surveys on consumer products related to food, cosmetics, public transport etc. Each suveys takes 15 min for completion, you can earn 50p-  £ 1.50 per surveys. 

There are many other websites that conducts online surveys:

  • SurveySavvy
  • Inbox dollars
  • Survey Junkie
  • Ipsos i-Say
  • Opinion World
  • The Opinion Panel Community
  • CashCrate
  • OpinionOutpost 

And many more

SO you try out all the websites so that you can get continuous income instead of waiting for  surveys on single site. All these websites have unsubscribed option to deactivate your account if you are not interested. Best idea is to keep separate email id for all of your survey site account. Email id should be viewed regularly as some surveys are only open for a day.

Beware of fake website that conduct fake surveys, never pay money for taking surveys. 

Be honest while taking surveys…

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