Pet Shop Business Plan, License, Permit, and Eligibility

Introduction to pet shop business plan, license, permits, and eligibility: In the past times, animal care was narrow to veterinary hospitals, now it has become a style to only domesticate animals but also to tame as pets, some even consider animals as part of their family.

There is a vast difference between domesticating an animal for home usage and keeping a pet, which is why we are now checking business opportunities and how to initiate one, especially for pet lovers.

Nowadays everyone changes their lifestyle and many are leading nuclear families so taking care of their pets is becoming a tedious task for them, hence these centers are increasing day by day. You must have a perfect pet shop business plan for a profitable business.

A guide to pet shop business plan, license, permission

Growing pet urbanization, humanization, and changing costumers’ taste and their preference, are a few of the factors that drive the pet care market in India.

This is a great business if you catch up with the right place to set up and you market yourself properly. It would be an easier task if you pull the areas in the larger metropolitan cities. They tend to be high-income areas, so you can plan and charge a bit more.

Here are some tips for pet lover start-ups and entrepreneurs to help them start a pet care business in India:

Research and planning as part of pet shop business plan

Research on the variety of products available in the market and pick those, which are mostly on demand by the consumers’ end.

Look out for the place, where you can see many pets and how far the neighborhood from its nearest pet care is a store, this will aid in knowing precisely where and what business you must start.

Once the research is over, plan properly about, the kind of product you wish to sell, its supply, and which veterinary physician you can retain and regarding its pay.

Establishing a niche as part of a pet shop business plan

Make a list while observing your competitor, and prepare yourself to be ahead of them. Some pet lovers choose their pet food, be it for dog, cat, tortoise, parrot, guinea pig, birds, rabbits or fish to be from a specific brand and prefer to get at one place.

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Establishing a Niche.
Establishing a Niche.

Some pet lovers desire to trim their pets’ nails or hair at infrequent intervals and care about their bath, so you may plan for your business according to their needs.

Know all about the pet store business

Not only stocking the shop with materials, with a veterinary care unit is enough, but having the idea about the products, which you may offer the pet owners is also essential. This can be gained by surfing online you will gain knowledge from it or you can appoint people, who have appropriate training in animal care which will deliver an excellent impression on consumer’s mind. The client will in a way choose your store amongst others. 

Marketing and establishing a brand

To begin a brand of your business, the primary and principal step is selecting the name. Keep it short, attractive, and easy to recall, so that people easily remember.

Advertising by various channels and media publications is one of the marketing strategies adopted from past times.

The small investments in the initial stage of your business like repetitive advertisements on radio or television will aid the clients to remember your brand and will support you in long term.

Animal lovers nowadays are increasing day by day and it shows that this business is no doubt recession-free.

Eligibility for registration of pet shop in India

  • A person attempting to get his/her pet shop registered shall be:
  • A major (aged 18 or above) having a sound mind,
  • Not prohibited by law from entering into a business
  • In case a person refers to /corporation/Company/ association, such association/corporation/company must duly register with the law.

Application form for starting a pet store in India

For the registration purpose, an application in the form appended to the first schedule and a non-refundable charge of Rs 5,000/- must be paid to the state board. Another application must be submitted for every distinct premise to be registered.

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Certificate of Registration of a pet shop

The validity duration of a certificate of registration, as issued by State Board extends up to 2 years and is subject to renewal on payment of accost of five thousand rupees. This certificate is non-transferable.

Licensing of pet shops in India

  • Section 3 of Pet Shop Rules, 2010 draft and lay down the terms and conditions which must be followed when you are applying for licensing of a pet shop.
  • No person/entity is given permission to establish and do operations without a license.
    License for establishing and operating a pet shop will be given be granted only after an application is submitted, in the proper format, to the Animal Welfare Board of India.
  • Those people who are already operating pet shops prior to the introduction of these guidelines must get a license by applying within a timeline of 60 days from the announcement of the rules.
  • Eligibility to apply for a license is that the individual must be a major (aged 18 or more).
  • Every applicant/entity must get his store inspected both by the board and local authority. This inspection is mandatory to ensure that operations abide by the regulations before providing the license.

The license is rejected following conditions:

  • If the applicant fails in the categories like infrastructure, accommodation and housing’, ‘basic space requirements, and, ‘usual care of animals, veterinary care, and other operational requirements.
  • If found with manipulated accounts and or faulty and misrepresentation is seen in the application produced by the applicant will be denied.
  • In case the applicant is convicted of any offenses that are related to animals.
  • If the inspector is not given free access to the pet shop.
  • The following entities do not need a license to operate:
  • A veterinary clinic/hospital
  • An establishment that is providing services for the improvement of animals and not involved in any commercial business with animals.
  • A shelter for animals functioned by an animal welfare organization

General practices to be observed by pet-shop keepers

A pet store center.
A pet store center.

Apart from the legal requisites, there are several other conditions that the shopkeepers are required to maintain before operating their respective shops:

  • Aquariums are placed for the selling of fishes and all required arrangements have to be organized by the pet shop owners.
  • Pet shops are not legalized to sell any animal for the purposes of food.
  • It is obligatory for a pet shop to follow and maintain all steps in animal care and cautioned handling of breeds.
  • Proper fire extinguishing safety devices must be installed and maintained in the shop.
  • Precautionary steps and daily routine care along with veterinary aid shall be maintained.
  • Pet shops must not keep any animal/bird for sale/exhibition external to shop premises.
  • Proper arrangements for waste disposal for the cleanliness of the shop are essential.
  • It shall be ensured that animals placed in the same compartment exhibit compatibility towards each other.
  • The owner must vaccine the puppy/kitten before its sale.
  • Accommodation and the accessories delivered must be good for the species.
  • Food for birds and animals must be packed and stored in sealed containers for keeping them free from contamination. Freshwater and fresh, smell-free foods must be given to all animals/birds in the store.
  • Sufficient provision of electricity must be available in shop premises.
  • Accommodation should be cleaned on regular basis to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Accommodation for the animals and birds should be kept in a way that is preferred in terms of temperature, lighting, ventilation.
  • The license will be granted for the animals/birds as per the laws of animal sale under the Wildlife Act 1972.

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