Profit In Employment Agency – A Full Guide

Introduction to profit in employment agency or recruitment agency business (Cost to Start)

A job recruitment agency is an institution that provides information regarding job vacancy to the aspirants. In other words, it stands as a mediator in which it bridges the gap between the company and the unemployed person. It helps the one who is in need of the job. Before opening a recruitment agency, you must know in detail how it functioning. Moreover, you must know about the stage of the market and accordingly initiate the business. Even if it is the first time that you have initiated the agency, you must have full information about the vacancy presented by the companies. Thus, before beginning the business, you must know how to have earnings from this recruitment agency.

A step by step guide to profit in employment agency

As mentioned previously, this agency is an intermediary entity that is acting between the person who is in need of the job and the company which offers the position.

  • When there is a vacancy in the company, it will approach the recruitment agency.
  • Unemployed persons can also search for jobs, when he or she approaches the recruitment agency, they must provide some necessary documents to the agency.
  • The recruitment agency should contact the HR department of the company which is giving the job opportunity. In this way, the recruitment company should gather information from both ends and convey the same to the aspirant who is applying for a job and to HR of the company.

Functioning of recruitment agency

  • The recruitment agency chooses the company based on the service that they desire to cater to. After this, the recruitment agency will approach the HR department for any vacancy in the company. The agency now gathers the details of the position. They collect the details like experience, qualification needed, and location of the job. The recruitment agency will give this information to the candidate based on their need.
  • The recruitment agency generates a list of candidates who are in need of a job. Depending on the list, they provide the candidate for any specific position in the company. The recruitment agency is answerable to contact the aspirant and provide them the needful information about the job opening.
  • After having the details of the job opening, if the candidate is planning to appear for the interview, they will give their confirmation to the recruitment agency. Then the agency moves the request to the HR department of the company.
  • After trying for an interview in the company if the candidate is chosen, the company has to pay some commission fee to the recruitment agency. In this way, the agencies will be earning money.

If a huge number of candidates are hired in the companies by agencies, then the recruitment agencies will be earning nicely.

Information for starting a employment agency for profit

Before beginning a recruitment agency, you must perform research so that you can prosper well in the business.

Different types of recruitment agencies

Different types of recruitment services are given by the agencies, you must select the one based on your need. Through this, you can look for a job in a particular branch. Accordingly, you must update the aspirants. You must select the proper sector of the industry based on your experience. The various categories of recruitment services which are given are mentioned below.

  • Department of Finance and Marketing
  • IT and Technology Department
  • Constraint field
  • Oil and gas department
  • Engineer
  • Hardware field
  • Teaching Field

Hence, the recruitment agency aid aspirants to obtain jobs in other departments as well. If you have a stronghold or references in any particular department, you can desire to open your agency and thus provide candidates to the particular department. However, it is important to deliver service for the department that is in great demand in the market. With increasing competition, you must know the need of the job aspirants so that you can set up your agency in a proper manner.

Market research for an employment agency to know your competitors to make a good profit

Before starting a recruitment agency, make sure you collect information on some topics which are stated in the following part.

  • Before beginning the business, you must try to identify the present need for a recruitment agency in the market. The agency will help you find a branch where opportunities are available. Also, you can consider the department in which people are involved in working in and based on that, you must start your recruitment agency.
  • Since there are many recruitment agencies in the market, you must try to know about the opposition in the market. In this way, you can give the information accordingly what you will be offering to the candidates. Therefore, it is easy for you after starting the agency to stand firmly against your competitors.
  • You should set the fees, quality, and market promotion based on what is offered by various agencies in the market. You must set your strategies in such a way that can sustain a noticeable position in the market.

Work experience required for opening a recruitment agency

If you have started a recruitment agency on your own, ensure you have adequate knowledge to operate the agency. Having a sound knowledge of the required points will be important for you to gain success in the business and deal with your complications easily. If you have less knowledge about the consultancy agency then try to contact such a person who is experienced in this kind of agency.

Tools and investment required for opening a recruitment agency

When starting a recruitment agency, it is significant that you have to perform certain things. You can easily function your recruitment agency in the market if you follow some points and thus can maintain a noticeable position in the competitive market. In this way, you can also draw more aspirants to seek help from your recruitment agency.

  • Since most work is done through the online mode, it is essential to have desktops or laptops. In addition to this, desktop and laptops must have a stable internet connection.
  • There are few job portals, and aspirants are offered jobs only by the portals. Therefore, to run a recruitment agency successfully, you must install job portals for example in the systems. Through this portal, you will support job aspirants to have their desired job.
  • You must provide a contact number so that job aspirants will contact the recruitment agency directly. Additionally, a registered email address must be given for assisting the candidates.
  • If the company is initiated on a large scale, it is essential that the company should have experienced staff so that they can easily deliver the required consultation service to the job aspirants.

Things to consider for choosing the office location of an employment agency for a good profit.

The services provided by the recruitment agency can be provided through phone calls and through email service. But in case, you are desire to set up an office, you should check for the right location. Try to pick a location that is centrally placed in an industrial area. This will aid to get more job aspirants approaching your recruitment agency to seek a job. Before starting the recruitment agency, you must find out well about the condition of the location. Try to check out whether there is the provision of high-speed internet connection, proper electricity, and water availability so that the agency can operate smoothly. The location should be appropriate for the job aspirants as well as for your staff to reach easily either by public transport or your own vehicle.

Opt for registration of the recruitment agency

It is vital to register a recruitment agency that would aid people to know about the agency properly. By registering your company, you will build trust for the clients to your service which the agency provides. You can avail of the registration process from your home. Moreover, you have to start as a private limited firm. However, you must follow the below points in order to go through an easy registration procedure.

  • Choose the company name – While picking the name of the recruitment agency, ensure that the name is unique and not used by any others. It is also important to have an easy name so that people can recall it easily and you can attract more clients.
  • Choose domain – Before creating a domain, you must choose the name of the domain. You can select for any name, but you must place .com, .in, .co as the domain name.
  • Bank details and insurance – There should be a bank account that is linked with the company. Additionally, the company should be an insured one so that you can bear small losses and take necessary legal steps if needed.
  • Employee insurance – The employee whom you hire in your recruitment agency should be insured one. Therefore, it is the accountability of the employer/company to take care of the safety of the employees.
  • VAT registration – When planning to start a recruitment agency, acquire a business license that is similar to VAT registration of the company. Based on the turnover of the business, you have to apply for VAT registration.

The cost to start the employment agency in India

When you are planning to start the recruitment agency on a small scale basis, you will have to invest less in opening a recruitment agency. The cost involved is determined by many factors. Some of the aspects that determine the cost are mentioned in the next section of this article.

While starting the recruitment agency from your home, you will minimize the costs that incur for payment of rent. When you rent a place for opening the agency, you must spend monthly for rent. The rent amount of the office will depend on the location or city in which you are getting the rent.

  • A computer or laptop is needed to begin a recruitment agency. After the initial investment, you must spend some money on its maintenance.
  • Similarly, you should spend money on purchasing ACs, fans, lights, and other systems in the starting stage of the recruitment agency. In addition, you must pay various bills on a monthly basis.
  • Costs such as business licensing, business registration, and developing the website are also involved in the beginning stages when you start the recruitment agency. But these are only one-time investments.
  • If you have hired employees, you have to pay their salary on a monthly basis. Even if you do not pay them initially, after a few months, you should pay them.
  • There will be few expenses for instance job portal subscription, the expenditure of meeting with clients, and other minute things.

If you desire to check the above-said points, you should spend around 1 lakh to 3 lakhs monthly. It can be even less if you initiate the business as a small scale business. With a good level of understanding, you can take the risk of opening the recruitment agency business on a large scale.

Procedure to opt for job portal subscriptions

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Job portal subscriptions.
Job portal subscriptions

Since starting a recruitment agency is a job-related entity, you must have a proper idea about the employees. You have to subscribe to a few job portal sites. By accessing the job portals, you will be able to get the details of the candidates who are in need of jobs. From the portals, you must obtain the resume of the candidates and contact them. If the service provided by your recruitment agency reflects the candidate’s resume, you can approach them. In this way, you can assist to get a job in the interested sector.

The subscription to the job portal is obtainable in different ways. You can obtain the subscription for a small period like one month, three months, or for a long duration of one year. Therefore, you can acquire based on your needs. The subscription will be based on whether you are planning to open on a large scale basis or as a small scale business.

Profit margin in employment agency

To get the information regarding the benefit of the company, you must analyze the total expense and gains. Once you become a famous and trusted client in the market, you will gain more benefit from your business.

How to market for your employment agency for maximum profit

In order to operate a recruitment agency easily, you must carefully plan for its marketing. People must know how to approach the recruitment agency and get the requisite service from the agency. As different marketing methods are there, you can avail of the methods such as placing the template, create posters, and by advertisement in social media platforms, advertisement in job portals, and some other forums related to jobs. Make sure that the advertisement reaches the target audience, and they will know about the recruitment agency. Other than this, you may even check the options like send text messages and even approaches for verbal publicity. If you select the path of honesty, you can simply market for the recruitment agency service that you are providing. Hence, with increasing competition, it is significant to be able to sustain a proper position in the market. So, it demands efficient marketing approaches.

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