Profit In Silver Paper Making Business in India

Introduction to profit in silver paper making business (Cost to Start)

Presently, many hotels are initiated in various places. For Birthday parties, receptions, weddings, etc. in big lounges/party halls are accommodated nowadays by many people. We can find plates made of silver paper at these parties. They are essential for serving food. Thus if you consider making silver paper as a business, it is currently beneficial.

A step by step guide to silver paper making profit in India

Market potential of silver paper making business

The silver paper making business’s market potential is high because most of them are ordering food from outside due to their busy schedule. The food is packed with the silver paper. So, the demand is increasing as the food orders are growing day by day. So, starting a silver paper making business is profitable. 

License, registration, and permissions required for silver paper making business

The process of licensing may depend on the location of your business. To get started with establishing on a large scale, you may have to apply for a local body office license. As the company is considered as small scale business, so the time of license approval and the registration fee may not be much. Once the local authority has approved the license, you can set up your small scale printing unit at home or industrial Gala. You should obtain a license for this product to have a trustworthy business. It is effortless to get your business registered by your Aadhar card by MSME of the Indian government made any business registrations.

To initiate a small-scale business, we will help you know what is essential and what major permissions and licenses must be needed that are even specific to the state government. The following are the legal permission for the Silver paper manufacturing business: 

  • Firstly, you must complete your firm registration process for the silver paper making business. 
  • Next, from the local municipality, you must take permission and then apply for the trade license. 
  • You also need to acquire the PAN card for your business.
  • You must open a new bank account. 
  • Also, it is essential to apply for the MSME Udyog Aadhar registration. 

Finally, check all the required tax liabilities of silver making business are: PAN card, aadhaar card, Business registration,MSME Udyog Aadhar registration, BIS Certification, Required tax liabilities, New bank account, and Local municipality permission. 

The raw material required for silver paper making business 

The raw materials needed for silver paper are as follows-

  • Brown paper available at Rs. 1000
  • The silver paper will be purchased at Rs. 38 per kg
  • Glue for sticking purpose can be bought at Rs. 200 per litre
Buying raw materials

You can check the following link where the raw materials are available at reasonable and wholesale rates online.  

Silver paper making machine

The machine that is required is fully automatic. You can obtain silver paper making machines available from online sources. 

Silver paper making machine price

You must have Rs 1.25 lakhs for purchasing this machine. By the machinery, you can generate about 1500kgs in only 10 hours.

The silver paper manufacturing process

The silver paper manufacturing process.
The silver paper manufacturing process.

The process of making silver paper is simple and easy as the machine is automatic. In the starting, make sure the machine is fitted into the brown paper roll in a way that the paper is not torn or folded from any side. The silver foil roll is attached to the top of the machine. This silver foil is attached to the machine on the same side, where the brown paper roll is attached. Both papers are attached in such a way that when they come out, they are glued to each other. Then on the part where both papers are due to come out, glue is applied so that both the papers, while coming out, get glued to each other. As soon as you begin the machine, both the rolls begin to come out and get attached to each other, thus provides silver paper. You can then use this paper to develop various plates.

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Packing silver paper

You need packaging only for safeguarding your product as the marketing of this product is not at all associated with its packaging. You can even make use of simple polythene for packing this it. You can add the details to contact you on the packing material for promotional purposes. 

Cost or investment to start a silver paper making business

The investment or cost for silver paper making business is Rs. 1,50,000 as the machine price ranges from Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 1,25,000. The cost for raw materials for silver paper making business is Rs. 25,000. So, the total amount required to start a silver paper making business is Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 2,00,000. 

Profit in the silver paper business 

You can gain a profit of Rs 2 – 3 per kg of silver paper plates. So if one generated 1500kgs of silver paper plates in 10 hours, then he/she can obtain a profit of Rs. 4000. If you can manage or minimize all the other expenses, then the profit of Rs. 60,000 is available.

Marketing strategy for the promotion of silver paper

The silver paper is a very extensively used product in India. You could explore its market that is widely spread across the country. When marketing silver paper products like silver paper roll, you can follow different strategies.

In India, you can approach dealers who sell package related items in the wholesale market or raw materials for preparing the silver paper. The strategy you must implement is also based on the capacity of your manufacturing. You can reach out to small and big dealers in your local market, or even go for advertisements via television or in newspapers.

Where to sell your silver paper product

The silver paper can be sold in different areas, including regions where people workshop like wholesale shops, grocery stores, retail shops, malls or small shopping complexes, beauty care stores, oil dealers, oil manufacturers, and even some packaging products manufacturers. The choice of your customer may be based on the capacity of manufacturing.

Effective and efficient advertising of your business can get you many clients. Nowadays, with all the advancements in technology, apart from the distribution of flyers and business cards, there are several other ways to promote or advertise your business. Also, social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be used for promotional purposes where you can write blogs to explain about the products you sell and their importance in daily life to the customers.

In the initial stages, you have to focus and try to acquire a good number of clients, and with time the business gets exposure with verbal communication. There is a massive demand for silver paper in the market, and there is also a possibility of achieving great profits in this business if the proper and efficient promotion is done.

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