Profitable Business Ideas for Villages in India

Introduction to profitable business ideas in villages (rural areas)

Like urban areas, rural areas additionally have various business chances to explore. The greater part of the country India adds to the rural division that further helps in the development of the country’s economy. To initiate businesses in towns, entrepreneurs don’t have to stress a lot over severe guidelines, detailed paperwork, high-end infrastructure, advanced equipment, and etc. Now, let’s get into the details of profitable business ideas for villages in India.

Ideas to profitable business ideas in villages

Nowadays business isn’t limited to large urban areas just however unassuming communities and small villages as well. There is a lot of scope in these regions to have a fruitful business and that is the reason businesses in small towns and rural areas are on the ascent nowadays.

To begin any business, we need the factors of production such as land, workers, capital, and business entrepreneur. If you have lived in small towns and rural areas, then you realize that you have raw materials, property, and workers in wealth only thing which is missing is enormous cash-flow to put resources in village business ideas in India.

Here we will give you loads of gainful business thoughts for those of you who live in rural areas and small towns which will be a huge help. So if you are planning to begin your business in rural areas, you are at the right spot.

If you are in one of the rural areas and planning to start a business of your own then here are some business ideas for a small village to help you:

  1. Production of organic produce: Nowadays people are very crazy about natural food since they are free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides. Likewise very little interest is needed in organic farming with the exception of a piece of land some types of equipment and tools and even some amount of edible quality seeds which will give a healthy yield. Banks are additionally prepared to give loans rapidly for such sort of businesses nowadays.
  2. Poultry farm: Opening a poultry farm business doesn’t require a lot of cash nor much land. The main undertaking is the raising of little chicken for certain weeks after which they can be sold off in the market or to the wholesalers. Poultry farms require starting ventures; in any case, returns are not instant. Along these lines, it is recommended to begin this business on a contractual basis. Poultry farm gives a double profit of meat, as well as eggs simultaneously.
  3. Cold storage: Cold storage is another best business thought in rural areas. For the most part, in these areas the vegetables, fruits, and natural products get spoiled easily because of the absence of cold storage, and farmers endure a great deal. Hence, having a business in cold storage can be extremely beneficial. Clearly to set up the cold storage to protect food things, starting a capital venture is a must but the profits are good and it is smarter to have however many clients as could be allowed to have a decent salary.
  4. Fishery: Like poultry farming you can do fishery business too. You have to make the business understand as it is difficult. You need enough land for fishery business. You should be cautious in this business as one single mistake can lead to a huge loss. The disease of one fish or one tainted fish can ruin the fish of the entire pond. Along these lines you should be extra cautious around here. You can sell your fish directly in the market if the amount of fish isn’t very much, but if quantity is more at that point you can export it as well. You decide to rear the fish which are most requested and procures more benefits.
  5. Milk center: To begin a milking center, an individual needs to have contact with a dairy farm and need to tie-up with them. Milk centers essentially gather milk from the villagers and sell it to dairy farms. You need to maintain some cleanliness so that milk will not get spoiled. Milk centers require some equipment to begin a business that includes the weighing machine and the machine to measure the quality of milk fat and other things. You can, however, use billing software as well. As the rearing of cows and buffaloes are basic in villages, milk centers in small villages can bring you great benefits.
  6. Wholesale of fertilizers: As agriculture is the main occupation in the villages. Beginning a wholesale store of composts and fertilizers would be probably the best alternative for your business. You may need to get a permit for this business. You would need to check for the legalities. There are fewer chances of making a loss in this business as the greater part of the individuals in villages are agriculturists and fertilizer is one of the major necessities for agriculture. You can even keep seeds at your store. Ensure you do promoting your store well so that you will get clients as there would other stores existing as of now in the market.
  7. Tailoring: This business is one more that doesn’t require a lot of investment, but only abilities and you can again begin it from your home. In villages, ladies for the most part, wear our traditional sarees or salwar suits so these kinds of clothes should be sewed and modified from time to time. So again this will likewise consistently be popular, and you will never go into a loss when you are going to do such kind of business which obliges the necessities of the individuals. All you have to purchase is a sewing machine, and you are good to go.
  8. Drinking water supply: You can begin this business with less capital too. You can begin the store at your home. If possible you can take 4-wheelers like Tata Mahindra to distribute the canes. You can even make do with 2-wheelers in the initial stage. In the middle that you don’t find the home delivery comfortable, at that point you can maintain your business as individuals themselves will come to your store and take the canes to their home themselves. As you belong to a similar village it would be simple for you to market your business.
  9. Grocery/Kirana store: This is the most profitable business in rural areas in India and is broadly explored by every portion of society. Each family unit in every village requires basic food items. In this way, opening a ‘Kirana’ store is perhaps a simple business in India. Connect with providers for the products that are required to be sold, get a shop for lease, and start this retail shop business immediately.
  10. Flour mill: In urban areas, individuals purchase flour directly but in villages, people generally go to flour mill as they develop wheat in their fields. If you want to open a mill, don’t use it only for wheat as you can use it for corns, turmeric, chilli too. You can get a machine for making flattened rice too. Ensure you have a good electrical connection. In rural areas, individuals for the most part don’t buy all these from a store as they have raw stocks with themselves since they develop it in the fields. It will be truly gainful for you if you provide all in one place.
  11. Teaching students: This is one of the easiest and profitable business ideas for villages in India. Education is a major problem of villages in India, and here lies our first chance of business. You can start this business with less investment and you can start it with a very small area even from your home, just your skills should be like institutes in cities. If you are able to provide good quality of knowledge then slowly and gradually your business will develop automatically through word of mouth. When parents will see their children’s growth, they will surely recommend you to their neighbors and relatives.
  12. Threshing machine: It will be an entirely gainful business as this is constantly required in agriculture. In each season when collect, before and after harvest these are required. If you have enough capital, then you can put it in getting a tractor. Along with that, you can purchase a threshing machine, seed drill machine to begin with. Not every person keeps it with themselves in the village. They usually lease it. In the event that you have these you can even keep the machine that is utilized to water the fields of pumping set. In this way you would have all the necessary things with you and people would not need to go to others for various requirements.
  13. Rice mill: This is a great business idea to start in rural areas because people in villages will not buy rice bags like urban area people as they will grow paddy in their fields. The main objective of rice milling is to remove the husk and bran layers and produce edible white rice and it is free of impurities. If you are living in paddy producing areas you can start with the rice mill plant. It is another profitable business with low investment but a little costly than other businesses mentioned.
  14. Oil mill: Due to the shortage of oil mills, people either go too far places to get refined oil. If you have enough capital you can set up the oil mills. As people grow mustard, soybeans, groundnuts, etc in their fields they usually get the oil extracted in the mills for their home needs. People may not get oil extracted in more quantity as it is for their use only. The material which remains after the extraction is used by them as fodder for the cattle. As this is done by every household in the village you would not run short of customers and you will get profits as well.

These are the most profitable business in rural areas which you can start in your village. Depending on the amount of capital you have you can make a decision on your business. Check with your competitors and market potential before diving into any business.

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Steps to follow before starting a business

Here are our 12 steps of guide to small business ideas for rural areas in India

  • Deciding Business Idea
  • Business Plan
  • Business registration
  • Finance and Budgeting
  • Decide your location
  • Making prototype
  • Finding your target audience
  • Grab a market potential
  • Make an online presence
  • Surviving the business
  • Get more experience
  • Market your business

Pros and cons of starting a business in rural areas

Top 6 benefits of starting a business in rural areas:

  • Less competition
  • More affordable to start up
  • You can likely get a cheaper mortgage if you live there
  • You get to help the economy of a small town
  • You might be closer to the materials you need
  • Rural communities are often very loyal

Main drawbacks of starting a business in rural areas:

  • Very much price-sensitive
  • Profit margins will also be thin
  • You might have to spend more time to educate the people

The conclusion of profitable business ideas for villages


Most small business ideas for rural areas in India will require low investment. Entrepreneurs can, in fact, look at how they can use available resources carefully to make products that are in demand. Remember, the demand for these products not only exists in villages but all over. So think carefully about what you have to do, and which business is most profitable in the village, and what is in demand, and work on your idea accordingly.

With technology filling every part of our lives, rural entrepreneurs can also reach out to the entire world. All you need for that is a good website and an online store. For starting any business anywhere you have to make sure that you give enough thought and effort and have a good idea of it so that in the end everything works out well. So what are you waiting for? Make your dreams come true and earn huge profits. All the best 🙂

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