Property Dealer Business – How To Start

Introduction to Profit in Property Dealer Business

A property dealer is a person who is interested and aware of the difference between property sellers and buyers. As many people have already gained a handsome amount of money by going through the business of Property Dealing, other people are also now interested in becoming a famous personality in this specific business.

A Guide to property dealer Business in India

As of now, the government has made mandatory laid some licenses as well as made some obligatory registrations for the people who are willing to dealing with this business under RERA or commonly called as Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Even though there are licenses made by the government, there are still many unregistered properties even now that could be found in the urban and rural areas. But this is never useful for the dealers, as the properties are not registered. In this article, you will be summarized with the correct process.

Research and evaluate about the business

Similar to any other profession, to have a satisfactory gain and happiness in the real estate business, you must research on the subject. You could start by taking the inputs of industry veterans. It will be very beneficial if you meet a competitor, they could share their overview and journey with all the possible benefits and disadvantages. In this way, they will deliver both – the bright side and challenges of beginning this business in the real estate segment.

Details about Property Dealer in India

A job of a Real Estate Agent or Property Dealer is to bridge between the property seller and the property buyer to complete the deal of selling property. Several property dealers buy properties soon after getting a good deal of discounts. Later on, they gain money just by selling the properties at a higher cost tag. Despite being a property dealer, the earning also includes in the category of business for beginning with a low investment. This is because a property dealer is a businessman who has to sell a property of someone else to other people. Meanwhile, the income also has a direct impact on the gains of the property dealer. To have some more details about becoming the best property dealer, check this blog thoroughly.

Tips to become a best Property Dealer or Real Estate Agent in India

If anyone desires to become a property dealer, then he or she must be aware of the process for the type of registration. Here, the most significant thing to keep in mind is to register under the RERA in the current days. On the other hand, people meditating more than 25 deals may be called as property dealers, even though registration is mandatory. To know about the specifications follow the next section below.

Client is essential

If one desires to become a property dealer in India there is no need for a specific degree. However, the need for customers and sellers are pretty much required. If someone is not willing to become a property dealer but is forced to become one, then there might few reasons behind that.

It might be because someone from their relatives has told to sell their property after knowing that the person has contact with a client who is willing to buy the property. The contact might come from other friends after visiting their houses. After the property is purchased by the one interested in buying, the one who received the contact might feel to earn income out of the purchase. And in this way, anyone can act as a property dealer. There are a couple of examples of those registered real estate agents who are gaining a handsome amount of money through this business. It is evident here and people must be aware that property dealing businesses do not need any certain qualification e or certificate. All you need is the passion inside the soul to become an effective property dealer or real estate agent.

License, permission and registration required

Although this was easily bypassed earlier, with legal implications and many real estate industry laws now, licenses and registration are now mandatory. Apart from proper paperwork, these make you come across as a serious professional and add trust to your customers and confidence too. From registering your firm (as a Private Limited or Limited Liability Partnership) to availing service tax registration, GST registration, and real estate agent license – all are essential and obligatory. You will seldom find a real estate agent these days who do not have any of these. So, prepare to try to arrange all these before you begin the journey.

Design a perfect business plan

When you have the required registration and licenses with you, don’t forget to design a detailed business plan. Put all of the things together here while building this plan and make sure that the troubles, which you have identified either by yourself with experience or through the competitors, are duly overcome and you have got the solution and the scope for betterment. Your business structure, financial constraints, resources, and team hiring methodology should all be stated in this blueprint. Certainly, you can make alterations in each area on time; but a business plan will give you a direction to start with and one way support you to begin the business correctly.

Hiring a brilliant team

This step is very significant as it is difficult to do everything as a real estate business owner. Sometimes you may do it if you can optimize things from the peak but you should have the staff to do the work for you as well. You must take the utmost care while hiring staff and ensure you hire the best. Either you appoint salespeople or the business managers or the people who advertise your brand – build a team of people who can justify the role to which they have been appointed. You can keep a group of experienced and semi-experienced team members but ensure to train the latter while they work with customers to maintain the pace.

Investment to start the Property Dealer business in India

Investment to start the Property Dealer business in India.
Investment to start the Property Dealer business in India

 In this business, you need to invest in setting up an office and other registrations. It would be best if you bore for the salaries monthly until your business gets into the hype. So, you need to invest Rs. 5 lakhs to 8 lakhs to start the business. 

Profit in Property Dealer business 

You will get the right amount of profit if you attract a good number of customers. So, you can get 15% to 20% initially, and later, based on your business, promoting and attracting customers, your profits will be increased enormously. 

Promote your business online

Not only your offline presence but also your online identity is essential nowadays. Gone are the days when customers trusted the nearby grocery shop owner while they were looking for properties. Today, customers verify different websites well before they visit a specific real site. This aids them to save time and effort and also determine the different properties from various perspectives. Therefore, put up a nice, clear, and easy-to-navigate-through website and contact with your messages effectively. You can also use the website to offer discounts and special proposals! (Anyway, people get attracted to discounts).

So your business will be pretty-much ready in this way. All you must do now is to change the leads into real deals and take care with new ideas and to flourish in this business. However, make sure you satisfy your customers and make them happy as they are the ones who will suggest you to their friends and thereby help expand your business.

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The property must be registered under the Authority of Real Estate Regulatory

Even if property dealing business does not need a specific degree or certificate, registration is a must and essential thing for reaching heights in this business. Each province has its specific Real Estate Regulatory Authority or RERA. Hence, the state where the entrepreneur desires to become a successful property dealer must abide by the rules and guidelines outlined in the future. This method is not so difficult as any individual who wishes to become real estate agents could go further by applying through the RERA official website to register them as the real estate agents.

Say, for example, the application is related to a particular state; then one can search it from Google on the RERA website by entering the respective state. One just has to click on the official website of the government and can apply to become the real estate agent of the state by following the instructions carefully. The registration fees vary with the change in states; hence, a person who wants to become a successful real estate agent will have to contact the concerned official website of the state or the department. If the person is registered under the RERA, he is registered as an official real estate agent.

Final words

Hope this with this article you will have a fair glimpse of what exactly is meant by a real estate agent and how to become a successful property dealer in India, you can leftover things by following the above things carefully.

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