Rakhi Making Business – A Beginners Guide

Rakhi Making Business Ideas: 

Introduction to Rakhi Making Business: Making Rakhi is one of the most popular low investment business idea. Rakhi making business is a small scale business that can be started from home. Rakhi making business is a great way to fill your pocket  with some extra cash during festival season. Do you know Rakhi making  business is one of the famous cottage industries of India. Many states of India are encouraging these kind of small scale businesses for women empowerment in India. Even the Indian government providing many kinds of financial support for these home based business. Rakhi making is the best source of income for stay-at-home mums, homemakers and students.

Rakhi’s are of many kinds, traditional Rakhi are made of simple silk thread. Many models of rakhi’s are available in the market.

  • Rakhi’s with cartoon pictures.
  • Musical rakhi’s.
  • Zari rakhi’s.
  • Rakhi’sdesigned with jewellery.
  • Rakhi’s with bracelet.
  • Rakhi with God idols.
  • Flora Rakhi.

Importance of Rakhi:

  • India is known for its traditions, culture and festivals.
  • Rakha Bandhan is a very auspicious festival celebrated in all states of India, and Indians all over the world and even the foreigners who are influenced by Indian culture. This festival stands for the love and bond between the brothers and sisters.

During the festival season millions of rakhi’s are sold across the world. In this business you don’t need to target large markets, small share markets can give you large profits.

Rakhi Making Business- Start making Rakhi’s:

People who want to start Rakhi making business from home can take up with very low investment 10000 to 1 lakh.  But this is a seasonal business so along with Rakhi you can also make friendship band’s, fashion band’s using the same material that used for making rakhi’s and the same investment.

Rakhi’s is VAT exempted item, so you can get liciense from local municipal authorities, you can get financial assistance from all the authorized banks and other government schemes like mudra.

Rakhi Making Business- Materials for making Rakhi’s: 

Making Rakhi doesn’t need any special machine’s. Main raw materials you need for making rakhi are.

  • Colourful silk threads.
  • Beads and kundans.
  • Zari borders.
  • Tooth brush.
  • Sattin ribbons.
  • Glues, scissors.
  • Bangles.
  • Craft items to decorate rakhi’s.
  • Small God idols, rudraksha, cartoon characters as per the latest trend.
  • Cotton thread.
  • Sequin knife.

Rakhi Making Business – Making procedure of simple traditional Rakhi:

  • Take a bunch of silk threads, multicolored thread make a colourful rakhi. In general red and yellow are the traditional colours used for making Rakhi’s. You can also use gold threads or strands. The length of threads should be 30” long . You have to fold the length of the thread bunch to half. Then tie a tight knot at one fourth of length using cotton thread.
  • Cut the loops of folded thread’s and fluff the open ends with a hard brush. Now divide the longer part of the thread into two halves and plat them into desired way.
  • Tie the ends with cotton thread and fluff the open end. These two strands used for tying
  • You can decorate the upper part with sequins, beads or God idols.

Rakhi Making Business – How to sell your Rakhi’s:

To sell your Rakhi you have to get in touch with all the local retailers and distributors those who purchase your Rakhi’s in large amount. Even you can open small outlet at you home or apartment.  You also sell them through online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, ebay etc.  You can share you Rakhi designs on your  Social networking pages like Facebook and Twitter to get in touch with all people over internet.

Rakhi Making Business – Price setting for Rakhi’s made:

Setting a profitable and attractive prices are very important for getting success in any business. So you always should start with setting a reasonable price considering a the investment price you spend on making Rakhi.

Rakhi Making Business – Successful marketing strategy:

  • Start preparing rakhi’s before 6 to 4 months prior to festival with good amount of stock in hand during the festival period.
  • Do a complete market study on this business, find the type of Rakhi that have a huge demand. Make market research on price setting for distributers, retailers and customers.
  • Implement innovative ideas in designing rakhi’s according to the latest fashion and trends. Creative and unique ideas always rule the world.
  • Rakhi’s distributors are you primary customer they will purchase your products in huge quantity. So make a proper deal with them.

Rakhi’s is seasonal business so have to start alternative products like friendship band’s, decorative band’s with the items that are made by materials used for making Rakhi.

  • You can also start other alternative home business like.
  • Paper jewellery making.
  • Basket weaving.
  • Artificial Jewellery making.
  • Greetings cards making.
  • Thread Jewellery.

Rakhi Making Business – Latest trends influencing the marketing strategy:

Rakshabandhan makes good business and to ensure that many top retailers have entered into the market setting the new trends and high business profits. As the marketing haunts entering into this market they even have changed some our traditions to some level for example check the Cadbury ad introducing the chocolate in place of sweets during the occasion with attractive sentiment ads makes people attract towards usage of its gift packs instead of sweets.

Even people are influenced by latest fashion and started adding new changes in their traditions during festivals. According the people thinking rakhi businesses also introduced new varieties in their selling business like not only rakhi’s they even have Rakh thalis, home made sweets, dry fruits, fruits, DIY gifts, chocolates and many more to attract the customer.

Pros and cons of Rakhi making business:

Rakhi Making Business – Pros:

  • Portable business: Rakhi Making is very protable business you don’t need any special rented place or room, you directly star from home.
  • Low investment: Rakhi making business doesn’t require huge investment.
  • Skills: to start this business you don’t need any special skill set . Little knowledge in crafts and designing can help you in Making wonderful rakhi’s. Even you take online lessons for making Rakhi’s. Many videos are in internet that help making Rakhi.
  • Market: Rakhi’s have huge market demand during the Rakhi festival season

Rakhi Making Business – Cons:

  • Profits: the profit margin for selling a rakhi’s is very low. You only get huge profits when sell the in bulk quantity of rakhi’s.
  • Seasonal business: rakhi’s is seasonal business you will business only during the festival season, that comes once in a year. So you have start business like friendship band making, jewellery making or any other crafts,in other seasons.

Every business has its own pros and cons . So you should analyse both of them perfectly and make your business successful.

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