Recycling Business Ideas – License In India

List of Recycling Business Ideas


The recycling business is one of the perfect business ideas with full of opportunities having marvelous growth in India at a very low capital from (3-15) lakhs. The garbage or scrap level is increasing day by day at an astounding rate.

A step-by-step guide to Recycling Business Ideas

License, permission, and registration required for starting a Recycling business in India

The licenses needed for this business are:

  • GST registration
  • MSME registration
  • Factory license
  • Trade license by CEPC
  • NOC by the state pollution control board

Recycling Business Ideas #1: Aluminum Waste Recycling (One of the Best Business Ideas)

Aluminum is the most recycled metal in the globe with the least risk. The usage of Aluminum is, high, and almost every individual is using it. If we say about the most used and thrown material that will be Aluminum Cans. You must collect all these used cans with various methods and ideas, and by taking it into your recycling unit through shaping it, you can get the new product you can make a good profit of about (16-21)%.

The Investment amount is expected to be around Rs. 40 Lakhs to set a decent plant size in 500 sq. meters. If you are having a person in this business, it will help the entire working process. You only require one engineer and five members as the manpower of experienced people in the same niche.

The collection of scrap can be taken care of by establishing bins, a scrap center, and from Kabadiwala. The target market to sell this product are industries, MSEs, and vendors. You can expect your BEP (Break-Even Point) within 3 years.

Recycling Business Ideas #2: Food-Waste Recycling

It is considered to be the most profitable sector in the world which yields a high amount of waste in course of time. The food waste can be further processed into energy as well as power.

You can transform the food waste into fertilizers and with your brand. The availability of food waste in the market will be sufficient with an abundant supply.

Practically you need very less capital and gain a moderate profit of at least 15%. That’s why it seems to be one of the best opportunities.

Recycling Business Ideas #3: Waste Collection Centre

If you don’t have sufficient money to establish a recycling plant, then you can set-up your collection waste centers where the municipality or any community can drop of their scrap such as aluminum cans, plastic, food waste, papers, etc.

You can segregate it out and sell it to the relevant industries and other big recycling centers keeping a profit margin of 9-12% as a minimum.

You all need is approval to set up, bins for gathering, vehicles to deliver, and an accessible region. With time, you will expand the business hence end up with sustainable income.

Recycling Business Ideas #4: Paper Recycling Business Ideas

 Paper Recycling Business Ideas
Paper Recycling Business Ideas (Pic source: Pixabay)

Paper recycling is the easiest, yet traditional and popular recycling business from the decades.

The paper is health-friendly, and hence finds its usage and is in demand and recycling is essential.

The business model is very easy; the value chain is non-disruptive and the availability of scrap is enough. So, defining the funnel for business is not a tedious task. You may recycle any kind of paper-related material.

Also, you can spend between Rs.3-15 lakhs based on your ability, and start your paper recycling unit. What you all need is permission from state and local government and their respective departments, provision of electricity and water in your plant.

You can even export after recycling as the global demand is also more and can multiply your profit. Thus, you can make a gain of 11-16% in the domestic market as well.

Recycling Business Ideas #5: Electronic waste Recycling

The waste which contains elements like phosphorous, cadmium, lead, etc. which gets extracted from the electronic waste items is highly valuable and profitable. But due to some dangerous elements, you need to take some safeguards and must have professionals in your team. You have to take the permission and make your papers ready as per the government guidelines.

It is also be thought of as one of the perfect methods to save the globe by being eco-friendly with holistic marketing ideas. By taking some care, you can make a considerable gain with high ROI.

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Electronic waste recycling
Electronic waste recycling (Image credit: Pixabay)

Recycling Business Ideas #6: Recycling of Scrap Gold

If the investment potential or the capacity to spend is less and is not able to have own mines, then recycling of gold scrap is one of the money-making business ideas.

You can import a scrap of Gold from Africa or go for local sourcing, and without denigrating or diminishing the gold quality, you can recycle in your unit. With the remelting and reshaping, you can do the economic business with the same purity of gold.

Recycling Business Ideas #7: Construction and reliable waste Recycling

Generally, solid wastes are called non-biodegradable and untreatable. You can collect these solid scraps from the industrial construction area and use them to manufacture bricks.

After doing treatment of these wastes then after compressing the new shape can be given, which is stronger having a long shelf life. These bricks can be sold to the nearest construction places in small units, and by signing the agreement with builders, you can trade in large quantities as well.

Recycling Business Ideas #8 Recycling of Tires

Due to the high purchase of vehicles on roads, there is a very high leftover of Tire waste and its requirement is also growing day by day in the market. It consists of carbon nylon, and rubber, which diminished after a certain duration and termed waste.

We must not burn tires because it creates a lot of pollution to the environment with the release of toxic gases. Thus the perfect option is, recycle them and shape them into a new item and selling them can make a significant gain.

Recycling Business Ideas #9: Vermicompost Recycling Business Ideas

If you are associated with a tier-4 city or living in the village, then Vermicompost business can modify your life economically and give you a substantial gain.

You should collect the waste from animals, fruits, food, and vegetables or any biodegradable materials and dump it in yards.  The best source to collect such waste is from the vegetable market.

You need to spend around five lakhs on equipment that can compost and transform it into fertilizer in a proper manner. After dumping and standing for around 3 months of such waste, you can sell this as fertilizer nearly six times of total production cost.

You can enhance the investment further and can become the owner of a brand of fertilizers.

The best part of vermicompost is, its cost will be doubled every three months due to an enhancement in its fertility.

Recycling Business Ideas #10: Plastic Recycling Business

Plastic recycling is one of the incredible recycling business opportunities in India. The detailed information to establishing a decent size unit is stated below:

In an essential plant,

The grinder would cost you Rs. 80,000

Anglo would cost you around Rs. 80,000

And the granule maker (if purchased as second hand) would come in around Rs. 3.5 to 4 lakhs including granule cutter.

For electricity provision, you will spend about Rs. 2 to 3 lakhs.

The building construction would cost you around Rs. 8 to 10 lakhs.

For dull, 20 – 50 thousand depending on the water level.

You should require approval from the pollution control board which needs some fee.

And weighing machine, sack stitcher, etc. for Rs.20,000 and some other costs.

(Note– it does not include place, which is an essential aspect, as it depends on the fact that whether it is your property or on a lease or must purchase.)

Thus overall it would cost you about Rs. 20 lakhs.

The machinery, land, equipment, electricity, labor can be arranged with Rs. 3-15 lakhs based on the scale of your business. It is classified under SME and categorized as a small manufacturing firm, so easy to monitor and run with good knowledge of the location.

Recycling Business Ideas #11: E-waste recycling business

An e-waste recycling business plan comprises the capital involved in getting necessary permissions and licenses. You must also check how to have a space for your operations with a dump yard. The processing operation requires different tools and equipment. You have to appoint professional manpower who is skilled in this kind of operation. And lastly, you must take care of the daily basic expenses associated with the operation, marketing, etc.

These are the following sections that you need to plan carefully before starting the business.

  • Secure the licenses and permits
  • Waste recycling procedures
  • E-waste business set-up
  • E-waste recycling safety measures
  • Electronics-waste types of equipment
  • E-waste recycling plant cost

The cost to start an e-waste Recycling business

The e-waste recycling plant charges to begin the e-waste recycling business. The e-waste recycling plant cost: Rs. 700,000 – Rs. 800,000.

Market potential of Recycling business

The global recycling market size is increasing day by day and it finally reaches 5.04 USD billion till 2020, where the estimated value of CAGR of 20.6% between 2015 and 2020 from USD 1.66 million in 2014. The whole value chain in the recycling management that includes various processes like collection process, gathering the sources for collection recycling process, and recovering the materials from sales. In the recycling process of materials such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, glass, plastic, and many others can be extracted which gives you lots of market value for these products. These recycled products/materials can be again utilized for manufacturing the electronic as well as non-electronic products. That’s all folks about to e-waste recycling business in India to make good money.


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