Shuttlecock Manufacturing:

Feather Shuttlecock Manufacturing Business:

Feather Shuttlecock manufacturing is another small-scale profitable business that is very easy to start. You can easily set up this business with small capital investment.  Shuttlecock making business is home-based, you can start it from your home itself. You just need sufficient space.

This article gives you complete information about the shuttlecock manufacturing unit. You can implement to complete business plan to get succeed.

Badminton is a very popular game; all the people irrespective of age will play this game. The shuttlecock is an essential item for playing badminton. A feather shuttlecock contains 16 feathers with a wooden cork.

And manufacturing of this shuttlecock is simple and you can learn easily. Many shuttlecock-making videos are also available on the internet.

Marketing Potential of Shuttlecock Manufacturing Business:

The shuttlecock is an essential item to play badminton. And badminton is a famous game worldwide. People play badminton not only as a game but also as the best workout for physical fitness. People irrespective of age and gender play this game with feather cock. So there will be huge demand around the year. Shuttlecock will be very weak, so in a single set, badminton game players need nearly 2 feather cock. Highly professional use 3 to 6 feather cocks.

The investment required for starting Shuttlecock manufacturing unit:

Shuttlecock manufacturing unit needs very less investment. And investment depends upon different aspects you plan to set up the business. To get success in any business, you need a perfect business plan before you start the manufacturing unit.

You need 1 lac to set up the plant and machinery. The first step is to select sufficient space that can be either in your own space or even in a rented space. And need to arrange complete funds to purchase raw materials, human resources, distributions, and marketing costs. You need some funds for the registration process and licenses. The approximate investment required to initiate this manufacturing unit is 5 lacs.

If you don’t have money to invest in, you have many loan options from all the banks and financial intuitions. Even NABARD provides the subsidy for setting up the manufacturing business; it charges interest on your loan amount. You can avail of subsidy after the successful completion of the loan tenor.

Registration and Licenses for Shuttlecock manufacturing unit:

You just need some licenses and a registration process to start this manufacturing unit.  Before starting the registration process you should check your state laws where you planning to start your manufacturing unit. Here is the basic list:

  • Business registration depends upon the form of your business, for microscale operation you can start the business as a proprietorship.
  • You apply for the Trade License from the local municipal authority.
  • Register with UdyogAadhaar MSME online registration.
  • Apply for BIS certification.
  • Review tax liabilities for the product in your state.
  • Register your brand name with Trademark registration.

Machinery and Plant Setup:

Shuttlecock manufacturing unit doesn’t require much space; you just need approx. 30 Sq. Ft and some specific space for business operations.

Tools and machinery required:

  • Cork Boring machine.
  • Feather cutting machine.
  • Weighing machine.

Raw Materials Required for Shuttlecock manufacturing unit:

The main material required for making shuttlecock is high-quality duck feathers. You should take special care in procuring the feathers from the poultry farmers. The best quality shuttlecock is only made with good quality feathers.

Another material you need to make a shuttlecock is good quality cork. You can procure pre-bored corks or normal corks. Pre-bored corks can be the best option so that you can save labor and time. In addition to feathers and corks, you need fevicol, glue, polish, detergent, washing blue, and packaging consumables.

The manufacturing process for Shuttlecock business:

Shuttlecock Manufacturing Process.
Shuttlecock Manufacturing Process.
  • First, you need to collect good quality feathers from your purchased hen feathers. Wash the feathers with detergent for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Soak the feathers with ultra-mine blue or washing blue. Now dry the washed feathers properly and cut them to 3” inches size with scissors.
  • Then round off the feathers and trim the top.
  • Now take the cork bottom and make 16 numbers of bores on the flat surface of the wood cork. This can be done with the cork boring machine.
  • Insert the feathers into the bores and fix them with glue.
  • After Inserting 16 feathers and fixing them with glue, then tie with the cotton thread.
  • In the next step, smear the gelatin round over the knighted thread.
  • Then attach the silk or cotton ribbon at the junction of the cork and feathers at the base of the shuttlecock.
  • Attach a brand sticker around the cork and attach with glue at the base middle of the cork.
  • At last, the step takes the weight of the shuttlecock. The exact weight of the shuttlecock should be 4.74 to 5.50 grams. You should adjust cock size with small steel pins if needed.
  • Packing of the shuttlecock should do in cylindrical card boxes fitted with cardboard or metal lids. Pack 10 shuttlecocks in each cylindrical box.

Setting the price of Shuttlecock:

Before setting a price for shuttlecock, make a complete study on the market price of shuttlecocks. So that you can get a good idea of profitable and reasonable price setting.  Make a list of manufacturing costs, raw material costs, and then packing costs. Comparing all the cost details, decide a basic price of your shuttlecock bundle. Giving more reasonable prices may keep in losses, and even high prices may also keep in a loss. So set a moderate price so that you can always be within the profit margin.

Shuttlecock bundle price starts from Rs 150 to 600.

Marketing your shuttlecock:

Once your shuttlecock is ready to go in the market. You should search for all the possible ways of selling in selling your products.

  • Start yourself a wholesale distribution channel for your product. Contact all the local badminton coaching institutions, schools, colleges, sports bars, corporates offices where badminton played regularly. Make tie-up with them as they give huge orders.
  • Make ties up with the sports shops in your city.
  • Make your business presence online. Create a website (Online shuttlecock store) and social networking pages and reach all the potential online consumers.
  • Register with online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snap deal.

Shuttlecock manufacturing is rare but a profitable small-scale business that can offer you a good amount of profits. People increasing interest in games and their health-conscious drags a good business for shuttlecock makers.

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