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Most Profitable Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas


Are you planning to for more manufacturing-related business opportunities to earn huge profits? Yes, there will be an increased manufacturing opportunity in India in the coming days. This is also seen that an increasing number of small-scale manufacturing opportunities for entrepreneurs who are willing to operate on a small-scale basis. Here are a few small-scale manufacturing business ideas to plan.

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Business plan for starting Small Scale Manufacturing Businesses

Before initiating any business especially small-scale manufacturing it is significant to have a business plan. It is always suggested to prepare a customized project plan according to your savings/ capital and required production capacity. The business plan, including the marketing policies, business objective, and mission declaration.

A proper marketing plan is completely important in this business. Also, financial planning relies on that. You must have a proper idea about the selling procedure. You can try for a distribution network. However, it demands much of your capital to sustain the circle and enhancing business.

License, registration, and permissions required to start Small Scale Manufacturing Business in India

While beginning the venture you must determine the legal format of the business. You can start by registration of a Person Company or you may register a business as LLP, Pvt. Ltd or Ltd Company. Get Trade License from the local authority.

It is important to have GST registration. This type of small-scale manufacturing may not require NOC from Pollution Control Board. Choose a notable, likable name of your brand.

Below is the list of licenses required before starting any manufacturing business in India: Registration of firm, GST registration, Trade license, Pollution certificate, MSME/SSI registration, EPI and ESI registrations, Trademark, FSSAI registration, IEC code, FPO act.

Business Entity: The first registration for any business is to register it as a business entity by knowing about the form of the organization. It could be as a sole proprietorship or a partnership or a limited liability partnership or a one-person company. This will help in availing a few benefits to the business and must, therefore, be selected carefully before registering the business at the Registrar’s office.

FSSAI registration: If a business is classified as the processing of food or food products and thus as per the definition requires an FSSAI registration. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is meant for protecting and promoting public health by regulation and supervision of food safety hence FSSAI is a mandatory registration/license for the business. The FSSAI registration process is entirely online and quite easy to follow, once the documents are ready.

Shop Act or Trade License: The manufacturing business for example in Maharashtra, India requires applying for a Shop Act License from the local municipal authority to run the business. This license helps manage the working conditions along with working hours, leaves, wages, holidays, etc. of the employees and supports the business to run smoothly.

Udyog Aadhaar Registration: The small businesses must be registered under Udyog Aadhaar which is a registration and recognition for MSMEs- micro, small, and medium enterprises.

GST Registration: Every business, including the small-scale manufacturing business, should associate with taxes at some point and for monitoring a single uniform taxation structure, the business should get a common GST number which stands for Goods and Service Tax.

BIS certification: Apart from these registrations the business should get BIS certification as well as tax liabilities.

No Objection Certificate from State Pollution Control Board: A small-scale manufacturing business doesn’t cause any pollution so no clearance is needed, however, it is recommended to check it with the State Pollution Control Board of the locality where the business is established.

List of Profitable Small Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas

Toy small scale manufacturing business

Toys are relatively short and can be made with several materials. So, they can be great items for small manufacturing businesses to concentrate on.

Smartphone accessory making business

Similarly, smartphone accessories such as cases and chargers are prevalent and can be made using some basic stuff.

Plastic container small scale manufacturing business

With some basic apparatus to process and shape plastic constituents, you can yield bottles and other vessels to sell to consumers or even other businesses.

Textile producer

You can also keep your efforts on producing raw fabric or other textile merchandise to sell to individuals or for the businesses which are used in manufacturing more finished merchandise.

Furniture making business

If you plan to make larger-scale products, you can plan about developing custom furniture products for sale. Then develop a process to manufacture more of the furniture on a larger scale.


If you’re a skilled woodworker, you may also create several various products from the material, from tables to small knick-knacks. Again, creating a simple process to replicate these merchandise should give room to boost production and other charges.

Niche snack foods making business

If you have a thought for a healthy snack for selling, you can go for rent and acquire a bakery space in making your food items.

Candy making business

When you are interested in making less healthy food items, you can own candy products and attractively pack them for sale.

Bread making business

Bakers, you can initiate your own bread manufacturing business and sell bread items to consumers or other food companies.

Olive oil production

Olive oil is another food item that is significant and you can produce and plan to sell with just a few constituents and some machinery usage.

Canned goods making business

It is also possible to go for making canned food items such as like jams and jellies to sell to people.

Shoe making business

If you wish to make wearable products for selling, you can develop shoes from a variety of stuff and resource available easily. Concentrate on a few styles of shoe and you can get an assembly line process to enhance production.

Belt making business

Similarly, you can produce meek belts to sell to consumers or wholesale person or even clothing retailers.

Leather manufacturing business

Or you could develop raw leather products to sell to those who prepare finished products such as shoes and belts.

Wig making business

You can also make wigs and hairpieces and consumers or hair spas.

Hair products small scale manufacturing business

Or you could make other hair merchandise such as shampoo or hair spray and perform packaging and sell it to consumers.

Makeup production

Makeup is another product that you can make from a range of different supplies.

Fertilizer production

You can also prepare your gardening and its allied products like fertilizer and compost to sell to local farmers or homeowners.

Chalk small scale manufacturing business

You may even think about developing chalk products with just a few resources and some equipment.

Direct-to-Consumer tech device producer

Manufacturing computers and other associated stuff might seem like it’s only suited for large firms. But if the story of how Dell Computers began is known to you, then you can manufacture your category of tech devices and sell them directly to consumers.

Electrical fittings producer

You can also do electrical fittings for light bulbs and other electronic stuff.


If you have the apparatus necessary to produce locks and keys, you can begin a business as a locksmith or develop keys for local homeowners or businesses.

Musical Instrument making business

For those seeking a more specialized item to manufacture, you could develop a small manufacturing work to give rise to different musical instruments.

Watch making business

Or you could concentrate on making mechanical wristwatches and clocks in varied styles and sizes.

Eyeglass small scale manufacturing business

You could also prepare eyeglass frames and/or lenses for selling to consumers.

Air freshener production

Air fresheners are even available in different forms and flavors. So, you can produce on your own with some primary equipment and supplies.

Sports equipment small scale manufacturing business

You can also think about making different types of sports equipment starting from balls to protective gear.

Embroidery business

If you’re looking for a more innovative manufacturing business, you can invest in some embroidery equipment to make custom embroidered items.

Etsy Seller

Etsy recently altered its rules to permit a few manufactured products to be sold on their site. So, you can prepare things like accessories or even craft supplies and register for that site.

Paper Napkin Making business

There are range of different paper goods that you can manufacture and sell. They can be either cards or envelopes to books and journals.

Bag Manufacturing business

You can also prepare bags from several sources and things and then sell them to customers or to businesses to use that for packaging.

Box Manufacturing business

Or you can develop boxes using cardboard and various other stuff and then sell those boxes to commercial firms that need packaging materials.

Jewellery making business

Jewellery making business
Jewellery making business (Image credit: pixabay)

Jewelry is another prevalent creation that you can manufacture sitting at home or in a small store. So, you can build your own business by specializing in a specific type and style.

Glass Bead production

You can also develop your beads out of glass and similar stuff and then sell them to customers or jewelry manufacturers.

Clothing production

If you’re able to stitch your garments, you can produce your clothing stuff and sell it to consumers or even wholesale people and nearby retailers.

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Clotthing Manufacturing
Clotthing Manufacturing (pic sourceL pixabay)

Kitchen Utensil small scale manufacturing business

Kitchen utensils are relatively small items that you can make out of a variety of different materials. So, you can start your business by focussing in a specific type and trend.

Picture Frame making business

You can also design custom picture frames out of left-over materials and even offer custom framing facilities.

Carpet making business

If you want to produce on a larger scale, you can make carpeting or rugs out of several fibrous materials.

Pillow small scale manufacturing business

You can also plan for some pillow making manufacturing business.

Diaper mroduction

Or you could stress on smaller items and manufacture items such as diapers in bulk.

Ink Cartridge making business

For people who are thinking to manufacture office supplies, you can develop ink cartridges for printers.

Drug manufacturing business

Though the pharmaceutical industry is strongly controlled, it is likely to manufacture medicine and complement products to sell.

Chemical production

For skilled chemists, you can also make chemicals for companies that use them in several products and steps, but this will need plenty of regulations.

Soap and Detergent production

Soap is another product that you can mix and plan as a small business.

Cement Making business

Or you could mix cement stuff or make cement blocks to sell to construction firms.

Tool Manufacturing business

You can also emphasize your efforts in manufacturing a wide variety of small tools and equipment.

Nut and Bolt small scale manufacturing business

For those planning to specialize in a smaller product, you can prepare small nails and bolts in bulk.

Automotive Parts small scale manufacturing business

You can also specialize in preparing tools and spare parts for automotive or car manufacturers.

Roofing materials manufacturing business

Or you could make shingles or other constituents used by roofers to restore or build roofs for homes.

Ceramic tile making business

You could also concentrate on making ceramic tiles for homeowners or home improvement businesses.


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