Start an Aluminium Door-Window Making Business

How to start an aluminium door-window making business

Aluminium door window manufacturing is a profitable manufacturing business in India, because of the use of aluminium in most of the constructive areas for functional as well as for decoration purposes and for stacking purposes.

Ideas to start an aluminium door-window making business

Manufacturing aluminium windows and doors with different types of fittings, frames, are a relatively easy process that can be operated from the well-equipped workshop or to some extent a home-based shop.

Aluminium is a lighter material and thus used for manufacturing aluminium doors, railings, windows, grill works, etc. which are meant for the residential and commercial sectors. It is also used to build decorative items; hence, demands of aluminium door window manufacturing are growing every day.

Market opportunity to start an aluminium door-window making business

India is the fifth largest aluminium producing country which is majorly seen electrical sector which is about 31% and 13% account construction sector and has grown in the industrial and solar sector. Aluminium with its significant properties like corrosion resistance, low maintenance, durability, lightweight, attractive appearance, and thus easy to fabricate along with its user-friendly property. These are some of the main reasons why aluminium is the most common material utilized in the construction sector. There are a good scope and progress in aluminium door window manufacturing for its growing demand for aluminium in the construction sector.

Registration and license to start an aluminium door-window making

Registration of company: The first step to begin your low investment business is to register your company with ROC (register of companies).

SSI unit registrations: To have SSI unit to the product you must take SSI to unit registration (not mandatory).

Trade license: The local authorities will permit the trade license to operate your business.

GST registration: GST registration is very mandatory for any business which includes the listing of business with the government to obtain GST number.

BIS quality standard: It marks the quality and standard for the specification and dimension of the aluminium material needed for door and window fabrication.

IS (1948-1961): It is the specification of the aluminium window that deals with the aluminium that is utilized in construction industries.

Pollution control certificate:  The manufacturing unit liberate some gasses that might be hazardous to the environment and thus leads to pollution, so it is recommended to have the consent to function through the Pollution Control board is necessary by obtaining Pollution Control Certificate you can run your business without any interruptions.

MSME/SSI registrations: MSME/SSI Registration aids to seek the subsidies that are provided by the government.

Area required for fabrication business (location)

The location for your business is a very essential aspect in this business. For your information a minimum of 500 sq. ft area is need for this fabrication business. To select the location it is recommended to check if skilled labour is easily available the area must nearby busy street or close to the construction area. Along with a suitable storage place with a good workshop is highly advisable as the location for your business.

Raw materials to start an aluminium door-window making business

In aluminium door window manufacturing, the raw material required is based on the production of specific fabrication products. We have shortlisted a few general raw materials so that you can keep in mind. They are book type handrail 100 mm size, chemical for anodizing, clips, flat 50 mm x 1.5 mm thick, glass sheet/ board 3 mm/4.5 mm, handle section for doors, 112 mm x50 mm section, 25 mm sq. pipe, 50 mm x 25 mm section, 63 mm x 38 mm section. Apart from these hinges, rubber, bolt, screw, locks, plastic or wooden plug, etc.

The machinery required for fabrication business

These are the few types of machinery which are essential to start the business. These include A heavy-duty cut-off machine: 2 HP motor; anodizing plant: rectifier 500Amps. 30 Volts; Buffing Machines: 2 HP motors; double-ended bench grinder:75 HP motor (200 mm diameter); drilling machine: 12 mm cap, 0.5 HP motor; Portable electric drill; a small inventory of extrusions; compound miter saw; glass cutting table; glass panels; hand tools like screwdrivers; nuts and bolts; rubber gasket; hand tools, workbenches, etc.

Aluminium doors windows manufacturing process

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The process of manufacturing.
The process of manufacturing.

Fabrication is the method where the raw materials are converted into parts that are used in an assembly process. There are different types of fabrication process depending on the raw material used and method of fabrication. Let’s go through the different types of fabrication processes used in aluminium door and window making.


Cutting is the most basic process used in fabrication. In this method, the metal workpiece is split into two or many pieces using the cutting machines. There is a variety of cutting machinery available in the market. For example, the conventional one to cut metal is metal cutting with the hacksaw. But in the present day, metal cutting is done using plasma torches, lasers machine, water jets, and other advanced machines.


This operation is performed only if some parts must be bent for making the possible shape. Dyes and bending machines are used for metal folding or metal bending.


This method is for the removal of excess material from raw material, this process is carried out with a lathe machine or three axes machine.


The punching process is used for converting metal into required shape using dye and punching machine.


The method of making a long cut on a piece of metal. This whole process is carried out on the metal sheet.


Stamping process resembles that of the punching process, but here metal is not cut into pieces only the dye is shaped for making a raised portion of material rather than penetrating.


This is one of the oldest and flexible methods used for fabrication. In this method, metal is poured into the mold to get the required shape of the mold.


Welding is a method of joining two pieces together, there are various types of the welding process, some of which are mentioned here – SMAW: Shielded Metal Arc Welding; GMAW/MIG: Gas Metal Arc Welding; FCAW: Flux Cored Arc Welding; GTAW/TIG: Gas Tungsten Arc Gas Welding.


Once the metal is converted into the needed form it needs to be painted, silk coating, and corrosion coating.

Investment required to start an aluminium door-making business

The start-up cost of the aluminium door making business includes the cost of fabricators, bolts, nuts, screwdrivers, cutters, purchasing the aluminium. You need to get trained people for the work which you choose. They should be highly skilled and should know how to do the job well as per the customer’s requirements. You can make use of the deposits given by customers, from which you can purchase the required items and also to employ the skilled staff to start the work.

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This idea will help you to cut down the overhead costing which includes the cost of the shop. Sometimes, clients come with specific requirements like specific colours, and few specifications relating to the aluminium metal they need. It is advised not to stock large quantities of aluminium.

Where to sell fabrication

The marketing of your business depends on the budget you have for advertising purposes.

Local market

Marketing your business: You can showcase your business by using local advertisements using print media like using newspaper and other magazines.

Online market

Currently, most people are searching for any products online thus an online presence will improve your business as it makes your business even more visible. You can be transparent enough to display your work and costs online and by seeing that customers can directly contact you regarding your business.

B2B websites: If you are interested in having orders in bulk then by registering your business on B2B websites like Alibaba, Indiamart, Tradeindia, Exportersindia, is significant.

Brand and uniqueness

Sales department: If your capital permits, you can appoint a sales team to promote your fabrication business in different places. You can also advertise and promote your brand through the recurring clients and request them to spread it to your local customers which will help you to get a few more customers.


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