Starting a Sweet Shop Business in India

Introduction to starting a sweet shop business in India: Like every prosperous business owner who went before you, you will have to put pen to paper and draft out an elementary business plan. This plan should include the numerous resources such as the capital available to you, any partnership prospects you can use and a timeline, among others. You also must brief about what type of consumers you expect to cater to, whether you will have space for clients to have food in-store and how you will advertise about your business to your customers.

A guide and steps to starting a sweet shop business

You may start a small business using the resources you have with you and then spend more amount as and you want to expand the business. You can also initiate a proper commercial enterprise but it will require time and patience. Thus add all the points to on paper so that you can include all these as you go about beginning your sweet store. You can search online about a sample business plan format and fill in with your knowledge about the business you are planning to start.

Select to go on your own versus a franchise

As we know we have several successful sweet shops in India, it can be intimidating to try to begin your brand from starting. This is very important to decide whether you wish to start your own sweet shop in India or take a franchise partner of a successful brand.

There are many popular brands in India that are looking to expand further. With a franchise, the benefit is that the brand will have its own plan for business success. You must have the capital and store area, and some logistical considerations. Apart from this, the staffing assistance, the recipes, and other things come from the brand. Both business categories have their cons and pros. You may compare all the benefits and drawbacks before you make a decision.

Before you starting a sweet shop business

Do the paperwork

The documentation is a crucial part of starting any business. You must register the business, take proper licensing from the food licensing authorities, etc. In India, you must take permission from the state property tax authorities, work out the electricity from the State Power Distribution Authority and a note of any other certificates you require. It is recommended to consult experts and must be ready with the important paperwork before you start to avoid shut down who are not operating as per the norms in an audit.

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Starting a Sweet Shop.
Starting a Sweet Shop.

The process of obtaining the FSSAI license

If the sweet shop is a local shop is limited to only one state or location and the proposed annual turnover will not greater than Rs. 12 lakh, then you must apply for the FSSAI Registration State License. This license is appropriate for a medium-sized manufacturer, distributor or marketer, storage unit, which is issued by the State Government.  This license can be applied for a minimum duration of one year or a maximum of 5 years.

  1. The FORM B requires to be submitted to the State licensing authority according to the FSS Act.
  2. The application requires to have a self-attested declaration signed by the director/ promoter/owner that the unit shall conform to the Food Safety and Standards Act and follow all the rules and guidelines pertaining to sanitary and hygiene practices.
  3. The required fee and documents must be simultaneously submitted.
  4. There could be an inspection at the sweet store.
  5. The license will be given within 60 days.

Every sweet shop must display The FSSAI License/Registration number at shop premises through Food Safety Display Boards (FSDBs).

Perfect location for starting your sweet shop business

Choosing the perfect location for your sweet store could effectively influence the footfall. There are many good locations to select for your store in India.

These locations will have different levels of cost as per the rents and also on the area. You must properly search the area before you select it for doing business. You don’t necessarily have to select an area for a business near to your dwelling place, in case you stay in your own house it’s better to have the shop nearby. This will aid you to save yourself in terms of time and money too.

Based on location, select which type of sweets

Sweet shops in India have diverse sweets, depending on the family that starts the business. You may have a store that prepares local sweets in your region. You may have Bengali sweets as your exclusive selling point, which is mostly hit with a diverse consumer ratio. There are also sweet stores having sweets from diverse parts of the nation in them. Indian sweets have a small shelf life and to they taste better if consumed fresh. Therefore, you will have to keep only the essential quantities to allow their consumption on the same day. People do not usually travel many distances to visit a particular shop for their purchases so the sweets prepared by your shop must match the interests of the local people.

Thus investing in market research will be profitable as you will prepare sweets and stock only which are popular among the local people.


The moment you fix the store location, paperwork, and varieties of sweet figured out, you must appoint staff to aid you to maintain the business. The first in this scenario is the master who will lead and guide your cooks in the preparation of the sweet. Depending on the variety of sweet you have selected, the master should be from that particular area in India to aid guide your cooks. The hiring process must be done in the presence of the master as may identify a quick learner. It is preferred to have experienced people having some idea to grow the business.

In this business, it is very essential to have someone reliable at the counter or install CCTVs to know what is going on day today so you can have a watch on the business even from home.

Budget for your sweet shop

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Budget for Sweet Shop Business in India.
Budget for Sweet Shop Business in India.

There are many things you will be investing money on as your sweet shop business plan comes together. First is the lease for the store, as well as the different license costs, staff salary, and other overheads. You must have much liquid cash for purchasing raw materials and all these other expenses. In case, people have previous savings they can invest in new business. If not you must look for a business loan. For a business loan, you must have a guarantor and prove that your business will be sustainable. Make sure if, you will have some property or assets while applying because you have to repay your loan in case the business is not up to the mark with high returns and profits as expected within the first year. So prepare yourself to survive the loss for the initial months before business streamlines and is viable.

Give a digital presence to your sweet shop

Finally, if you are done with all the things required for setting up of sweet shop in India, you must establish your store online in order to have the faculty of sweet deliveries to the customer’s home. A lot of people nowadays are interested to reduce the traveling time and look for deliveries online for everything from sweets to other household things. Thus there is a significant market from the online purchasers which could really add to your profits. Luckily, there are many online sites for designing an online store in a short duration. Through this, you can have your own URL that you can send to customers for booking purposes and things will be delivered to their homes in an easy way.

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