Student Money Making Ideas, Tips, Guide

Introduction to student money making ideas: Well, many students who wants to earn money in thier free time will be searching for part time income jobs. Here we have compiled some student money making ideas without investment.

How to Make money as a Student in India

  1. Tuitions

Our number favorite student money making ideas is getting into tuitions. For school students mainly this is the best way of making money,at this age you will be only concentrating only on studies, so for this time you can teach your juniors or classmates who are dull at studies and earn money from them. By doing this job, you can also improve your knowledge. Tutors may be of two types, one going to the house of the student and teach them, they are called Home tutors and they will be earning a lot by only one student. The second one is gathering all the students at a place and teaching them. In this type, the amount paid by student is less comparatively but as number of students will be more you will be getting high profits than home tutors. As you increase the number of students you will be getting profits.

  1. Pet Sitting

As pet business is increasing every year, you can bet on earning as one of the student money making ideas. In big cities, there will be high class people who will be Doctors, Businessmen, Industrialists, etc. Those people will be having thoughts like raising the pets like dogs, cats, birds etc. They will be buying pets, but due to lack of time as they will be very busy all the day, they can’t take pets to walking daily as well as veterinary doctors if the pets would be diseased. So, these people hire Pet sitters for caring their pets. This will be part time-job, you need to feed the pets at proper time and should take pets like dogs to walking. And once a week or once a month, you need to take to grooming centre for pets like dogs due to good appearance. Simply the job is caring other pets as your own pet, the job is very simple and school students can easily do it and can easily earn by this, and it also doesn’t require any special training.

  1. Make crafts with Paper and Scrap material

Making crafts with paper, cloths, etc is very good special talent and an art. Children are often fond to make crafts with and paper, so why can’t school people earn through this skill they have. Mainly crafts like greeting cards, paper flowers have a very good demand in market. If you have very good creativity then you can earn a lot through this. You just required creativity, paper material, and things like glue, scissors etc to paste as well as to cut the paper. And in our houses, we will have lot of waste scrap like grocery boxes, old clothes which are torn, old things which cannot be used like plastic bottles, PET bottles which come with juices, oil, etc. Based on your creativity you can make these bottles as different reusable products.

  1. Sell your Old Books

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Selling Old Books.
Selling Old Books.

You will be promoting to next classes every year, so what will you do with old textbooks, you can sell them to your juniors with less price. You can also sell them in sites like Quikr and Olx if you can’t find juniors or who would buy books. And youcan also buy old book from your classmates and sell them to your junior class students as they prefer same new books with low cost. They are many people who make money like this actually in summer time, at that period the classes will be promoting. And also, if you have habit of reading novels, you can buy that novel, read it and then sell it after reading.

  1. Baby Sitting

Baby Sitting.
Baby Sitting.

Generally, mothers after giving birth to baby, if they don’t want to leave their career, they will hire baby sitters to care their baby at the time they go to office or to work. The wok done by baby sitters is to feed baby, play with them, teach some rhymes in case of children who can speak, they should be taking bath for baby, change their clothes, change their diapers etc. The people who likes playing with kids, they would like this job because they can earn money by spending time with kids. The thing you should remember while doing this job is you should be very careful while handing the kids as this is also very risky because kids may keep coins, small things in their mouth as they don’t know. They might be falling down while playing and may injure themselves, so you should be very careful and you should be always observing them.

  1. Car and Bike Washing

You may also consider the Money Making Ideas without Investment.

Car Wash.
Car Wash.

This is one of the best student money making ideas as it will have great demand. People who are rich, lazy or if they don’t have time to wash their car and bike, they might be hiring people for once a week, that it might be Sunday as they have free time or a holiday.  You just need to wash the car and check the engine oil level, air in the tires, coolant oillevel, and also you should pour oil at the parts where friction in made, change the air fresheners  if needed, clean and wash car carpets if needed in case of cars. They might be giving you the amount based on the number of cars or bikes you wash. You might also be given tips based on performance, if he likes your performance, he would be keeping trust on you and would be calling you every time he needed, he will also refer you to his friends to car washings. So, according to your performance you can enlarge your market and make money.

  1. Gardening

Gardening means growing plants and trees, but in urban areas you may not find farms so, you can also plant trees in the place what you have like balconies, terrace, yards, etc in the house. For people who like gardening this is he good thing to make money. You need to have pots, soil, plants or you can sow seeds and also manure. While starting you will have lot of work like pouring soil in pots and planting trees or sowings seeds, if you want plant creepers then you net arrange a net for the creeper to creep. And after that daily you can just water the plants and twice a week you need to pour manure to the plants. If you don’t have manure then collect the food wastage your home like shells of eggs, tea power after making the tea, food what you left in the plate, wastage of vegetables, etc. and pour this in the pots and spread the soil on them. When the plant vegetables or fruits then sell them and make money. If you think this is too long process then they are gardening jobs by people who have farms, choose them you would be given monthly wise salary.

  1. Repair the old gadgets, electronic items and sell

Many students like this and consider as one of the best student money making ideas. Due to some reasons like it was not working or we bought new items etc, we would be throwing gadgets and electronic items in the selves in our home. So, why to place them still in home you can repair them and sell them online in QUIKR or OLX and can earn money, so same like that you would be having friends and relatives so, ask them also do they have any old gadgets in their home which are not in use and take them, repair them if they have any issues and sell these items to people who needed those goods. Take your commission by selling those items and give the remaining money to the product owners, by this both of you are profitable. If you have knowledge in repairing the old items then you can be more profitable, because you no need to go to the mechanic and spend money for him right.

  1. Play Online Games

Yes, you can earn money by playing games in online also, there are many games which pays you for playing games. There are types of games like QUIZ games, Rummy games, online streaming games and Fantasy games.

Quiz games means there will be quizzes as per timing, you need to register to that game app and play the quiz at that particular time. Questions related to general knowledge, current affairs etc will be asked in the quiz, the person who says all the questions will be awarded 1st rank and he will be receiving the cash prize. Rummy games mean in olden days we used to play card games in India, these card games became online and very legal. The thing is two unknown people will be playing game and they will bet some money, who wins the game will win the bet. The apps will be giving referral amounts, login bonus or signup bonus initially which you can earn money.

Online streaming means the game which you will play in computer or phone can be streamed online by public in you tube, through this also you can money but this is different like you viewers will be giving you donations, If your game is good and viewed by many people, you can earn more money. Thousands of dollars can be made per month for good players who have many numbers of subscriptions. And finally fantasy games, now a days these are very known and are played by many people. People who have good knowledge in sports like cricket, kabaddi, football etc and can predict the match before two hours of game means who scores more this match and who will perform good, they can earn good by these games. You should create a team of 11 in cricket from both the teams who will play well according to the points your players score the rank of your team will depend. If you score high and your team is in the top place you will be awarded money.


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