UC News App Earn Money Information

UC News App Earn Money.
UC News App Earn Money.

UC News App Earn Money For Beginners:

UC News App Earn Money – Introduction to UC News App:- UC browser is one of the popular mobile browsers after Google chrome and owned by Alibaba Group. Due to increase in smart phones in India, and other countries, this browser usage has been increasing daily. UC News app belongs to the same company which provides all kinds of trending news. The best part of this app is, it provides the platform to earn money with your skills without any blog/or website. If you have good knowledge in specific niche, by posting the specific content on UC News earn you decent amount money on RPM based. If you are a house wife and have good knowledge of recipes, or If you are freelancer want to write interesting topics or if you have additional time to spend writing or if you are techie guy want to share your knowledge across millions of UC News users, this would be the perfect choice of earning money online with this App. How much one can earn with UC News App? Well, It depends on number views and place of visitors and niche selected. In coming section, let us discuss from setting up publisher account to monetizing on UC News App.

UC News App Earn Money- Publisher Advantages of UC News App:-

  • No need to maintain a blog or site.
  • can work from home just spending 1 hour time to write a article about any trending niche.
  • If you own a blog, you can use those articles by just rephrasing.
  • You no need to write 1000 of words, can write 300 to 500 words just in 1 hour.
  • UC News App allows you write articles in many Indian Languages like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada etc.
  • UC news App is for the people who are dreaming of making money from home out any website hosting.

Some of the other benefits of UC News App are:

UC News App Earn Money- Remuneration:

  1. Revenue-Share: Highest revenue share on Ad monetization in the industry.
  2. Chance to be a part of our exclusive paid content campaigns.
  3. Attractive bonuses on completing content tasks.
  4. Remuneration for promoting App installations through your social media channels.
  5. Massive Increase in Readership: With features like push notification, you can see an unprecedented increase in readership.
  6. You Can Grow your Follower Base: You can increase your followers at a very rapid pace owing to our high active user base.
  7. Increase Brand Affinity: Share the platform with some of India’s top content creators and national dailies.
  8. Referral Bonus.

UC News App Earn Money – How to Sign up for UC news App for Publisher Account: Sign up procedure is similar to any other web application.

Here is the sign up link of UC News App for Publishers: Sign up Here.

As a publisher , to create a account with UC News App, the following details have to be provided.

Post Format.
Post Format.

Apart from providing user name, email and full name, Indian writes/publishers should provide their PAN number and address and bank details. You should also upload copy of Id (pan card). It is important to select a category of articles on sign up as it would be tough to change this.

UC News App Earn Money – How to Write Posts on UC News App:- Well, selecting niche is number one criteria for best views and payments. However, you should also concentrate on the posts you create to make sure they are unique with good content length and have some user value to get it approved by UC News admin team. If the post status is in red for long time, then forget about that post and move on to write another one. There is a standard format that you can follow.

When you login to your dashboard, you can find ” Total number of views, followers count and earnings in dollars for current day and particular article. You can also find “post” and “Income” and “Reporting” and Guidelines to create your posts on UC News App. You are reports are usually updated for every 10 to 15 minutes. 

UC News App Earn Money – Earning Money with UC News App:- Once sign up process is completed, You can upload your article on to App by signing in under post tab. They were allowing to syndicate your blog content  (RSS feed) but no more this option is allowed. Instead If you own the blog, you need to take individual article and rephrase it and post them on App.

Once you post the article, it will be in pending status with orange colour status. Once it is approved it can turn into green colour. If it is in red status meaning that it is rejected. You can find the status of all of your content/articles under post tab inside the UC We Media dashboard. To find the views of your articles, go to reporting tab.

Once your post has reached 2000 views and your account is at least 1 week old, then you go to Income tab and Monetize there by agreeing their terms and conditions. Their ads start displaying with your post. The exact RPM depends on the niche and user location. When it comes to payment, the minimum payout is $50 and you can receive the payment every month between 26th and 28th.

UC News App Earn Money – Best Niches that work for Publishers with UC News App:- Most of the niches work well when follow the guide lines and post interesting posts. However, If you select entertainment, gossips , politics there would more viewership to fetch good amounts.

UC News App Earn Money – UC News Referral Program:- UC News App has referral program for every member. You can earn some additional income by using referral code. You can generate this referral code from the member account in the dashboard. If somebody sign up by using this referral code, and publish their content and receives 1000 views, you get paid 100 INR. This referral code has some limitation and works for only 15 referred members.

UC News App Earn Money – UC News App Earning Tips for Publishers:-

  • Select good niche such as Entertainment and Politics.
  • Select trending topics to get quick and more views.
  • If you write in Indian local languages, you may get more.
  • Ensure the post is unique and interesting.
  • You can share your referral code in social media for earning extra bucks.

UC News App Earn Money – Bottom Line:- This app is good for people who wants to write posts without blog or with blog. If you spend 1 hour of your time, you can earn 10,000 Rs/month.

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