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Technology has made everything easy, and gives us freedom to work from home. People are searching for best work from home jobs with flexible work schedules even companies are responding for that. Now a day’s work from home job opportunities has been increased than ever. Many companies offering remote jobs and job seekers ready take up. Below mentioned are some work from home jobs categories that have large scope.

Medical Transcription: Medical Transcriptions is best work from home job, the main job in medical transcription is to convert the voice dictation of doctors into the text format. Many doctors from foreign countries require particular person to maintain the records of patient medications and file up their complete information.  This process save time and effort of Doctor, Many Doctors and healthcare professionals in foreign countries record their transaction. Many Medical Transcription projects are offered to India due good quality work and low labor cost.

The main skills to become medical transcriptionist is good listening, interpreting and typing. Many companies in India offer training.

Online Marketing: Online Marketing is best work from home job to earn you good amount of money. Digital marketing is one of attractive way to advertise in India. Online marketing has become compulsory for everyone who has their online presence. For maintaining a website on any business even it is small or large has creation and maintenance of website, maintenance of social media pages, content writing, Search Engine Optimization, search engine advertising, content marketing, ad posting  etc. So if have good knowledge in any of the subjects can take it as a work from home job.  Many of companies’ offers best work from home job in online marketing.

To get started as online marketer you need have good technical knowledge or else should keep full effort learning necessary skills and should keep 100% effort on work.  Now a days even every multinational company offering these job as work from jobs. For these jobs you can post your profile on all job sites or even many agencies offers you these online marketing products.

Content Writing or Article Writing:

If you expert in writing or interested in writing you take up this as a way to earn money from you home.  Every business needs a website, every website needs content and articles to updates regularly. For content writing you don’t need any technical knowledge, if are interested in music you can opt job for those music related website, Arts, Travel etc.  So there is lot of opportunities for content writers from which you can earn good amount of money. Content writing is one of the best work from home job in India and other countries. and are some sources where you can find many job opportunities for content or article writing. You can opt job according to subject of interest. 

Virtual Teaching (Best work from home job):

If you’re expert in some subjects and interested in teaching, you can become teacher without any special degree. Online tutor has great demand; you can work upon your flexibility and for fixed hours. If you have good skills and experience in teaching you can go online tutor job, not only teachers  every person with good technical and presentation skills can opt this jobs. There many websites that provides job opportunity for you,,,, etc.

Virtual Recruiter (Recruit from home):

Virtual Recruiter is another most popular best work from home job. To become a job recruiter doesn’t require any qualification or any technical skill. This can be best option for anyone who is planning for work from job.  For Employers to hire appropriate person with suitable skills among millions of profile is very difficult task. So they go for recruiter who searches the exact person.

Many service oriented businesses are offering professional to work virtually. Many recruiting giants like or or offer jobs for virtual recruiters.

Virtual Assistant: People with good experience in personal assistance can take job of virtual assistant a best work from home job. Virtual assistant is person who works on contract basis to business people to offer services like secretarial, administrative works. Virtual assistants offer the secretarial services to people from anywhere. There are many websites that offer virtual assistant jobs like Twitter, eLance, Cragslist, Guruemployer, VA networking etc.

Customer Care Representative:

If you are good at talking on the phone continuously with full energy and patience, Customer care Representative best work from home job. Many companies are looking for people with excellent talking skill and good computer knowledge for assisting customer queries. These jobs are flexible and pay will on hour’s basis.

Many top companies like AMAZON, Converges, Kelly Service etc. are offering jobs people who work from home.

DATA Entry and Form Filling:

Most popular and best work from home job opportunity is Data Entry. Internet is filled with data entry job opportunities. If you good at fast and flawless typing you can opt data entry job. Data entry job offered full time and part time, Websites,, and offers you projects related to data entry.

You should be very careful while taking up these jobs; there are many scams that take advantage of people looking for work from home. First you have to check the company you going to work is legitimate. You have to do research on companies before taking on,, craigslist offers you good jobs offers on data entry.

Online Form filing: One of the easiest ways earning money from home. Main job is to fill forms with specific details given to you.  You have to types of forms like registration forms, job forms etc.. Form filing jobs are non-technical, work in low internet with good payment and simple work. Online form filling jobs, online survey jobs are easy and best work from home jobs.

How to find scams in work from jobs:

As we have legitimate work from home jobs we even have scams.  But how to find whether it is scam or true you need some research.

National Consumer League and gives you some steps that you should follow while taking up the job. Some rules to follow before taking job

  • Do complete research regarding the company your working, Ask for reviews from all sources.
  • Get details for people who are working along with you for the company, contact them for reference.
  • Some work from job requires equipment so before you invest check whether they real need for your work. If you paying to company for equipment take return policy if you stop work anytime.

Works from jobs are great opportunity for people who need flexible work. Technology made everything easy. But before you take up the jobs, do complete research on job responsibilities and shine you skills according to the jobs.

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