YouTube Money Making for Housewives

Introduction to YouTube money making ideas for housewives

Generally, housewives after marriage due to responsibilities can’t go for jobs because of certain reasons like lack of time, family pressures not to work, etc. For them, there are money-making opportunities while being working from home and just you need some skills and also you can make money more than an employee who works in the office.

As I said there are many online and offline money-making jobs for women, among them, making money through YouTube is one of the best ways to earn money for housewives, initially, there will be less earning but while increasing your audience who come to your account to watch videos, you will increase the money.

A guide to YouTube money making ideas for housewives

The main benefit in making YouTube videos is you should be creating the video and upload it once; the video will be available for years until you delete the video, so according to the views for the ads the income will be created as long as the video is there in your channel. But you should be eligible to create AdSense and link it with YouTube before you want to create money. It should be reviewed for the YouTube Partner Program; channels need at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers. According to the conditions mentioned, if your account is eligible you can earn money easily. You need to attract an audience to your channel by creating good and unique videos as well as you should upload a minimum of one video per week to be connected with your audience.

Money Making Ideas for Housewives with YouTube

Ideas for Money Making in YouTube.
Ideas for Money Making in YouTube.

By Creating and Uploading videos

  1. Craft Making Videos

Women are very interested in making crafts from paper and scrap or unusable things. So, if you are more creative and can create many things from different scrap material, then why can’t you make a video while creating it and explain how you are making and can upload it on YouTube. By this, you will be teaching others how you are using scrap products by making crafts and decorative things. You should be very creative and make different products very easily and also the products should be very attractive to the audience. Generally, if a person watches any one of the videos, then the video should be very interesting and he should visit all other videos of your channel. They are many craft-making channels on YouTube you should be something different from them to get high viewers to your channel.

  1. Gardening tips videos

Gardening is the art of growing plants and trees in balconies, terraces,s, and yards where there is a place to grow plants. We can also grow plants in pots and also some methods or technique of gardening we don’t require soil, plants grow only in water. You can make videos about different growing techniques like organic gardening, biodynamic gardening, companion planting, permaculture, etc. There are also grafting techniques on which you can make videos and by this, you can earn through selling fruits or vegetables what you grow in this process.

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People will be watching videos on different ways of easy farming methods and techniques in less place. If you have more knowledge in these gardening, cultivation then you can also create blogs and write content related to the video in detail with more examples and paste that link of the blog in the YouTube video description below. So, by this, you can also run a blog simultaneously and can earn through the blog if viewers are more for the blog by connecting blog with the AdSense account.

  1. Tailoring videos

Women are more addicted to trending fashion, they generally try each and every clothing which is trending. But stitching charges will also be more, due to this woman try stitching at home by watching videos from YouTube. So, you can try making these videos if you know to tailor and as well as you should be more creative in fashion or you should be checking what’s trending in clothing and you should make videos on it. If you are creative, you can make your own designs and can upload them on YouTube.

Mainly create videos on embroidery works that are creative, easy, and also homemade by you. After making embroidery works what you do is stitch it on a saree or a dress whatever in another video. After that upload both the videos one after other, people who check videos for embroidery work will also check with another video, similarly make more videos with this concept such that both tailorings, as well as embroidery, works, will be covered. And people also may show a bit more interest in these videos

You should be creating more audience and attract them to your channel by uploading 2 to 3 videos every week, some videos may get few views and some may get many videos. You need to do is don’t check views and response of the videos and also initially while starting a channel you will be getting fewer views for starting videos, you don’t need to worry furtherly when your audience visit other videos if they like it they will be checking your previous videos in the channel also.

  1. Cooking videos

All men and women will be interested in cooking as well trying new dishes at home in their free time, women will be trying new and tasty dishes for children like snack items after they come from school. They will be trying new dishes by knowing from other neighbors or old aunties, etc. in previous days but nowadays there are watching videos from YouTube and preparing their favorite dishes. So, if you have some knowledge in cooking and if can cook very well then you can make videos of recipes and upload in the channel what you create.

Either you should be trying new variety dishes or very old traditional dishes which are forgotten by people and make videos of it. If you are a chef, then it becomes an added advantage because they know some other techniques like garnishing, arranging proper sauces which will be good in taste with the dish combination. You can also try famous restaurant dishes or recipes making at home with hygienic food because people will be in a mindset that restaurants will be not cooking hygienic food as it is a business model.

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If you become a good top YouTuber in making cooking videos, then your videos would be sponsored by companies related to kitchen items that may be groceries. The companies will be also giving you money to make videos of cooking and to describe their product. For example, if a chili powder company sponsors you to make videos then while cooking you need to add chilli powder and while adding you should market the product

  1. Educational videos or teaching videos

If you have an interest in teaching and if you have more knowledge in any subject, then you can make teaching videos that are easy to understand. You can teach any content it might be degree classes, related to topics that you have studied in your graduation.

And students mainly watch coaching videos that may be entrance exams like JEE mains, GATE, IES, etc. if you have more knowledge related to these coaching classes you can teach them and make a video of it and can upload it on YouTube. Students who can’t prefer coaching institutes for these exams will be watching your videos because it is only the alternative option for them. Based on the simplicity of the videos that means easy understanding to everyone, your videos will be clicked or your videos will be gaining an audience.

You can also teach software like AUTO CAD, python, C language, web designing, etc. which are useful for engineering students and degree students. And also, if you have knowledge in any other skills like graphic designing, animation and also if you have talent in guitar playing, piano, drums, etc. you can teach them to others. You may not teach up to the expert level for these, but teaching basics to the next stage can be sufficient, if you want to teach more you can do it, this may lead to creating a high audience for your channel.

  1. Dance Classes

If you are a good dancer that may be in traditional dance or hip-hop dance and many other dances you can make videos of classes or you can make dance performances for any trending songs, good songs, etc.  You can show your talent in dance with different dance steps creatively.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing with YouTube.
Affiliate marketing with YouTube.

Yes, after creating a channel and uploading videos you will be getting views for them now you can link the AdSense account for it that means YouTube monetization after you will be eligible with certain conditions for it. Now you can also sell products related to the videos you upload, you may not be the manufacturer for it, you can sell products from affiliate marketing links.

Mainly if you want to sell affiliate marketing products, then you can make a video related to the product that may be reviewing it or explaining how the product to be used. Then that paste the affiliate marketing link of the product in the description.

First, you should have an affiliate marketing account in any of the e-commerce websites, then after that purchase any product and review that product and make a video on that.

Conclusion of YouTube money making for housewives

Well, the above-mentioned information is useful for anyone who is creative and a little skilled with the internet. 

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