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10 Best Small Businesses to Start in Delaware: Low-Investment and Profitable

With its strong economy, business-friendly environment, and strategic location on the East Coast, Delaware offers numerous opportunities for low-investment and profitable ventures. Starting a small business in Delaware comes with numerous benefits that make it a good choice for entrepreneurs. The key advantage is the state’s favorable business climate, which encourages innovation and growth.

10 Best Small Businesses to Start in Delaware

Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing has become an essential part of business strategy in today’s digital age. With the majority of consumers now online, businesses want to start a strong online presence to reach their target audience effectively. It’s through social media, search engine optimization, content marketing, or email campaigns, that digital marketing offers endless opportunities to connect with their customers.

10 Best Small Businesses to Start in Delaware

Small businesses in Delaware can benefit greatly from investing in digital marketing as it allows them to compete with larger corporations on a playing field. By targeting specific demographics and utilizing data analytics, businesses can optimize their marketing and generate higher returns on investment. Moreover, digital marketing also offers flexibility and adaptability.

Mobile Car Wash and Detailing

It is a thriving small business opportunity in Delaware. With the busy lifestyles of people today, many individuals don’t have the time or energy to clean their cars themselves. This creates a high demand for mobile car wash and detailing services. By offering convenience and quality service, you can attract customers who have a hassle-free way to keep their vehicles clean. With just a few basic supplies, you can start this business with low investment costs.

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Car Washing

To effectively market your mobile car wash and detailing business in Delaware, utilize digital marketing strategies. Delaware offers ample opportunities for growth in the mobile car wash industry due to its population density and high number of vehicles on the road. Additionally, by providing exceptional customer service along with top-notch cleaning results, you can build a loyal customer base that will recommend services to others.

Home Cleaning Services

Starting a home cleaning business can be a great small business opportunity in Delaware. With low startup costs and the potential for high profit margins, it’s worth considering. The benefit of starting a home cleaning service in Delaware is that it requires minimal investment. You don’t need an office or expensive equipment – just some basic cleaning supplies and reliable transportation.

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Professional Cleaning Service

Whether it’s weekly maintenance cleanings or deep cleans before special occasions, there will always be customers looking for professional cleaners. Marketing your home cleaning business is crucial for success. Utilizing digital marketing ways such as creating a professional website and utilizing social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to showcase before-and-after photos of your work can attract potential customers.

Lawn Care and Landscaping Services

It offers an excellent opportunity for small business owners to tap into the demand for outdoor maintenance. With its beautiful neighborhoods and lush greenery, Delaware provides the perfect backdrop for a successful lawn care business. The benefit of starting a lawn care and landscaping service in Delaware is the low initial investment required. You can begin with just basic tools like lawnmowers, trimmers, and rakes, making them accessible for entrepreneurs on a tight budget.

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Taking Care of A Lawn

Delaware residents take great pride in their lawns and gardens, which makes this industry particularly lucrative. Another advantage of entering this market is that it offers flexibility in terms of scheduling. You can select working hours based on your availability or even operate seasonally if desired.

Food Truck Business

It is a low-investment and profitable venture that has gained popularity in recent years. The benefit of starting a food truck business in Delaware is its flexibility. You can choose different locations and events to park your truck, targeting different customer segments. From festivals and fairs to office parks and college campuses, the possibilities are endless. Moreover, operating a food truck allows you to be creative with your menu offerings.

You can experiment with various cuisines or specialize in a specific type of cuisine that sets you apart from other food trucks in the area. Another benefit is that compared to traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants, starting a food truck business requires lower initial investment costs. Additionally, running a mobile food business allows you to connect directly with customers on-site. This personal interaction helps build relationships and a customer base, which leads to repeat business.

E-Commerce Retailing

The main advantage of e-commerce retailing is the ability to reach a global customer base without the need for physical storefronts. This means that entrepreneurs in Delaware can sell their products or services to customers not just within the state but all over the world. Another benefit of e-commerce retailing is its flexibility. You have the freedom to set your working hours and manage your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

Delaware’s strong infrastructure and support system for small businesses make it an attractive location for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs. The state offers various resources such as grants, tax incentives, and networking opportunities that can help you establish and grow your online store.

Personal Fitness Training

With people becoming more health-conscious and fitness-oriented, there is a growing demand for qualified trainers who can help individuals achieve their fitness goals. The benefit of starting a personal fitness training business in Delaware is the low initial investment required. Delaware’s strong sense of community also plays into the success of this business venture.

In addition, Delaware’s proximity to major metropolitan areas like Philadelphia and Baltimore provides opportunities for expansion beyond state borders. You could potentially tap into larger markets by offering online training programs or creating partnerships with fitness studios in neighboring cities.

Catering and Personal Chef Services

With the growing demand for delicious meals, catering services have become increasingly popular. Delaware is home to a diverse population that appreciates good food and unique dining experiences. Whether it’s catering for weddings or private parties, there is always a demand for professional caterers who can deliver exceptional food and service. Personal chef services are also on the rise as busy professionals seek convenience without compromising on quality.

By offering customized meal plans and preparing delicious dishes in clients’ homes, personal chefs can provide an upscale dining experience right at their customers’ doorstep. Marketing plays a crucial role in promoting catering and personal chef services. Utilizing social media platforms can help showcase mouthwatering dishes, garner positive reviews from satisfied clients, and attract new customers.

Graphic Design Services

Whether it’s designing logos, creating stunning visuals for social media campaigns, or developing eye-catching brochures, graphic designers are in high demand. Starting a graphic design business in Delaware can be a lucrative venture with low initial investment costs. With the right skills and creativity, you can offer business services of all sizes and industries.

From small startups looking for branding solutions to established companies seeking fresh marketing materials, there is no shortage of potential clients. To succeed in this competitive industry, staying updated with current design trends and constantly honing your skills is essential. Networking with fellow designers and actively engaging with clients on platforms like LinkedIn can also help expand your client base. Delaware boasts a thriving business community that values quality design work.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

With more and more people owning pets and leading busy lives, there is a reliable pet care services demand. Pet sitting involves the care of pets while their owners are away, whether it’s during the day or for an extended period. This could include feeding them, giving them exercise, and providing companionship. On the other hand, dog walking focuses specifically on taking dogs out for walks when their owners are unable to do so themselves.

You don’t need to rent office space or invest in expensive equipment. All you need is a love for animals and some basic supplies like leashes, waste bags, and maybe even treats. To succeed in this industry, it’s important to build trust with your clients by providing reliable and professional service. Additionally, offering additional services such as overnight stays or grooming can help differentiate yourself from competitors.

Small Businesses to Start in Delaware in a Nutshell

Common QuestionsExpert Answers
Why start a small business in Delaware?Delaware state offers a business-friendly environment, with no sales tax, low business taxes, and the prestigious Court of Chancery for corporate disputes.
What are the best small business ideas for Delaware?Popular ideas include e-commerce stores, food trucks, consulting services, real estate agencies, and tech startups, capitalizing on Delaware’s strategic location and business-friendly laws.
How do I register a small business in Delaware?Register by choosing a business name, selecting a business structure (e.g., LLC, corporation), and filing the necessary documents with the Delaware Division of Corporations.
What is the cost of starting a small business in Delaware?Usually, costs vary by business type but generally include filing fees for incorporation ($89 for an LLC), plus any licensing or permit fees required for your specific business.
Do I need a business license in Delaware?Yes, most businesses will need to obtain a business license from the Delaware Division of Revenue, along with any specific permits for their industry.
What tax advantages does Delaware offer for small businesses?Delaware has no sales tax, favorable corporate income tax rates, and no personal property tax, making it financially attractive for small businesses.
How can I finance my small business in Delaware?You can explore small business loans from local banks, grants from the Delaware Division of Small Business, and federal programs like those from the SBA.
What is a good location for a small business in Delaware?Consider areas with high traffic or business activity, such as Wilmington, Dover, or coastal towns, depending on your target market and business model.
How does Delaware’s no sales tax policy benefit small businesses?The no sales tax policy can attract more customers to your business, including shoppers from neighboring states, increasing your competitive edge.
What support does Delaware offer for small business startups?Delaware provides support through the Division of Small Business, offering resources, financing options, and incentives for entrepreneurs.
What industries are booming in Delaware for small businesses?Industries such as finance, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and tourism are thriving in Delaware, offering diverse opportunities for small businesses.
How to market a small business in Delaware?Leverage local SEO, participate in community events, and utilize social media platforms to target the Delaware market effectively.
What are the challenges of starting a small business in Delaware?Challenges include navigating the regulatory environment, securing financing, and facing competition, especially in saturated markets.
How can I benefit from Delaware’s strategic location?You can utilize Delaware’s access to major markets along the East Coast, its port facilities, and transportation infrastructure to expand your business reach.
What legal considerations should I keep in mind in Delaware?You must ensure compliance with Delaware’s business laws, including employment laws, tax regulations, and any industry-specific regulations.
How can I find a niche market in Delaware?Research local demands, identify gaps in the market, and consider Delaware’s unique demographics and economic landscape to find your niche.
What are the key factors for success in Delaware’s small business sector?Success factors include strategic location choice, understanding local market needs, effective marketing, and sound financial management.
How to create a business plan for a Delaware small business?Your business plan should outline your business idea, market analysis, financial projections, and detailed strategies for operations and growth in Delaware’s market.
What networking opportunities are available for small business owners in Delaware?You can join local chambers of commerce, attend business networking events, and participate in state-sponsored business workshops and seminars.
How important is online presence for a small business in Delaware?An online presence is crucial for reaching wider markets, engaging customers, and competing effectively in today’s digital age.
Can I operate a home-based business in Delaware?Yes, but you’ll need to comply with local zoning laws, obtain necessary permits, and possibly adjust your homeowners’ insurance.
What are the environmental regulations for small businesses in Delaware?Comply with state and federal environmental regulations, especially if your business involves manufacturing, agriculture, or handling hazardous materials.
How to manage small business taxes in Delaware?Keep meticulous records, understand applicable tax obligations (corporate, sales, employment taxes), and consider hiring a tax professional.
What is Delaware’s approach to e-commerce businesses?Delaware is favorable for e-commerce due to its no sales tax policy, encouraging online businesses to set up shop in the state.
How can I protect my small business in Delaware?You can consider forming an LLC to protect personal assets, invest in business insurance, and secure intellectual property rights where applicable.
What is the role of digital marketing for small businesses in Delaware?Digital marketing is key to reaching broader audiences, especially in tax-free shopping and tourism-driven markets, using SEO, social media, and email marketing.
How to handle competition in Delaware’s small business environment?Differentiate your business with unique offerings, exceptional customer service, and by building a strong brand identity.
What are Delaware’s policies on small business innovation?Delaware supports innovation through grants, tax credits for R&D, and partnerships with universities and research institutions.
How can small businesses contribute to Delaware’s economy?Small businesses drive job creation, support local communities, and contribute to the state’s economic diversity and resilience.
How to stay informed about changes affecting small businesses in Delaware?It is better to follow updates from the Delaware Division of Small Business, subscribe to local business news, and join relevant industry associations.


Delaware has consistently been ranked as one of the best states for starting a business due to its low taxes, minimal regulations, and strong support system for startups. The importance of starting a small business in this state cannot be overstated. Delaware may be a small state, but it offers big opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses.


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