Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas in India

Profitable agriculture business ideas in India

Agricultural businesses are thought to be the most attractive and commercial businesses in places, especially like India. Farm businesses have a wide range of benefits. Some of the advantages of agricultural businesses are:

  • Low-cost capital and start-up.
  • High range of profits (Up to 100 percent) in many cases.
  • Low operation and maintenance charges for yielding profits.

A guide to profitable agriculture business ideas

Since there is a high-profit margin and with less investment, more young people now are shifting towards these profitable agricultural businesses in India.

One of the chief advantages of getting started with agricultural businesses is that you may not require any specialized education or training. It’s all about experience and learning process, and within a few days you may have the ideas and rule out the basics. In this blog, we have listed about top most interesting agriculture business ideas in India.

List of top profitable agriculture business ideas with a low-cost investment 

Crop cultivation (Urban agriculture)

The task involves several inputs including cultivation, cleaning, and packing before the supply to the consumer side. You can also perform other activities such as horticulture, agro-forestry, and aquaculture.

The method includes two basic components that are Food safety and security. It focuses on increasing the quantities of food products for the urban population. It also targets on supplying freshly produced animal products, vegetables, and fruits to the crowd dwelling in urban regions.

Fresh fruits and juice selling

If you are a farmer and if farmland then this has is the most perfect business for you. You just must have some basics related to preserve hygiene and be personable to the general public.

As most people living in metro areas and luxury areas love eating fresh fruits, you may start a fruit selling business in these areas. A fruit stall here where fruits could be sold chilled can add profits to your business.

Investing a little amount of money in buying juice extractor and blender can aid you to set up your fruit juice center in these areas.

Mostly many people living in cities prefer preservative packed fruit juice then is prepared artificially and so spending in fresh served fruit juice can be a decent idea to generate income for young farmers.

Grocery and food retailing business

Currently, as people are gradually becoming very busy with their daily routine, most of them prefer convenience for getting daily groceries. Farmers can access foodstuffs like potatoes, vegetables, rice, onions, beans, and other plantations.

Once purchased in bulk quantities at a regular price these items can be carefully cleaned, polished, and packed in small packs in polythene sealed bags and sold to consumers directly in the cities.

Many areas within cities do not have easy access to daily required foodstuffs like fresh fruits and vegetables. You may begin with door delivery at home to the consumers through call bookings.

You just must spend some time gathering a complete list of consumers living in a particular area far from the market who would need such a facility and then deliver them at a specific time every day as they prefer.

Fish farming

Many people are living in villages who are earning well from fish farms. Several people show interest in fish products if compared to other meat products. With a proper fish farming business plan, you can earn good profits.

You just need a small area where you can breed fish in small tanks and ponds. Every four to six months you will get income by selling fresh fish to local customers in cities and villages. You can also reach cold storage firms for supplying fresh fish products.

Flowers and herb gardening

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Marigold farming.
Marigold farming.

Several people in cities and villages are interested in natural herbs and agricultural products who plan for a proper healthy diet. Presently, people feel more health-conscious and plan to have natural remedies and herbs.

Planting herbs, medicinal flowers, and plants such as Aloe Vera are becoming a famous trend with most young farmers and businessmen. You can even arrange your greenhouse in the city to sell flowering plants nursery and herbs directly.

Livestock feed manufacturing business

Numerous people in and cities and villages are having a habit of maintaining livestock nowadays. This paves a way to new opportunities for farmers who can develop feeds for livestock.

You can develop food products that contain more amounts of in certain vitamins and nutrients which can aid in proper maintenance of animals and livestock in terms of their health.

Raw materials required for preparing the feed for livestock are easily obtainable and does not need much capital in the starting stages.

Starting a poultry farm

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With advancements in technology, you may initiate a profitable business in poultry farms as well. It will support you with increased income and you can sell poultry products in bakeries and stores and or even directly to the customers. Apart from this most hotels and restaurants regularly need to purchase poultry products from small merchants.

Starting a mushroom farm

Mushroom is commonly used by many product manufacturers like a medicinal supplement and edible food product. It is easy to grow mushroom in small space and it renders with best returns.

The market shows an increasing demand for quality mushroom products even the leftover is utilized by companies like nutritional supplements in creams or other cosmetics products and medicines.

Plant grooming and grass cutting business

Even if it is not very money-making, still gains are near to 100 percent. Getting perfection with making use of talent along with tools can stand as a proper platform for a decent income. Currently, many people pick grooming plants and grass.

The art of plant grooming and cutting is seen in most hotels (star rated), function halls, and even bungalow owners where there is a need for trimming of the grass and creeping plants. You can have a proper income if you could develop a network of the customer base.

Coconut products and juice production

Coconut products comprise everything from water to juice, powder, cream, fresh coconut milk, etc. It is popularly used in many Indian foods and sweets. Farmers can make good money by selling these things to retail outlets, or direct consumers or even small grocery stores.

Farm pest and weed controls

If you have a proper idea of controlling weeds and other pests using organic pesticides then you have the opportunity to have good money from it. Most farmers require regular pest and weed control services.

You can spend some money on buying the proper spraying devices and chemicals and can be kept for many months. It can aid you to grow income that is not only useful in villages but also in some cities.

Honey production

If you know the method of breeding bees in hives then you can initiate the honey manufacturing business. You do not require a very big farm to breed bees.

Honey, is used in many sweets and food items and thus it has great market potential. Dealers and customers will directly reach you if you maintain a proper network and maintain good quality.

Broom and basket production

If you gave the skill in making baskets out of straw and other such stuff then you can begin with a basket manufacturing business. Most vegetable vendors, fruit sellers, and chocolate manufacturers employ baskets prepared of straw and cane. They are also applied in packing items for gift purposes and other such products.

Agro raw materials

Farmers can transform their agricultural waste into agro compost manure or other usable raw products that are needed by many companies as chief raw material for burning furnaces. Biowaste can be a decent source of fuel for these furnaces. It does not need much initial investment but can end you up in good profits.

Connecting farmers to internet services

Currently, most government-related schemes and other market areas are offered online thus if you are literate you can assist other farmers to get the information related to these services and schemes.

You can start seminars and presentations on behalf of manufacturers or even government authorities and aware of the farmers of the benefits. Though this is not such attractive but is a source of income in this area.

Apart from this, there are many different businesses that farmers currently can initiate with low capital. Many offers need minimum capital but provide good returns in the future on a long term basis.

That’s all folks about profitable agriculture business ideas in India. We wish you good luck in this business.


  1. I have decided to start agriculture business in my home I have planned for sheep farming but there is no support from my family side they are always putting pressure to join govt job…can I get a job like to get experience in agri business ???


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