Profit In Dry Fruit Business (Cost To Start)

Introduction to profit in dry fruit business (Cost to Start)

Are you interested in earning huge profits by starting a simple business? Then start searching for information regarding dry fruit business in India. Earnings in dry fruits business are very high if planned properly. You have to prepare a solid business plan for achieving success in this category of business. In this article, you will get comprehensive information about how to start dry fruit business and associated profit margins in the dry fruit business.

Ideas to start and make profit in dry fruit business in India

India is considered as a developing country when it comes to acquiring a healthy lifestyle. Junk foods such as processed noodles, potato chips, etc., are not in their daily meal anymore. Instead, you can see dried fruits and nuts in bulk for many households. As this industry is so promising and attractive, starting a dried fruit business will surely pay off in the future. Moreover, if you have the proper business plan and execution strategies, you will not need high investment.

 Market potential for dry fruit business in India to make a proft

Anything relevant to food items is having decent demand in the market. People in India are passionate about food and they relish the different spices and food products in everything they consume. However, the food-loving country is shifting towards a healthier lifestyle and is gradually embracing the only nutritious things. Any individual in the country who accepts to adopt a healthy lifestyle and strives for fitness regularly will not miss the dry fruits in the diet. These healthy consumables provide proper nutrition as well as supply a high amount of energy.

Dry fruit business opportunity in India for good profit margin

In the present day, people have shifted to health-conscious food products, and this leads to healthier eating habits that have enabled dried fruit and nut mix as a famous snack item for most of the homes. Various fruits and nuts can be obtained in these combinations and some consist of coconut flakes, granola, chocolate, and savory spices.

People are planning of opening a dry fruits business in India to earn a profit. If you plan to open a dried fruit business, then follow this entire article keenly to have an idea about how to start a dried fruit business.

Dry fruit business plan in India

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Dry fruit business plan.
Dry fruit business plan.

Before initiating any business it is recommended to plan for the distribution methodologies. 

License, permission, and registration required for dry fruit business

You need to avail of the following list of licenses, permission, and registration to initiate the dry fruit business. 

  • Primarily, you must define the management design of your organization. And then as per the design, register your business.
  • The business comes under the food Industry category and requests consent from FSSAI which is also done online.
  • Firstly, apply for MSME Udyog Aadhaar which is available as online registration.
  • Then, the important trade license from the local municipality should be applied.
  • Nowadays it is a must to apply for GST registration.
  • You also need to apply for a business PAN card. 
  • Try to create a current account in any of the nearby banks.
  • Then it is important to apply for the BIS certification. 
  • Moreover, it is essential to check the tax liabilities as well for this business.

Keep an eye on your competitors 

Never overlook your competitors as after a certain period they turn out to be your competitors in business. See about all the competitors in your locality where you plan to place your business. You can gain good knowledge about the way they should set up the business. Think thoroughly and determine in a relaxed mood regarding the way you should design your business to make it as an ideal way so that it will be different from your competitors.

Approach experienced entrepreneurs before initiating the business

Before beginning any business particularly dry fruits business it is recommended to have a conversation with someone proficient in this field. Their leadership will cast effective support as no one else can provide such detailing in this direction. Their ideas may even aid you to run your business successfully.

Ensure that only a person who gives their entrepreneur guidance will make sure that you do not steal their local customers and your location should be away from theirs. If your location is far off from their location then such a person will share all their experience with you.

Where to purchase branded dried fruits in India

In the starting stage of business, you may feel trouble for brand recognition. Any new brand in the market is unknown to customers and there exists no background too. Also, customers will not get any reviews for the same.

Thus it is suggested to opt for branded products to attract the customers and market. A new brand of product in the starting while set up may put incur a loss. Make your business firm in the market and then later go for starting a new brand of product.

How to opt for dry fruit franchise 

You can have immense success in business if you prefer opting for the franchise and avail the benefits of the hard work by others earlier. Before initiating your own dry fruits business ensure to have a clear thought about starting your own business as if the owner of the business or to get a franchise which will be tension free and easier.

Cost or investment to start a dry fruit business in India

You need to invest Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs to start the business as the dry fruit varieties a bit costly. This investment is for setting up a small scale dry fruit business. You can also set-up a large scale business but it might be a little risky. So, better go for small-scale to establish a brand and then opt for large-scale business. 

Profit margin in the dry fruit business in India

Dried fruits franchise or business idea in India is very attractive and delivers large amounts providing great financial strengths. Once you are recognized in this business and continue with the operations for a specific duration, you can have an approximate profit margin to be about 15%-20%.

Profit margin in the dry fruit business in India.
Profit margin in the dry fruit business in India.

Moreover, dried fruit businesses do not come under-seasoned products where you get the risk of very less days at a stretch. In fact, with the upsurge in living standards, people now inclined on healthy eating habits even while occasions and festive seasons. Thus, you may even expect the profit margin to rise further during the festival seasons.

How to promote your dry fruit business

You can promote your dry fruit business by registering in B2B and B2C websites. You can also promote it through social media platforms. You can also promote it through online marketing stores. You can share the samples in supermarkets, super bazaars, Dmart, and other wholesale markets.

The conclusion to start and make profit in dry fruit business

Once you have made the arrangements about the resources to make money, you can arrange your business, initiate production of your dried fruits and nuts product, execute your marketing ideas, and sell your product. Identify local businesses that can be ready to grasp your snacks. Or try keeping a store near farmers and flea markets. You should also plan to sell your products online as it very trendy nowadays. However, be vigilant of the various laws for online sales of food products, and make you abide by the state and local guidelines if you opt this way. Also, verify the rules for what can be done through the mail, and try your dried fruit and nuts products eligible for mailing.

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