Top 10 Service Businesses You Can Start with No Money

Starting a business from home with no money might seem like a daunting task, but there are numerous service businesses you can embark on with minimal to no initial investment. With the rise of digital platforms and the growing demand for personalized services, opportunities abound for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark.

Whether you’re wondering how to start a business with no money or experience or even as a teenager, the key lies in leveraging your skills and resources. From dog walking to house painting, we’ll explore the top 13 service businesses with low startup costs and the potential to become the most profitable service business ventures. This guide is designed to inspire those looking to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, showing that starting a business with no money online or offline is within reach.

10 Service Businesses You Can Start with No Money

Dog Walking

Dog walking is an excellent service business with a profit margin ranging from 50% to 70%, depending on the area and services offered. It’s ideal for animal lovers and requires little more than time, energy, and a passion for pets. Enhance your income prospects by providing supplementary services such as pet sitting or grooming. Building a client base through word-of-mouth, local advertising, and online platforms can turn dog walking from a casual activity into a lucrative business, embodying the essence of starting a business from home with no money.

10 Service Businesses You Can Start with No Money

House Painting

House painting is a service with a profit margin of around 40% to 60%, appealing to those with an eye for detail and a steady hand. Starting requires minimal equipment; the client’s upfront payment can often cover the initial investment. Marketing your services through local classifieds, social media, and word-of-mouth can help you tap into the local demand, making it one of the best businesses to start with little money from home.

Lawn Service

Starting a lawn service can yield 50% to 75% profit margins, especially during peak seasons. While owning equipment can be beneficial, renting or borrowing tools initially is possible until the business generates enough revenue to invest in personal equipment. Offering services such as mowing, edging, and garden maintenance can cater to a wide range of clients, from busy homeowners to commercial properties, reflecting the potential of how to start a business with no money and grow it steadily.

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Gardener Working in Lawn

House Cleaning

House cleaning services can enjoy 40% to 50% profit margins, attracting clients through reliability and attention to detail. With relatively inexpensive cleaning supplies and often supplied by clients, it’s a viable option for entrepreneurs looking to start a business with no money as a teenager or adult. Expanding your services to include deep cleaning, move-out cleaning, and specialized sanitation can increase your market value.

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Woman from Cleaning Service Wash Windows

Grocery Delivery

The demand for grocery delivery services has sharply increased, resulting in profit margins ranging between 20% and 40%. This business requires organizational skills and a reliable mode of transportation. Building partnerships with local stores and offering personalized shopping experiences can set your service apart, making it a prime example of how to start a business with no money online, leveraging apps and social media for promotion and coordination.

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Delivery Man

Party Planning

Party planning can be fulfilling and profitable, with 30% to 45% margins. Creativity, organization, and networking are key, as your role will encompass everything from theme development to vendor coordination. Establishing relationships with suppliers and venues can reduce costs, and a portfolio of successful events can propel your business forward, showcasing the potential of starting a lucrative service business with minimal initial investment.

Senior Companion

A senior companion service offers emotional and practical support to the elderly, with profit margins of about 50% to 60%. This business emphasizes compassion and patience and can include services like light housekeeping, errand running, and companionship. As the population ages, the demand for personalized care services grows, highlighting the importance and profitability of empathetic service businesses.

Handyperson Business

Starting a handyperson business can yield 50% to 70% profit margins, catering to homeowners needing repairs and small renovations. Skills like plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry can be marketed directly to consumers through local advertising and online platforms. Initially, you can rent or borrow tools as needed, gradually building your own set as your business expands, making it an ideal venture for those skilled in trades looking to start their own business with little to no upfront costs.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a specialized service with profit margins of around 35% to 50%, requiring specific equipment and knowledge of cleaning techniques. Starting with rented equipment can keep initial costs low, and offering additional services like stain removal and upholstery cleaning can enhance your business’s value proposition. Effective marketing and a reputation for quality work can transform carpet cleaning from a simple task to a profitable business endeavor.

Walking Tours

Walking tours can offer approximately 40% to 60% profit margins, particularly in areas with rich history or unique cultural landmarks. This business requires in-depth local knowledge, storytelling ability, and a knack for engaging with people. By creating memorable experiences for tourists and locals alike, walking tours can capitalize on the growing trend of experiential travel, making it a compelling option for those looking to start a service business with no initial investment.

Gutter Cleaning Business

A gutter cleaning business can achieve 50% to 70% profit margins, relying on the seasonal need for clean and functional gutters. This service requires minimal equipment, with most expenses being labor and transportation. Marketing to homeowners and commercial properties, especially in areas with heavy leaffall, can quickly turn gutter cleaning into a profitable venture with low, upfront costs.

Plant Watering Service

Plant watering services can see profit margins of 60% to 80%, appealing to plant enthusiasts who need help maintaining their gardens or indoor plants while away. This business demands reliability and a basic understanding of plant care, making it an excellent choice for those with a green thumb looking to turn their passion into profit with minimal startup costs.

Snow Removal Business

The snow removal business can offer 50% to 75% profit margins, which is essential in regions with heavy snowfall. Initially reliant on manual tools like shovels, investment in machinery like snow blowers or plows can significantly increase efficiency and profitability as the business grows. This seasonal business requires physical fitness and the ability to operate during inclement weather, providing a critical service to residential and commercial clients.


Starting a service business with no money is possible and can be highly profitable. By leveraging personal skills, local demands, and creative marketing, entrepreneurs can build successful businesses from the ground up, even with limited resources.


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