Soft toy making business:

The following content is all about Soft Toy Making Business.

Introduction: Softs toys most loved items by kids, the youth almost everyone. You won’t find any kids who do not have soft toys in their playing kits. The style, taste, trends may change but love towards soft toys will be same in kids hearts all over the world. Soft toys varieties are unlimited ranging from wildlife, extinct animals, bears, pets, rural animals, sea animals, chimps, exotic creatures, puppet horses, pillows, and bird creatures etc. Most popular soft toy you see everywhere. Soft toys are popular home décor items. Soft toys are made of cloths ad acrylic fur. There toys are of different shapes and colors.

Soft toy making business is a very simple business to start.  The investment required to start soft making business is very low. This business is mainly the best option for women, housewives, and moms.

Here are main reasons to be considered before starting soft toy making business:

  • Soft toys have more demand and kids are the biggest market for this product. There is a good scope for these items in India.
  • Indian soft toys have about 400 million US dollars. In India there is 50% of the market for gifts for people outside the family. Soft toys are best gifts for kids and youth not only in India but everywhere in the world.
  • Rather than the other business options, soft toys business is very simple to start and the most enjoyable job. You can start this home from home itself.
  • Investment required is very low, unless you are planning in big factory.
  • Brands have less impact on soft toy market, if you making attractive toys you easily get good profits.

So considering above reasons Soft Toy making business can be a best option to start small scale business at home.

This article gives you the complete information guide to start a soft toy making business:

Marketing strategy for soft toy making business:

A Soft Toy.
A Soft Toy.

There is huge scope for soft toy making business in India. Soft toys are mostly liked by kids. Soft toys have huge demand round the year and during special occasions like valentines days demand will be more. Demand for soft toys is equal to the expensive gifts especially kids and girls like cute soft toys.  These toys are best birthday gifts for kids especially teddy bears. Not only teddy bears animals, cartoon characters, pillow every toy has its own demand.

Another main and important thing that boosts up toys business is brand Customers don’t look for any specific brands while buying the soft toys, they only check the quality and appearance.

Steps required starting soft toy making business:

You can easily start this business from home; it doesn’t require huge capital to invest. With minimum equipment you can easily begin with soft toys making at home. At first you can start your soft toy making business on small scale from your house only and later as per demand you can expand it.

Soft toy making business plan:

Before staring business, you should make a complete study on market demand, production procedure, latest trends and selling strategies required to sell the finished product. After making a complete study you should prepare plan which should have necessary steps to be taken from starting production to selling the finished toys. In case any doubts you take reference from your research and make a plan accordingly to cope with ups and downs of the business.

Registration for your soft toy making business:

Once you complete with your business plans. Next step it to register your business first.

  • As you are starting small scale business you can go for OPC registration.
  • Legal Procedures: Not much legal formalities are required for this soft toy making business. Get a trade license from your local municipality office.
  • In addition to that go for MSME Udyog Aadhaar Online Registration.
  • Check whether this business requires VAT registration or not. For import your toys, you should obtain IRC code.
  • Obtain a fire protection system to protect your unit from fire.

Soft toy making business capital: As it is a small scale business, you don’t require huge money for investment. You can start with a capital of 50000 to 1 lakhs.  And you expand business when you start getting a smoother flow and demand of your business.

Material required for Soft toy making business:

If you are planning to start this business from home itself then investment is very less and you require following materials:

  • Raw materials: Cloths, Acrylic furs, ornamentation item as per your choice.
  • Sewing machines.
  • Basic equipment like scissors, tapes, needles, threads etc.
  • Packing Materials.

The number of sewing machine depends on how big you are starting your soft toys making business. Basic number of machine required is 2 to 4.  And soft toys are generally made up of clothes and acrylic furs and other than this you also need items like eyes, buttons, nose and other designing items.

Space required to start soft toy making business is minimum 500 Sq. Ft. and required electricity to run sewing machines.

Skills required and manufacturing process in soft toy making business:

Stitching and knitting are main skills that required making soft toys.  And mainly women are having good stitching skills. If you have knowledge of stitching, knitting and talent to design to model toys this more enough start your own business.

Manufacturing process:  Manufacturing process of soft toys is very easy and simple. The process includes pattern, paper cutting, mould making, fabric cutting, sewing, inversion, eye and nose punching, stuffing, back closing and finishing. Even attractive packing is required.

  • First cut the cloth as per your design. Stitch accordingly leaving one side to fill the sponge.
  • Fill the sponge into the fromside that is open.
  • Tune the toy as per your design.
  • Now fix buttons, ribbons, and eyes and nose whatever the designing items required.
  • Finally check your toy completely whether stitching done perfectly. Then pack them with visible covers.
  • Now toys are ready to sell.
  • Always maintain the quality of the product, as these mainly used by kids. The materials you use should not harm children.

Important tips for successful soft toy making business:

Every business needs to have three basic important specialties which lead you to the success in the future.

First and important point you should maintain in any business is Quality.

Quality: As soft are not brand dependent, so you have a great scope to capture the business with highest quality products as people will only busy if the quality is good. You can use special materials which are not harmful to small kids.

Next import point for successful business is setting Price:

Price: You need to fix the best and reasonable price for your toys without compromising the quality. To get more demand on your business, the rate should be lucrative.

Safety Standard in Soft toy making business: You should follow the safety measure while making the toys. Toys are mainly used by kids, so keep in mind not to make it sharp or pointing which can injure the kids in any way whatsoever.

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