Student Money Making Ideas:

The following is all about Student Money Making Ideas.

This content gives complete information for the student who is planning to make money in leisure time.  Apart from the studies there are many ways to gain knowledge. Students in these days are self-assured and they are planning to earn their own money for their general needs instead of depending on parents.

Taking up the part-time jobs gives then social awareness and knowledge about working in a society.  Earning money of their needs will increase their self-confidence and an essence of authority.

There are many ways to earn money in your leisure time:

Student Money Making with Online Jobs:

Online jobs has good craze in market, these jobs are earns you good amount and money with flexible timings. Taking online jobs you don’t have any boss or third person pressure on you.  Your job will be completing on your control. You can work in flexible timings without any investment in accessible ways.

Main advantages of online jobs:

  • Online jobs don’t require any work experience.
  • Low investment, you need only internet bill.
  • There many job options based on the skills.
  • Flexible timing and work portability.
  • Fun filled with work with encouraging targets.

Types of Online jobs for Student Money Making:

Student Money Making with Content Writing:

As a student you have good writing skills that come from continuous reading. So for the students who have good writing skills can opt this article writing jobs as part time jobs. One main skill required for article writing is “unique style of presenting information without any grammatical mistakes”.

Many websites offering article writing jobs, if you have ability to write in an attractive way without any copy writing issues. This article writing jobs can earn a good amount of money.

Websites offering online article writing jobs:


There are even many websites offering content writing jobs offering good amount of money.

Student Money Making with Freelancing:

Other than article writing jobs, freelancing jobs are also good options for students. If have good technical knowledge and good at any particular skills you can take up this is part time jobs. If you are good coding, programming, designing, typing, photography etc or any other technical skills you can take up freelancing jobs.    Many professional and companies these jobs. Students can do these freelance jobs since their full course loads would take an unpredictable amount of time.

Few website offering freelance jobs students:


Student Money Making by playing games:  Earning money by playing games is quite thrilling and interesting. Many gaming companies offering job opportunities for students to make money online as a game tester for testing purposed and to finds errors in games they create.

So students can earn by playing games and can earn good amount of money. Even many advertising companies use their use their gaming website to attract the people by giving cash and rewards to play games.

Some gaming website that offer jobs:


Student Money Making with Online Tutoring:

Tutoring is always a best option for students. Online tutoring has more craze, there my website offering online tutoring jobs for good amount of money. There is lot of demand online tutors as the parents don’t have time to take care of kid’seducation due to busy lifestyle.

Student can opt any subject in which they good knowledge to teach online. To get the online tutor job you need clear some primary assessment and sample teaching sessions to act as an online tutor or to get hired by online tutoring websites.

Teaching jobs not only increase your presentation skills with good money and also increases your confidence.

Website offering online tutoring jobs:


Student Money Making with Micro Jobs Websites: Micro jobs websites are the websites that offer small jobs tasks that can be completed within few hours. Students like making the micro job as they take very minimum time to complete.

Micro jobs include review writing, blog commenting, forum posting and other simple tasks in social networking sites etc.  Students can select the jobs based on their interests & skills to finish quickly and make some amount of money with less stress and time. These jobs promote helps students to promote their skills and knowledge.

Websites Offering Micro jobs:


Student Money Making from Kindle (Amazon): If students are good at writing and researching. You can earn money from Amazon Kindle Store, You can earn publishing eBook.

Kindle App is available on all the mobiles, laptops, iPads and kindles) so taking option to earn money is easy. Take specific topic present information in a modest, attractive and digestible way, this makes your

eBook get more popular. Design your eBook with great cover designed so that it stand unique among others. Reviews play an important role in making your eBook more popular. Kindle won’t earn instant income but you can earn passive income.

Student Money Making with Affiliate Marketing:

As a student you will have social networking account or if you have blog. Make use them earn some bugs for you.  If you are active person in social network use affiliate marketing to bring you instant cash by promoting all sorts companies, products, services and offers online.

Sign up into affiliate program and choose the products that you want to sell, seller provide you with a unique affiliate code that you can used to refer the traffic to the target site. Affiliate networks will offer readymade text links, banners and other forms of creative copies, you need to copy the code and place on your website or social networking pages and start referring the traffic. If your users or friends click on these links from social networking pages or websites they get redirected to the product site. You will pay commission if they purchase the product. The sellers track you performance from affiliate ID and software’s.

Payments Options are in different terms:

  • Pay per scale.
  • Pay per click.
  • Pay per lead.

Best Affiliate Networks in 2017:

  • Readbank.
  • Rakute.
  • CJ Affiliate by Conversant.
  • Amazon Associates.
  • Shareasale.
  • eBay.
  • Flexoffers.
  • Avantlink.
  • RevenueWire.
  • ReviMedia.
  • AdCombo.
  • AffiBank.

Student Money Making on YouTube:

YouTube not just a source of videos, even it can be a source of income for the students. Students record the useful videos of their interest like comedy skits, tutorials, mobile app usages etc or collect the rare videos like old movies, song etc. and upload them in their YouTube channel account. Whenever people view your YouTube channel you can earn money. YouTube can earn good amount of money.

Other ways of Student Money Making:

  • Making money on Blogging: Blogging can earn you good amount of money. Strat a blog on specific content of your interest. Fill the blog with some useful and unique content. Get off your blog and start finding readers. Attract the reader with your content and make them to sit on your site. You earn money by this readership. Once your blog gets good traffic, you will find the advertisers those will be paying for placing the ads on your website. You can earn by affiliate marketing. So students make website of your interest.
  • Online survey jobs: Many MNC are offering this jobs to grow their business by increasing sale of products. Taking feedback from the people through online surveys, to create new product or improve existing products.

Companies offering survey jobs:

Star Panel.

iPanelOnline India.


Panel Place.

India Speaks.

Your Say.


  • Paid per click jobs:
  • Ad posting jobs.

And many more…

Student Money Making with your hobbies: Hobbies play major role in student life. So these hobbies can earn you a good amount of money. If you are good at music, dance, yoga, karate, paintingswimming sports like tennis, football etc take up this as part time to teach these hobbies for children around apartments, colony anywhere. This job not only earns you money but makes yourself more confident.

Student Money Making by Taking up the part-time jobs:

Taking up part-time jobs is also best option for students. They can go for the job as per their time convenience.

Part-time jobs include:

  • Baby sitting or Taking care of old people.
  • Customer Care jobs( Many call centers, hospitals, schools, hotels etc. offer part-time customer care jobs for students).
  • Home tutor.
  • Cab Driver (OLA, Uber offering part-time for students with driving license).
  • Marketing jobs (Many companies of Real-estate, Schools, Training institutes etc..offer marketing jobs for students for promotional activities).
  • Sales Jobs (Super markets, Show Room, Retail shops are also offering part-time jobs.
  • Pet care taker.
  • Accounting jobs, collection agent jobs.
  • Delivery jobs (Pizza Delivery (pizza hut, Dominos, McDonald offer decent money for these jobs), Courier Delivery).

There are also many other jobs that students can take to earn good amount of money.  As education has become very costly the money afforded for studies are unbearable. Students these days have good mindset that they are more concerned about the family and value of money.

As earning money that can serve you minimum needs. These jobs are done only in leisure time. Part time jobs are done only in leisure time and student should don’t get divert from your studies. Education period is more important than money.

Bottom Line: Student money making is increasing every year as there are many online, home based and part time jobs are growing rapidly.

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