10 Garden Tools Based Business Ideas: Low-cost and Low-Investment

If you’re passionate about gardening and wish to turn that passion into a profitable venture, the world of small garden tools based on business ideas is for you. The options are numerous from offering a garden tool rental service to developing your line of handmade garden tools.

Garden Tools Based Business Ideas2

These garden tools-based business ideas can be operated from home and offer various levels of investment. But what makes the best garden tools? The answer to that can vary depending on your target market and the services you provide. Here are seven low-cost and low-investment business ideas centered around garden tools that you can consider starting today.

10 Garden Tools Based Business Ideas

Garden Tool Consulting Services

Offering garden tool consulting services is another avenue to explore. This business model is focused on providing expert advice to consumers and businesses on choosing the right garden tools for various tasks and environments. Your primary expenses would be marketing and perhaps some specialized consultation software. Online consultations can extend your reach and allow you to work from home.

Your revenue will come from consultation fees and commissions if you help facilitate the purchase of garden tools. This business has a high profit margin potential, ranging from 40% to 70%, as the major work involves knowledge-sharing and requires minimal physical resources.

Garden Tool Rental Service

Starting a garden tool rental service requires a moderate initial investment in high-quality garden tools. Your potential clients are weekend gardeners who might not want to purchase expensive tools for occasional use. Offer various tools, from basic shovels and rakes to specialized tools like hedge trimmers and soil aerators. You could charge either by the hour or by the day. You can command premium prices by ensuring that your tools are always in top condition. The profit margin for a well-managed garden tool rental service can range between 30% to 50%.

Garden Tool Sharpening Service

Sharpening garden tools is a low-cost business idea that demands minimal investment. Your client base will consist of both individual gardeners and businesses like landscaping companies. Sharpening services can be charged per item or by the hour. Your overheads will include the cost of a sharpening machine and maintenance. Once established, this business can have a profit margin of around 40% to 60%, depending on the volume and quality of work.

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Garden Tools Based Business Ideas

Handmade Garden Tool Business

If you’re skilled in woodworking or metalworking, consider launching a handmade garden tool business. The market appreciates unique, durable, and functional tools. Handmade tools often command higher prices, and you can specialize in creating niche tools not readily available in mainstream stores. Startup costs are primarily for materials and your workspace. A handmade garden tool business could generate a profit margin upwards of 50%, depending on the uniqueness and quality of your products.

Garden Tool Maintenance Workshops

Conducting garden tool maintenance workshops is a business idea with minimal startup costs. Your target audience would include individual garden enthusiasts and community gardening clubs. You can offer in-person and online workshops, covering essential maintenance topics like sharpening, cleaning, and general upkeep.

Charging can be done per workshop or through package deals, and offering workshop materials as downloadable content can provide an additional revenue stream. You can also collaborate with gardening influencers to increase visibility. The profit margin in this business is generally high due to low overheads, and you could expect to make a profit margin of around 50% to 60%.

Garden Tool Repair Shop

Repairing garden tools is another low-cost business idea. Your initial investment would be in specialized repair tools and perhaps a small workspace if you don’t have one. Offer repair services for various garden tools, from simple hand tools to complex power tools. Charging could be on a per-job basis, and it’s crucial to provide quick and reliable service to build trust. This business model can yield a profit margin between 35% to 55% once it gets going.

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Garden Tool Repair Shop

Garden Tool Cleaning Products

Launching a line of garden tool cleaning products could be a rewarding venture. Cleaning products are consumables, which means repeat sales. You can develop eco-friendly cleaning solutions that remove rust, dirt, and grime from various garden tools. The initial investment would go into product development, testing, and packaging. Once your product gains a following, the profit margin can range from 40% to 60%.

Garden Tool Storage Solutions

With growing urbanization, storage has become a challenge for many garden enthusiasts. Offering innovative garden tool storage solutions can be a profitable niche. You could design and sell wall-mounted racks, shed organizers, or portable storage boxes. The main costs involved are materials and manufacturing. If your solutions effectively solve practical problems, you can anticipate earning between 30% and 50% in profits.

Garden Tool Subscription Box

A garden tool subscription box is an exciting business idea. Each month, subscribers get a carefully selected box of gardening tools and items. It’s an excellent way for people to build their collection gradually. You can source products in bulk and at discounted rates, enhancing your profit margin. You can choose to subscribe monthly, quarterly, or yearly. If executed well, the profit margin for a subscription box service can be between 20% to 40%.

Garden Tool E-commerce Store

An e-commerce store specializing in garden tools is a highly scalable business idea that can be operated from anywhere, including your home. The upfront investment for this venture is relatively low, primarily focused on website development, inventory, and marketing. You can offer various garden tools, from simple hand tools to specialized equipment. Leveraging social media and SEO can help attract a broad audience.

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Garden Tool Store

With an easy-to-navigate website and a reliable shipping partner, customer satisfaction can be achieved, encouraging repeat business. The e-commerce model allows you to operate 24/7, increasing your revenue-generating potential. Once the business is well-established and running smoothly, a 20% to 35% profit margin is achievable


Whether you open an e-commerce store, lead maintenance workshops, or offer consulting services, the garden tool industry offers many low-cost and low-investment business ideas. Each concept comes with challenges and rewards, but all have excellent potential for high-profit margins if managed efficiently. It’s a growing interest and demand sector, making now a perfect time to invest your time and resources. Choose the business model that aligns best with your skills and interests, and you’re well on your way to creating a profitable garden tool-based business.


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