12 Best Paper Cup Manufacturers in India

The paper cup industry in India is booming, driven by the increasing demand for disposable and eco-friendly tableware. Whether you’re wondering “Which machine is best for paper cup making?” or curious about “What is the profit of paper cup business?”, this article aims to answer these questions. We also explore “How much does a paper cup machine cost in India?” and discuss the scope of the industry, which is growing rapidly. 

Best Paper Cup Manufacturers in India

With many paper cup manufacturers near me, in Kolkata and Delhi, it’s crucial to identify India’s best manufacturers. While many lists feature the top 10 best paper cup manufacturers in India, we go a step further to introduce you to 12 such companies you should know.

12 Best Paper Cup Manufacturers in India

Tata Global Beverages

Founded in 1962, Tata Global Beverages is a pioneer in the paper cup industry with a global footprint that prominently includes India. Specializing in various paper cup products, they include single-walled cups for standard hot beverages, double-walled cups for added insulation, and custom-designed cups for special occasions. Given their commitment to sustainability, they are at the forefront of developing eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, which adds to their market appeal and makes them a preferred choice for responsible consumers.

Hindustan Paper Cups

Established in 1982 and operating out of Delhi, Hindustan Paper Cups has been a stalwart in the industry. They are known for producing a wide range of paper cups, including basic single-walled cups, customized printed cups for promotions, and specially crafted premium cups. Their products combine quality with affordability, making them popular for events and business settings nationwide.

Paper Cup Manufacturing Company

Founded in 1990, Paper Cup Manufacturing Company has carved a niche in the Kolkata market. They focus on delivering high-quality paper cups in different shapes, sizes, and prints. Their product range includes standard cups, oversized cups ideal for shakes and smoothies, and even customized printed cups that are often a hit in cafes and fast-food joints. Their reasonable pricing and commitment to quality make them a sought-after supplier in the Kolkata area.

Sun Packaging Industries

Situated in Hyderabad and founded in 2000, Sun Packaging Industries has made innovation its core focus. Their portfolio includes many paper cup types, ranging from basic single-walled cups to intricately designed, double-walled cups apt for high-end events and corporate gatherings. Serving a wide array of clientele, they have ensured that their product lineup is versatile enough to cater to different needs and preferences.

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disposable paper cups from brown craft paper and recycled paper holders

Keventer Agro Ltd

Keventer Agro Ltd, established in 1986 and headquartered in Kolkata, has a diversified range of paper cup products. Focused on producing environmentally friendly cups, their product list includes disposable cups ideal for hot and cold drinks. The company is highly committed to sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices into its manufacturing process, making its products both convenient and sustainable.

Bhilwara Group

Incorporated in 1961 and based in Rajasthan, Bhilwara Group is a veteran in the paper cup industry. The company produces a range of paper cups, such as single-walled cups for daily use, multi-layered cups for hot drinks, and even customized cups for special events. Their emphasis on quality, strength, and attractive design makes them a top pick for many customers.

Rajasthan Paper Cups

Founded in the late 1990s and headquartered in Jaipur, Rajasthan Paper Cups has been a regional leader in the paper cup industry. Their products include standard cups, printed cups for special occasions, and multi-layered cups that offer better insulation for hot beverages. Their focus on quality and great customer service has built a loyal customer following in Rajasthan and nearby areas.

Paper Cup Corporation

Paper Cup Corporation, established in 2005 and based in Pune, specializes in producing a variety of paper cups for multiple uses. They offer single-walled cups for casual settings, double-walled cups for extra insulation, and custom-printed cups for advertising and promotions. Their dedication to quality and making customers happy has given them a respected standing in the industry.

Sree Rayalaseema Aluminium Works

Sree Rayalaseema Aluminium Works, founded in the early 1990s, is based in Andhra Pradesh and has diversified into the paper cup industry. They offer a range of products, including basic paper cups for everyday use, cups with lids for takeaway services, and even cups made from specialized materials that are both durable and eco-friendly. Their commitment to making good products and coming up with new ideas has made them successful in the paper cup market.

Sahara Paper Cups

Sahara Paper Cups, established in the early 2000s and based in Gujarat, has quickly ascended the ranks in the Indian paper cup industry thanks to its unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability. The company offers an extensive array of paper cups that cover a range of needs and occasions, from single-walled cups that are suitable for casual use to double-walled cups with insulation properties ideal for hot beverages.

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paper cup with flaps

They also offer custom-printed cups designed specifically for special events and promotional activities. Additionally, they have carved out a niche in the eco-friendly sector with a dedicated line of paper cups made from recycled materials, thus earning their reputation as a high-quality, eco-friendly paper cups supplier.

Paper Cup World

Paper Cup World, founded in 1998 and operates out of Mumbai, has cemented its position as an industry leader by focusing on diverse product offerings and innovation. Their range of paper cups is remarkably varied, from standard single-walled paper cups designed for everyday usage to highly intricate, custom-designed cups ideal for special occasions and corporate events.

The company also has a line of themed paper cups for children’s parties. It has even forayed into producing eco-friendly, biodegradable cups in response to the growing demand for sustainable options. Their relentless focus on innovation and customer satisfaction has enabled them to build a wide clientele, including individual consumers and large corporations.

Green Paper Cups

Founded in 2010 and operating from Bangalore, Green Paper Cups stands out in the Indian paper cup industry for its dedication to environmental responsibility. The company specializes in manufacturing paper cups that are biodegradable and compostable, offering options like cups made from renewable resources such as bamboo.

Their product line extends from standard single-walled cups to double-walled cups with extra insulation and even includes specialty cups like those featuring built-in straws or spill-proof lids. Their steadfast commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness not only meets but often surpasses the environmental standards that are commonly followed in the industry, making them a top choice for consumers who are conscious of reducing their environmental impact.

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Used Paper Cups


The paper cup industry in India is expansive and diverse, with several companies striving to provide quality and sustainability in their offerings. Whether you are based in Gujarat, Mumbai, or Bangalore, you can find a variety of paper cup manufacturers to suit your specific needs.

From Sahara Paper Cups’ wide range of utility-focused yet eco-friendly products to Paper Cup World’s customer-centric innovations and Green Paper Cups’ unwavering commitment to sustainability, consumers have many options. Each of these companies contributes to India’s rapidly growing paper cup industry, offering solutions that balance convenience, quality, and environmental responsibility.


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