20 Creative Business Ideas To Start In India

Introduction to 20 creative business ideas to start in India: Corporate worlds follow a lot of rules and procedures, so jobs and businesses that involve creativity are not abundant. It is not a profitable move to diverge from the organizational procedures.

We are immersed in a world of creativity, and the people who bring the beauty, colors, and entertainment around us are the very people who create it.

There are talents in everyone. When one identifies and pursues their creative talent in the right way, they can build a great business. Below is a list of ideas that will certainly yield you a great business if you’re one of those who think out of the box and want to earn money with little investment.

A guide to top 20 creative business Ideas to start in India

1. Children Play/Adventure Area

An excellent idea for a small business is to open a children’s play area. A medium investment is required for such a venture.

2. Tea/Coffee Café

Cafés are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces. With a well-designed café and a variety of teas and coffee, you can make money. Starting a Café requires a rented or owned space and a relatively small investment. Learn More – Coffee Shop Business Plan

3. Custom Gift Store

Custom Gift Store Business In India
Gift Store (pic credit: pixabay)

The best creative idea is to open a gift store. Customers are always looking for customized gifts. Your business will benefit from providing what they need and increase profits if you do so.

4. Antique Business

The opening of an antique shop filled with different types of antique items and furniture is sure to bring in a lot of customers. Finding the right clients who are interested in antiques can lead to a highly profitable antique business.

5. Game Organizer at Event

Parties like birthdays and anniversaries are in high demand for game organizers. Communication and creativity are key to the success of this business idea.

6. Hot Air Balloon Rides or Boat Rides

A business venture of this nature is among the most adventurous. To ensure customer safety, a large amount of investment is required and skilled manpower is required. In order to start this kind of business, you need a large space.

7. DJ Services

DJs are always a priority at any event, whether it’s a party, wedding, or corporate function. Pubs are completely dependent on DJs for attracting customers. Making the crowd groove requires a certain amount of skills and experience.

8. Chatbot services

In recent years, creating a chatbot has become one of the hottest businesses. Increasingly, companies are integrating chatbots into their websites. A customized chatbot that is built according to the client’s needs will definitely bring high profits.

9. Interior Designing

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Starting Interior Designing Business in India
Interior Designing (pic credit: pixabay)

You can become an Interior Designer after earning a degree in Architecture. Real estate is a booming industry in India. A trillion dollars is expected to change hands by 2030. Interior designers are always in demand in a developing market like this. Turning a House into a Home is a business that can do wonders if you are skilled and have creative ideas.

10. Dance/Music Classes

Two creative businesses are dance and music. Both require a lot of experience and specialized skills. One of the best things about this business is that you can get started at home with little capital.

11. Ice Cream Business

Selling ice cream is an innovative business idea. You can offer seasonal flavors to attract your customers. You have to have patience and skill to try out different combinations of ice cream in this business.

12. Hair Business

Even though people might think of the Hair Business as a weird idea, the industry is one of the most profitable in the country. The hair industry contributed $248 million to the nation’s economy in 2018. Hair is exported by India to the US, Europe, China, and the Middle East.

13. Ethnic Food Service

Rather than satiating their hunger, people eat today for pleasure. You should start an ethnic food service at home if you are talented with cooking and have the ability to make people lick their fingers. It is just a matter of knowing the ingredients and understanding the culture and region the recipe originates from.

14. Funeral Services

The services may sound strange, but they exist in India and are successful. Transporting the dead body and giving advice on rituals are both services you should provide. Also included in the services is the provision of all the cremation ritual materials.

15. Doula Services

Starting your own Doula service doesn’t require a lot of training or experience. In comparison to any other business, there is very little investment involved. There is a prenatal appointment, a labor and delivery visit, and a postpartum visit.

16. Organic Farming

India has practiced organic farming since ancient times. This type of farming uses organic waste to cultivate the land. Organic farming has become more popular due to the growing demand for organic grain in the market. This is a small business you could start if you have a plot of land.

17. Mobile garage service

The majority of car breakdowns occur in areas where there are no garage services. With a small investment, you can turn your vehicle into a mobile garage.

18. Gifts & Flowers Delivery

How important is it to you that the gift’s packaging be just as good as the gift inside? You should consider starting a little gift and flower delivery service.

Business owners can easily pursue it since it does not require any special skills or high startup capital. It is also possible to run this business from home.

It is customary to give and receive gifts at every celebration, whether it is a promotion, graduation, or even a birthday. It will become easier for people to choose gifts and pack them in a presentable manner when this service is launched. Flowers will also make the package more appealing and complete.

It is true that this idea has a wide market to target. Offer the service first in your neighborhood, then expand into exhibitions, online sales, or even local shops.

19. Makeup Artistry

Whether it involves makeup and its technicalities or not, creativity can come in any form. There are few industries that will never go out of business, and the makeup industry is no exception.

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Makeup Artistry
Makeup Artistry (pic credit: pixabay)

Starting a makeup artistry business from your home is an art business that requires no capital. People tend to be lazy to avail of the services, so offering them at their doorstep can be another option.

Women of all ages are concerned with looking good, whether they are attending a party or getting married. Offer this facility to women in your neighborhood and wait for clients to come by word-of-mouth (you will need to invest some money here, though) or by distributing business cards. Additionally, you can train people in your area and earn more business in the future.

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20. Exterior Designing

The interior design industry has the potential to be lucrative and fulfilling. Why not look into exterior design as well? At the beginning of summer and during the Coronavirus season, people will spend a lot of time outside. As a result, it is crucial to personalize an outdoor space in order to make it cozy and entertaining-worthy.

Designing exteriors can employ all of your design passions all in one place, which makes it one of the best business ideas for creative people. When people look at a house, the first thing they’re going to notice is its exterior. You could make sure people are proud of how their house looks from the street if you were an exterior designer.

Final words of creative business ideas

In conclusion, I hope this list summarized some of the best business ideas you can use for your creative business. You could turn any of these creative industries into a thriving business one day, and there is a lot of money to be made in them. Having a creative career can enhance so many people’s lives in ways they couldn’t have imagined before. You should start working now!


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