40 Low Investment Food Business Ideas

Introduction to 40 Low Investment Food Business Ideas to Start in India: Are you searching for the best business opportunities in food? Listed below are the top food businesses that can be started with low capital investment, as determined by detailed research we conducted.

Food production in India ranks second in the world. In addition to being produced for the domestic market, food products also have unique export opportunities. The food processing industry is seeing an increased demand for its various products. Indians have higher per capita incomes, resulting in a higher spend on value-added quality food products. We have listed here some of the most profitable business ideas for those interested in starting a business in the food industry.

According to industry estimates, India’s food industry is currently worth 39.71 billion dollars. According to industry experts, the food industry is set for tremendous growth, taking into account the tremendous growth and investment opportunities.

List of 40 Low Investment Food Business Ideas

40 Low Investment Food Business Ideas
Biscuit Making (pic source: pixabay)

Fruit Juice Processing – Make your fresh crush into

India has a very high demand for fruit juices. There has also been an increase in the demand for packaged fruit juices in India. If you want to start a business producing and selling fruit juice, you can start a small distribution business.

Bakery – Bake your ideas to earn money

In the food processing industry, the bakery industry is India’s largest. The popularity of bakery products has also increased nationwide. It basically allows you to produce many different products. Cookies, biscuits, bread, cakes, etc. may be included on the list. Cookies, biscuits, bread, cakes, etc. may be included on the list.

Banana Wafer Making – A snacky idea to make money

Among the healthy snacks available are banana wafers. Additionally, a properly packaged product has a longer shelf life. It is an easy process to manufacture. A few simple machines and equipment are also needed.

Biryani Shop – Mix the spices to earn the money

Biryani is an Urdu word meant to describe a dish made with rice, spices, and meat (chicken, mutton, beef, prawns, or fish). There are many different varieties of biryani available around the country that everyone can enjoy. There are also a number of established franchises here that make biryani. A biryani shop, then, is the best place for you to start your own food retail business.

Biscuit Making

Biscuit-making business is a very lucrative business. It is also a venture that women can start on a small scale. Biscuit making is a traditional business. Moreover, biscuits come under the FMCG segment. A market always exists for products of this type.

Food Blogging – Share and write your tastes to earn a handsome amount

A food blog is a perfect business for someone who wants to run a business from home. Certainly, you need to have clear conceptions and knowledge about the subject matter you would like to write about. Additionally, you need to be patient and dedicated. There are some free hosting platforms like WordPress that make it easy to create a blog.

Cake Shop – Decorate the cake to earn a decent income

Basically, setting up a cake shop is a lucrative business venture. Start-up and management of the business are easy. Furthermore, cake retailing is an excellent business for women. Taking a minimum amount of risk is sufficient for anyone to start this business.

Chocolate Making – Yummy chocolaty into currency making

Chocolate making is an excellent business opportunity if you enjoy cooking. Chocolates are not just for children; adults and seniors love them too. The Indian market for chocolate is relatively large. Ensure that your packaging is attractive and that the product tastes good.

You can start a home-based cookie business if you enjoy making delicious cookies. Health-conscious individuals always aim to eat homemade cookies as part of their regular diet. Aside from its domestic use, designer cookies can also be used for corporate gift giving.

Cupcake Business

An alternative way to earn income from home is to run a bakery. Cupcakes are healthy foods suitable for all age groups. A local marketing campaign can be executed for the business. Furthermore, you can promote the cupcakes through your own websites. In addition, you can take large orders on occasions such as birthdays or holidays.

Coffee Shop – Blend the coffee beans to make income

Coffee shops have grown in popularity in India in recent years. There are many brands that are doing well. Popular choices include Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, and others. An established brand lets franchise partners open coffee shops. Alternatively, you can open your own business.

Dal Milling

Developing dal mills in India is an industry that is profitable. The size of this business can vary depending on the production output. Profitability is generally higher with large-scale operations. In addition, it is also a financially viable business to run a mini dal mill.

Fast Food Restaurant – Sell your fast foods to make fast income

Today’s most popular foods are fast foods. Most people buy them frequently since they are inexpensive. Additionally, no particular skill or experience is necessary for the business. Initially, businesses must invest startup capital both in fixed costs as well as in the working capital.

Flour Milling

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Flour Milling
Flour Milling (pic credit: pixabay)

Traditional industries include flour milling. There are a number of value-added products that you can make from this plant, including wheat flour, maida, semolina, gram flour, and sattu. In the Indian subcontinent, these are basic food items. Furthermore, these products are part of the FMCG sector.

Fruit Bar Making

Fruit bars are actually healthy snacks. Along with the direct consumption of fruit bars, they are an essential ingredient in the bakery, confectionery, and dessert industries. The market, therefore, has a very good demand for this product. An entrepreneurial venture involving fruit bars can be started with a small investment.

Food Delivery

In the food industry, you can start a food delivery company if you are interested in a service-based business. In India, digital operations are growing rapidly. There are now many apps that deliver food, including Swiggy and Zomato.

Food Truck

One of the fastest-growing businesses in India is this one. In addition, you can see a lot of Government initiatives across the country. In general, a food truck’s aim is to serve tasty food at an affordable price that appeals to the local demographic.

Ginger Garlic Paste Making

The low cost of this business makes it a great option to start. Simple equipment and machinery are needed for starting. Ginger, garlic, preservatives, and packaging consumables are some of the major raw materials you need. It is becoming more and more common for people to use ready-made products in tier I and tier II cities as times become busier.

Grocery Shop

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Grocery Shop Busienss
Grocery Shop (pic credit: pixabay)

Starting a grocery store is a simple process. It is important, however, to draft a solid business plan in order to compete with other operators. It has become popular to open a grocery store with many other product lines such as bakery, personal care, and home care. Nowadays, people buy all their daily needs in one place.

Groundnut Oil Processing

The kernel of the groundnut contains 50-55% of its oil. In addition, groundnut oil is used worldwide as edible oil. The oil has good nutritional value. In addition, the oil doesn’t raise cholesterol levels. Therefore, it is popular as a cooking medium.

Honey Processing

To be consumed by humans, raw honey needs to be processed properly and packaged. In conclusion, the honey processing business with the apiary can be highly profitable for women. It is also an easy new business to start up. In addition, you can create a brand of honey that is unique to your area.

Ice Cream Making

Regardless of the age group, ice cream is a very popular food item. In addition to that, it is often a key ingredient of various celebrations, such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, cat parties, and office parties. Presently, ice cream retail sales are growing like anything else. Several industry experts agree that ice cream is recession-proof.

Ice Cream Cone Making – Make a cool income

Starting a business making ice cream cones is easy. There are no complicated processes or machinery involved. Additionally, the infrastructure required is not very large. Aside from building a brand, the product can also be sold in the local market. Furthermore, you only need a small capital investment to set up this business.

Ice Cream Parlor

Ice cream parlors are among the best food retail businesses that you can start if you’re interested in starting an ice cream business. Apart from starting your own company, you might also consider opening a franchise. Today, there are a variety of franchise options for ice cream parlors.

Iodized Salt Production

To be precise, iodized salt is a table salt containing iodine. The consumption of iodized salt prevents the human body from becoming iodine deficient. Therefore, it can prevent thyroid gland problems, such as endemic goiter. Public health problems related to iodine deficiency are widespread across the globe, including in India. Iodine sodium in small quantities can be easily consumed regularly to address this issue.

Jackfruit Processing

A jackfruit’s primary economic output is its fruit. This fruit is eaten both when it is young and when it is mature. Because of the fruit’s highly perishable nature, you can’t keep its sweet pulp for a long time. Thus, every year the peak time of the year results in a large loss of commodities post-harvest.

Jam Jelly Making

In the world, jams and jellies are widely consumed as tasty processed foods. And they’re very simple to make. Jam jelly can even be made in your kitchen. The jam and jelly are prepared within a ten-day training session if you do not know the method.

Juice Bar

Juice bars are becoming hugely popular these days, just like coffee shops. The problem is that in metro areas, this type of business is only viable. In addition, you ought to consider franchises. Juice bar brands can be found on the market both locally and internationally.

Mustard Oil Production

A popular cooking oil across the country is mustard oil. Apart from cooking, this oil plays a significant role in pickling. In India, mustard is a major crop. India’s largest mustard producer in Uttar Pradesh.

Noodle Manufacturing

Value-added staples like noodles are important to a healthy diet. India also makes use of noodles a lot as fast food. Even in small towns, the popularity of this form, composition, and ease of preparation explains its popularity. There is no complicated manufacturing process involved. Furthermore, the same machine can be used to produce numerous other value-added products.

Papad Making

Papads are appetizers. Considering the product’s popularity in Asian countries including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and others, it is not surprising. Papad, on the other hand, is very popular all over the world. People usually consume papad as a side dish or snack item to complement the main course.

Pickle Making

India’s subcontinent is known for its pickles. Furthermore, you need raw materials that are readily available in the local area to prepare certain kinds of pickles. The equipment and machinery needed for the business are simple. Start out small and grow from there. Scale up the company once you see a positive response.

Pizza Delivery

Pizzas are very popular in metro cities and suburbs, particularly among the young population. All established brands have pizza delivery systems at their clients’ doorsteps. They can also order a pizza over the phone or through an app.

Potato Chips Making

Processed food items like potato chips add considerable value to the economy. Their crisp texture, salty or spicy taste, and fresh quality appeal to consumers. Party food, including potato chips, is another essential item at get-togethers and parties. As a result, it is very popular in the U.S. market. This business can be started by women entrepreneurs with little distribution knowledge.

Set up a Restaurant

Fast food restaurants are extremely popular these days as well as fine dining restaurants. Restaurant demand is growing along with the tourism industry. Restaurants with a themed menu are becoming increasingly popular today. These are restaurants that offer a specific type of food in a particular way. Restaurants are often financially profitable business opportunities for women entrepreneurs, even though their commercial success is determined by several factors.

Scented Supari Making

Dehydrated betel nuts sliced for direct consumption are called supari. They are mostly used as mouth fresheners. Scented supari has high market demand. This product is consumed regularly by people across all age groups. Scented supari manufacturing is, however, a labor-intensive industry. It is essential to have a customized project report in hand before beginning business.

Spice Processing

The domestic market has good demand for both raw and powdered spices. In the city areas, the spices used for the specific preparations such as chicken masala, biryani masala, curry masala are gaining a lot of popularity. Traditionally, the spice industry has been very successful. There is a lot of profit to be made from this business.

Sunflower Oil Production

India’s largest sunflower producer in Karnataka. In addition to these states, Bihar, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh produce sunflowers. This is an excellent business idea if you live in a state where sunflowers are grown. However, you will need initial capital and a solid strategy in order to successfully run this business.

Tamarind Paste Making

This fragrant paste has been used for centuries for a variety of culinary purposes, including chutney, curries, and as a flavoring for Sharabat syrup. Indian and Pakistani snack foods often include tamarind sweet chutney as dressings. Tamarind pulp has a moisture content of 20%, fiber content of 6%, and carbohydrate content of 67 %.

Tomato Sauce Making

Tomato sauce is primarily a value-based product. In addition to the sauce, other items such as puree, ketchup, and juice can be produced with the same machine. The business is easy to start and requires relatively little capital. In addition, it requires some infrastructure.


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