9 Profitable Repair-Based Business Ideas: Low-cost and Low-Investment

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for repair services is more prevalent than ever. How do I start a fixed business? What services do people most need? What are some small-scale business ideas? How do I start a home service business? These are questions many aspiring entrepreneurs ask themselves. 

Offering repair services is a business model that requires little upfront investment and can be operated from home. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for profitable repair-based business ideas from home. Here, we’ll explore the nine most profitable repair-based business ideas, complete with repair services business examples, examples of service industries businesses, repair business names and home maintenance business ideas.

9 Profitable Repair-Based Business Ideas

Smartphone Repair Business

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. A smartphone repair business has a high demand and a good profit margin. It’s a business that doesn’t require an extensive set-up. You can fix common issues like cracked screens, battery replacements, and software glitches. This sector generally sees a profit margin of around 50-60%, making it one of the most profitable service businesses. Get certified, and you’re good to go. Simple and effective marketing can make a big difference. Remember, quality service is the key to a successful smartphone repair business.

Profitable Repair-Based Business Ideas: Smartphone Repair Business

Computer Repair Business

Computers are indispensable for both personal and professional use. Therefore, a computer repair business is another highly lucrative option. It can range from fixing hardware issues to troubleshooting software problems. Like smartphones, the profit margin is high, ranging from 40-50%. You can get certified online for credibility. Small-scale business ideas such as this can grow into a full-fledged service industry business. Make sure you stay updated on the latest tech trends and solutions.

Glass Repair Business

Glass is essential in many settings, including homes, vehicles, and commercial buildings. A glass repair business can provide much-needed solutions for broken windows, chipped glassware, or cracked car windshields are common problems. The business can be started with a modest investment in tools and materials, and the profit margins can be lucrative, often ranging from 45-55%.

Mobile services for immediate glass repairs, especially for automotive clients, can be a unique selling point. Training courses are available, but learning on the job is also an option. Partnering with local construction companies, car dealerships, or property management firms can help generate a steady business flow. Social media advertising and local SEO can help your glass repair business become the go-to solution in your area.

Appliance Repair Business

Home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens often need repairs. This provides a huge market for appliance repair businesses. Start small, gain experience, and you can grow steadily. The profit margin for appliance repairs varies depending on the appliance type and the repair’s complexity, but it typically ranges from 40-55%. Offering prompt and efficient services can make your business stand out. Specializing in a particular type of appliance can also be beneficial.

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Appliance Repair Business

TV Repair Business

With the variety of TV technologies, a TV repair business is another profitable venture. LED, LCD, Plasma — the list goes on. You can specialize in one or more types. The profit margin is generally 40-50%. Certification is helpful but not always necessary. This is one of those home maintenance business ideas that can be run from a small workshop. A TV repair business can be lucrative if you offer competitive pricing and quick service. Marketing is crucial; word of mouth can do wonders.

Watch Repair Business

Watches may seem like a relic of the past, but many people still value them. A watch repair business offers various services, from replacing batteries to fixing mechanical issues. Profit margins can go as high as 50-60% if you’re good at what you do. One advantage is that it doesn’t require a lot of space. It’s also one of the repair business names that sounds classy and timeless. Certification courses in watch repair are available to add to your skill set.

Shoe Repair Business

Lastly, a shoe repair business is an old but gold venture. Shoes will always wear out and need fixing. This business idea provides a steady income with a 40-55% profit margin. Skills can be learned through apprenticeships or specialized training programs. This can be a great small-scale business idea; you don’t need much to start. Good quality work ensures that customers keep coming back.

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Shoe Repair Business

Bicycle Repair Business

Bicycles are a popular means of transportation, and with the increasing focus on eco-friendly commuting, the demand for bicycle repair services is growing. The range of potential repairs ranges from flat tires to broken chains and gear adjustments. Plus, seasonal changes often trigger maintenance needs, ensuring consistent business throughout the year. Profit margins in bicycle repair businesses are generally favorable, ranging between 45-55%.

You can easily set up a bicycle repair station in your garage or even offer mobile repair services. Certifications are available, but hands-on experience is equally valuable. Marketing is key; you can reach out to local cycling clubs and schools to offer special maintenance packages, and social media platforms can serve as a cost-effective method for reaching a broader audience.

Furniture Repair Business

Furniture is necessary in every home and office; with time, it is prone to wear and tear. A furniture repair business can offer various services, from fixing broken chairs to restoring antique tables. The initial investment for tools and a workshop is relatively low, and the profit margin can vary between 40-60%, depending on the type of furniture and materials involved.

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Furniture Repair Business

One interesting avenue is specializing in restoring antique furniture, which can fetch high prices. Networking with local furniture stores and interior designers can bring in consistent clients, and offering additional services like upholstery can diversify your income streams. Creating an online portfolio showcasing before-and-after photos of your work can serve as an effective marketing strategy.


Repair-based businesses offer an ideal avenue for entrepreneurs looking to start ventures that require low initial investment and have the potential for high profitability. The Bicycle Repair, Furniture Repair, and Glass Repair businesses are no exception. They cater to everyday needs and emergencies, thus ensuring a steady stream of customers.

From bikes and tables to glass windows, these ventures can be customized to fit the skill sets and interests of the business owner. Whether through specialization, offering mobile services, or collaborating with other local businesses, these repair fields offer multiple paths to success. With proper planning, commitment, and quality service, these businesses can become profitable and offer long-term sustainability.


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