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Aloe Vera Juice Making – Business Plan

How to Start an Aloe Vera Juice Making Business in India


The most significant medicinal plant is Aloe Vera that grows hugely across India. The Aloe Vera Juice Manufacturing Plant has wide market potential and you can start the Aloe Vera Juice processing plant by remaining in the Aloe Vera growing area because you can’t spend extra on the raw materials which are available from a long distance. This article will guide you to have an idea about the advantages of Aloe Vera and many more other related information.

The place, region area, or location has a major impact on this type of business because it will augment your cost of production. From the Aloe Vera plant, you can get the following: Aloe Vera Gel, and Aloe Vera Powder, etc.

A step-by-step guide to starting an Aloe Vera Making Business in India

Starting an Aloe Vera Making Business
Starting an Aloe Vera Making Business (Image credit: pxhere)

Market potential of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera has been enormously used in the following sectors: The cosmetic industry, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and toiletries industry. The Aloe Vera plant is from the Liliaceae family. According to the specialists of the industry, the global market of Aloe Vera was worth in the year 2016 to 465 Million US$ up surging at a CAGR of around 11% during the year 2009 to 2016. It has thick green leaves which comprise latex and gel. Over the last 10 years, the market is rising steadily driven by varied & growing usage of Aloe Vera in the following segments like health, food, cosmetics, and care. The Aloe Vera gel mainly consists of H2O (Water) and the remaining comprises the following: hormones, amino acids, sugars, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are mostly present in our human body.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is the utmost compulsory product you can yield from the leaves of Aloe Vera. There are several benefits of Aloe Vera and this article has listed a few of the advantages of Aloe Vera in different segments. The following are the uses of Aloe Vera:

  • Firstly, it comprises healthy plant compounds
  • Secondly, it conditions the dry skin and imparts a moist condition
  • Thirdly, it reduces the inflammation
  • After that, it has antioxidant characteristics and is antibacterial as well
  • Then, it finds its usage as a scrub for the face
  • Also, it used as a soothing psoriasis flare-ups
  • Furthermore, it helps in the healing of burns
  • Additionally, it eliminates the acne
  • Then, it helps with cold sores
  • After, it lowers the dental plague
  • It is appropriate for the sensitive skin
  • It helps in curing the canker sores
  • It is even seen to reduce weight
  • It lowers the constipation
  • It decreases the hair fall
  • It develops the skin tone and avoids wrinkles
  • Lastly, it drops the blood sugar levels

Registration, license, and permission required for starting Aloe Vera Juice Making Business

The Aloe Vera juice has both consumer and industrial requirements. The following are the Registrations, licenses, and permissions required for starting Aloe Vera Juice Making Business:

For initiating an Aloe Vera Juice production unit without any legal troubles, you should obtain several registrations and licenses from the government authorities. It depends on the specific region of your plant. Additionally, if are interested to produce even cosmetics products then you should apply for other specific licenses as well. Here, we have included some of the basic needs for the processing of concentrated Aloe Vera Juice from aloe vera leaves.

First of all, you must register your business. According to the management pattern, choose the right form of business. Moreover, it is essential to apply for a trade license and professional tax registration.

It is essential to do the registration to the Aloe Vera Juice factory in the form of a limited liability company. Acquire liability insurance, workers insurance, and tax identification number. It is essential to join a beverage/food manufacturers association, attain an operational license, follow strict procedures on food handlers, health and safety guidelines. The company must have the FSSAI registration number, sufficient product branding. The package must include the date of production, best before period, and expiring date. Should also add information about the manufacturer’s address, customer care email/contact number.

Both limited and unlimited liability is determined by the business format you opt for. Register your business name and apply for VAT identification.

Your product will also need testing and certification. Check anti-pollution guidelines and local government rules.

The next step is to avail a food and safety license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). This, however, essential to ventures making more than 12 lakh income. It is significant to register your business and gain a Trade License. You need to avail a No Objection Certificate from your society/residential area. Along with that, you will register the name of your business. Here you should know about licenses for beginning an Aloe Vera Juice of food in India.

Take care of health, labeling, and nutritional guidelines so that you are complying with FSSAI guidelines. Based on what region you live in, there may also be state health and food preparation regulations to follow. Your kitchen could be inspected by the local health and safety associated with authorized personnel. Establish your company with all required legal requirements, according to the laws of your state and national guidelines, and register as a corporation in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service and your state’s tax office.

Below is the list of licenses required before starting the Aloe Vera Juice making business in India: Registration of firm, GST registration, Trade license, Pollution certificate, MSME/SSI registration, EPI and ESI registrations, Trademark, FSSAI registration, IEC code, FPO act.

  • Business Entity: The first registration for any business is to register it as a business entity by knowing about the form of the organization. It could be as a sole proprietorship or a partnership or a limited liability partnership or a one-person company. This will help in availing a few benefits to the business and must, therefore, be selected carefully before registering the business at the Registrar’s office.
  • FSSAI registration: An Aloe Vera Juice is classified as the processing of food or food products and thus as per the definition requires an FSSAI registration. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is meant for protecting and promoting public health by regulation and supervision of food safety hence FSSAI is a mandatory registration/license for the business. The FSSAI registration process is entirely online and quite easy to follow, once the documents are ready.
  • Shop Act or Trade License: n Aloe Vera Juice business for example in Maharashtra, India requires applying for a Shop Act License from the local municipal authority to run the business. This license helps manage the working conditions along with working hours, leaves, wages, holidays, etc. of the employees and supports the business to run smoothly.
  • Udyog Aadhaar Registration: An Aloe Vera Juice is categorized as a small business and hence it must be registered under Udyog Aadhaar which is a registration and recognition for MSMEs- micro, small, and medium enterprises.
  • GST Registration: Every business, including the Aloe Vera Juice, should associate with taxes at some point and for monitoring a single uniform taxation structure, the business should get a common GST number which stands for Goods and Service Tax.
  • BIS certification: Apart from these registrations the business should get BIS certification as well as tax liabilities.
  • No Objection Certificate from State Pollution Control Board: An Aloe Vera Juice doesn’t cause any pollution so no clearance is needed, however, it is recommended to check it with the State Pollution Control Board of the locality where the business is established.

Machinery required to setup Aloe Vera Juice Making Business

The main requisite for the Aloe Vera Juice Processing Plant is the factory location. The following are the Machinery and Processing Plant Setup that is needed for Aloe Vera Juice Processing Plant:

  • Aloe Vera leaf washing unit
  • Filling machine
  • Weighing Scale
  • Transport for collecting the aloe leaves from the aloe vera farm
  • Aloe Vera leaf extractor
  • Aloe Vera juice making unit
  • DG set for uninterrupted electric supply
  • Aloe Vera Juice Manufacturing Plant

From the Aloe Vera, you can generate different value-added items that have great market potential The major steps for the Aloe Vera Juice Manufacturing Plant are stated below:

  • Step – 1: Firstly, you should wash the plants
  • Step – 2: Then, you must be aware of basic processing methods
  • Step – 3: Next, you should be having an idea about the Separation Method process
  • Step – 4: After that, you must filter the Aloe Vera juice
  • Step – 5: Later, you should concentrate the gel
  • Step – 6: Finally, you must plan how to sell Aloe Vera Juice.

The above simple steps for the Aloe Vera Juice Manufacturing Plant are briefly explained below:

You need to wash the plants and you must properly wash the plants at the beginning of all steps.

Process of manufacturing Aloe Vera Juice

In this stage, after you get the leaves from the factory wash, the Aloe Vera leaves are properly cleaned and the plants are carefully disinfected.

Aloe cut leaf
Aloe cut leaf (pic source: pixabay)

You should know basic processing methods;

While planning to start the Aloe Vera Juice Manufacturing Plant, it is important to be aware of the basic processing methods. Generally, there are two basic kinds of processing which are mentioned below:

One is the whole Leaf Method and the other is Separation Method

The above two basic types of Aloe Vera processing are explained in the following section:

Whole Leaf Method

The whole Leaf Method is the first and primary method in the two basic types of Aloe Vera processing. In this method, the entire Aloe Vera leaf is processed that comprises the shell containing the aloin.

Separation Method

In the two basic types of Aloe Vera processing, the second technique is Separation Method. In this method, before processing it will separate the leaves from the gel.

You must know about the Separation Method process

You should know about the Separation Method that is the next step in the simple steps for the Aloe Vera Juice Manufacturing Plant. Here, the bottom of the Aloe Vera leaves is cut and then allow to bleed so that the aloin will leak out from the leaves. This is popular for its bitter taste and its laxative property. The aloin must keep out of the final gel which is very significant for a quality end-product.

Filter the Aloe Vera juice: In this step, you should filter the Aloe Vera juice. In this stage, after the exclusion of gel from the Aloe Vera plants, you must filter it. That is the following process of homogenizing, pasteurizing, and stabilizing it.

Concentrate the juice: In this step, you should extract the leaves which are cut and it is done in two days. Here you might face the problem because of the poor quality of leaves or due to slow processing.

Packaging the Aloe Vera Juice: This is the final step for the Aloe Vera Juice Manufacturing Plant, here you should sell the Aloe Vera Juice. The juice or the concentrated Aloe Vera is directly sold to consumers or herbal companies.

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The investment required for starting an Aloe Vera Juice Making Business in India

  • Cost of the aloe vera juice making machine (automatic) – Rs. 1,75,000
  • Cost of raw materials – Rs. 25,000
  • Cost of machinery and other requirements – Rs. 1,00,000
  • Packaging cost – Rs. 25,000
  • Other expenses – Rs. 25,000
  • The total expenses required to start an Aloe Vera Juice manufacturing business is Rs. 2,50,000.

Profit in Aloe Vera Juice Making Business

Because of the high demand, the profit margin in Aloe Vera Making business is high. One can gain more than 2000 rupees every day. The profit margin in the Aloe Vera juice making business is much more for wholesale dealers. If you carefully follow the above-mentioned steps you can earn income through Aloe Vera juice making business though you have spent less capital.

Where to sell the Aloe Vera Juice

You can sell your aloe vera juice in local markets or you can even sell in the medical stores. You can also register in B2B websites and B2C websites in online markets to promote your product.

You can also sell your products in supermarkets, small stores in shopping malls, etc. Advertise about your product through social media to get a huge number of clients in this way you can increase and promote your business. Even though there are several aloe vera gel manufacturers in India, but the demand for encouraging the new product is also high because of its medicinal properties. So, you need not worry about the market. You can sell your product based on the aloe vera gel wholesale price India.


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