Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks:

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks – Top and Best Paid CPC/PPC Ad Networks:

Earning money through publishing ads is good idea. CPC networks are best sources of income for webmasters who publish ads using them.

But choosing  the Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks or  best CPC/PPC networks is very tricky. So we should do a complete market research to find best top CPC/PPC ad network.  So to choose best ad network, this article helps you by listing the top CPC Ad networks.

There are two ways to judge the rating of the CPC/PPC networks. One can be the money they pay and second can the network that has highest traffic volume and numbers of ads it publishes. A CPC network with more advertisers gives to help you give more ads on your web space.

Two Things you have to consider before talking about a Best CPC Ad Networks are Ads conversion rate and average price per click.

This article gives some of the best CPC/PP Ad Publishers that pays good amount money for publishing or placing ads in your web space. But it’s quite difficult to judge a best network, test ad placements, growth in click rates and eCPM.

As it’s tough to judge any network, but you just make a deep study one top networks to get idea before starting the work. Now we are listing you the top CPC/PPC ad publishers that help you in making good amount of money.

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks #1 – is a Yahoo-Bing network. This network is an alternative for AdSense made by two big IT giants YAHOO and Microsoft with their efforts and resources. gives you a complete idea of how Google ‘s PPC network works.

Media publishes the ads related your website or blog etc.; you have options to track your performance practically. This Ad Network gives you the access to control look of ads, you can change Ads look (Color, Design etc) as per your website. In you have option to filter the advertisers and block ad topic that you’re not interested.

For international bloggers the rules are bit quite difficult to join in thisAd Network. So number of advertisers optsfor Googles’ Ad Sense.

Keeping aside remaining stuff, is one of the most comprehensive Ad network in Advertising technology in the industry search, display, mobile, local, products and video.

Why to opt

  • Revenue And ROI Optimization Capabilities
  • Superior Technology Capabilities
  • User friendly and easy to integrate
  • Traffic Quality and compliance management capacity
  • Client control and data protection
  • Large and very profitable
  • 100% up time, highly optimized solution for speed and low latency
  • Very low error rate and outstanding user experience
  • Big data and real time reporting capability

AD Network Model: CPM, CPC and CPA

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks #2 – InfoLinks:

Infolinks is third largest marketplace of sites in the world. Infolink is another largest ad publishing network after Google AdSense ad Amazon Associates. InfoLinks is the best option to enhance you money making channels using their Ads; it aims to provide a global advertising solution that give profits to all three ends of the advertising chain. Infolink ads are very attractive and meek, they don’t need any particular banner space, the Ads are adjustable can be minimized and in hyperlinks. Visitor need to scroll their mouse over the links for viewing the Ad.

Ads by infolinks are very user-friendly, easy and free to use with 100% efficiency with all ad solutions and without interference in user navigation. Acceptance time for your site to infolinks is very short, it’s all based on site’s content irrespective of your traffic to your site. Installation process includes adding simple code to the body of your website or even you can us a plugin that work if you use WordPress, Joomla, Blogger or Drupla.

Infolinks offers you an amazing customer support and gives to full control over Ads place on your webspace.  Infolinks ads are selected based on the their quality, Infolinks works with world top brands like Facebook, Amazon, Taboola, Ebay, Ali Exress, Pizza Hut, Trip Advisor and many more.

Rules for Publishers by Infolinks:

Infolinks are currently accepting only the English based sites those having high traffic from US, Canada, Australia and UK.

Publisher site should have minimum traffic of 2000 unique visitor per day.


Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks #3 – Adbuff:

Adbuff is the most innovative and very competitive real-time bidding platform (RTB). Adbuff is one of the strongest PPC/CPC networks that help you in making good amount money. Through Adbuff the publisher can receive the very high PPC/CPC,As it follows a unique techniques by placing advertisers against one another to bid for clicks on publishers sites.

Adbuff is most efficient PPC network that gives the publishers and advertiser strict approval guidelines that they should accept at any cost. It takes 5-7 days to get acceptance from Adbuff and you get $ 25 as welcome bonus for registering.

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks#4 – Google Adsense:

Google has its key role all the internet world,  So even in ad networking world Google Ad Network has major impact. Google is the king of internet world, even Google AdSense ad even the king of PPC Ad networks.

Advertisers are the main source of income for Google, So this is the main advantage for AdSense. Google Adsense can deliver the Ads that relevant and high quality which gives high CTR and more money.

As Google AdSense member you will have full control on the ads that appear on your website. You can check the efficiency of your website by accessing the reports and metrics. Google AdSense is very user-friendly and doesn’t charge any registering fee.  AdSense display ads that related to your website content and your interests of your website visitors. You will receive money for every click on the ads from your website visitors. You can customize your website ads by putting custom search bars on your site and earn money from ads that appear on the search result page. You should design your website with good amount space for ads, Advertisers them take part in auction to place their ads on website,  so you can select the highest paid advertisers ads to appear on your website ad space.

To join Google AdSense make first you should accept the all the rules and restrictions laid by AdSense.  AdSense has complete right to suspend its member in case of any fraud.

Main Features if Google AdSense:

Relevant Ads:

You can enable high quality ads on your site and have full access on the types of ads that publish on your website.

  • Customize Completely:

Google AdSense gives to full freedom to customize the layout, content and design of ads so that you can customize ads that matches you web site content and look.

  • Full Control On Ad Display

You can block ads which you don’t want see on your website and even has option to choose the place where ad should be displayed on your pages.

  • Number of Displays per page:

Google AdSense offer Multiple Ads per page, you can display up to 3 ads per page.

  • Track your Results:

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks #5 – Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser is not popular as the above sites but it quite interesting and profitable. The rules of Bidvertiser are very liberal if you have full build website ( it doesn’t allow under constructions websites) and have a good place for ads you can start working with this CPC/PPC Ad Publisher .Bidvertier even doesn’t consider traffic andlanguage of your website. It doesn’t allow adult sites and sites that do social harming.

Getting started with Bidvertiser is very easy and simple, simple HTML code is to be added to your webpage and you can customize ads. The payment is not high per click but you have opportunity to earn on conversations. Conversation means once the visitor of your website click the ad and goes to advertiser to purchase then you get some % of money.

It has few drawbacks; if your website focused on small niche you cannot get the many ads that related your content. Bidvertiser has problem in generating reports, you cannot get the detailed information regarding impressions or clicks or conversation through rates.       

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks #6 – Chitika:

Chitika is the best ad publishing network for the sites that are banned by Google AdSense. Chitikacan  beused along with other ad publishing networks. Getting approval from chitika is bit time taking but if you approval for any of your site, that approval can be used for remaining sites. The main difference in Chitika and other Ad network is the ads mainly depend on the keywords the visitor search on the search engine to get your site.  To increase your income through mobile traffic you can customize your mobile ads.

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks #7 – Revcontent:

Revcontent is the largest content based CPC /PPC Ad publishing network that stands on the top of its competitor like Outbrain and Taboola who work on same content recommendation platforms. Revcontent has its outstanding performance serving 100 billion content recommendations a month across the work with growth of 900%.

Revcontent has very strict rules, so it rejects almost 90% the website that register for publishing. Revcontent focuses more on quality of publisher not the quantity.

You can keep of the results with complete detailed reports and see where a few changes can increase the profit. This outstanding performance by Revcontent made it to stand on top with high profits. RevContent 2 has started with much more advanced features like transparent reporting and easy customization of widgets.

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks #8 – ReadSor:

Readsor is also an option for the Google Adsense blocked sites.  Readsor ads doesn’t look quite like ads in AdSense, there are many sizes the make your ad look different and there are unique ads as well.

Readsor is very easy to install in your web page, and like infolinks it provide plugin if you use WordPress, joomla, Blogger or Drupal. The approval time is very less and you can have ads form other networks on same webpage, butclicksor limits only 3 ads per page.

Readsorpay rates are bit less compared to other networks,  pay per click also depends on the keyword and website content.  The minimum payout limit is$ 50 if you need cheque and $ 10 when pay done by paypal.

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks #9 – Vibrant Media:

One of most popular PPC Ad network, their premium brand advertisers can be seen in a lot of popular high traffic sites. They have highest PPC rate in the industry. But it’s very tough to join this network, the websites with at least half million page views each month is considered as the premium site.  The usual publishers restrictions are also implement means that you can’t have anything to do with adult, gambling, drugs, social harm sites or any website with illegal content.

It offers nearly 11 in-text formats available customize innovative ads along with expandable video boxes, multi-button videos and expandable flash. It gives visitors a professional look with in-image advertising.

Vibrant Media is very efficient network pays5 times higher than the ads generated by AdSense. Ads by this network mobile portable, you can great look even in mobiles, tablets.

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks #10 – Blogads:

As per name itself this ad network focuses on bloggers, it gives great opportunity for bloggers to earn money through PPC Ads. Your blog should get at least half a million impressions per month before they start advertise on your blog. It your blog based in small niche then even 30 k impressions are needed to publish ads. As a publisher you can control you ads offering and prices, so money you earn is based upon your effort.

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks #11 – Kontera:

Joining to this Ad publishing network is very easy. The only adult content based website is restricted. Kontera has very simple code that can be add to your webpage; even you have plugin for WordPress, Joomla, Blogger or Drupla. They have large ad inventory, and ads look very attractive.

Kontera offers very good price per clicks and also gives you the bonus of$ 50 for at least 25thousand page views per month. They are specialized in in-text advertising and ads are more focused on users search terms.                       

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks # 12 – CPX Interactive:

To join this PPC Ad network you just need 30 thousand impressions per month. Approval process is bit time taking but it’s very easy process. CPX interactive allows another ad network to work along with.

You will be offered lots of choices with types and sizes of ads and account management system, dashboard and reporting tool are quite comprehensive. The minimum payout is $ 100 done by cheque or PayPal.

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks # 13 – ReadBooth:

ReadBooth is a recognized digital advertising leader and has outstanding performance in market exchange focused on attracting the customers  for its  advertisers on a Cost- per –Action(CPA), Cost-Per-Lead(CPL), Cost-per- engagement(CPE), Cost-Per-Install(CPI), CPC,CPS. They are specialized in generating quality customer. CBCCS serves over 6.5 billion impressions a month.

Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Network #14 – Sulvo:

Sulvo is not ad network it just a startup that targets on getting the highest quality online ad buyers to premium publishers on one platform close to each other. There is 100%revenue share plan which has only flat rate cost so publishers can control Sulvo earning by raising their profits.

Sulvo has complete set of inventory controls that a premium publishers need like ad sizes, ad color variations and ad type like display, videos and mobile. The publishers have manual and automated pricing controls and buyers blocking for any category, advertisers or specific ad creative.

Payment payout is 60$ and it can be done through wire transfer, cheque, PayPal, Direct Deposit or even Bitcions.

Bottom Line of Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks: So above are the some of the Best Paying Pay Per Read Publisher Networks or Best CPC Ad publishing networks that helps you to earn good amount of money.

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