Blue Dart Franchise Business in India – a Full Guide

Introduction to get a Blue Dart franchise business in India

Are you interested to initiate a business as Blue Dart franchise logistic Service segment, in this article you will have all necessary information regarding Blue Dart franchise courier service like requirements, contact details, cost, profit, and many more? Let us get into more details.

Ideas to start a Blue Dart franchise business in India

Presently, people getting attracted towards online shopping, sharing documents, sharing gifts, etc. by the support of the courier. Blue Dart franchise courier service is one of the believed logistics services in India; it is the finest platform for sharing emotion by various means etc.

The combination of Blue Dart and DHL is popular and spread over 35000 locations across the world. It provides outstanding logistic service to people. Blue Dart has a different type of advertising strategy to aim for a variety of clients in the world. Blue Dart concentrates on every specific customer need and tries to provide the best service.

Market potential of Blue Dart courier franchise business in India

South Asia’s premier courier with an assimilated express package delivery company, with its widespread operations covering about 35,004 locations in around 220+ countries, popular by the name Blue Dart Express Ltd. This company has changed this trace and track delivery industry of the world, leading to annual revenue of around $731.2 million.

Blue Dart Franchise – Business process

Blue Dart is operated by a parent organization called DHL Express (Singapore) Pvt Ltd. We all are aware that these two organization franchise are secure, safe, and most profitable. Blue Dart serve door to door service through its ever-growing distributor, therefore people trust on Blue Dart for their service and customer satisfaction.

Right now, Blue Dart offers secure transfer to greater than 35,000 areas in India; also it covers greater than 220 nations and regions across the world. It also offers distribution by air express, supply chain solution, cargo sending, etc.

Blue Dart is an Indian Logistic Company that provides courier delivery and services. It has headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is operated in about 382 branches within 19 cities in India.

How to open Blue Dart courier service

Blue Dart has many zonal officers at the country level and you can reach them through customer care number. All officers keep a phone number and also email ids. Hence, you can email the Blue Dart franchise proposal as per your location officer email id or telephone number. If you are selected, company authorities will contact with you to your number or email by providing all the necessary instructions for opening the store.

Services provided by Blue Dart franchise

  • Meet the time-critical, business-to-business needs with definite door-to-door time-definite delivery.
  • Guarantees delivery of documents and small consignments are delivered as fast as on the next possible business days.


  • Primary is the delivery of the shipment to customers with trustworthy transit delivery.
  • Next is the reverse flow of approved, signed delivery records (invoices).

Benefits of starting a Blue Dart franchise

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Benefits of starting a Blue Dart franchise.
Benefits of starting a Blue Dart franchise.
  • Brand reputation: It is considered as South Asia’s premier package distribution company, with an international reputation, and thus one can take supreme advantages of the blues dart brand name.
  • Minimal investment: One can benefit from the investment that acquires Blue Dart’s franchise that too at a minimal rate providing equitable profits.
  • Pre-existing in-house services: By getting this franchise you will have an added benefit of having the marketing and promotional stunts by a Blue Dart for its franchise partner along with the perks.
  • Financial incentives: There is also another advantage wherein you will be offered attractive commissions by Blue Dart to its franchise partners which sum up the profit from this business.
  • Ease of operations: With the streamlined indigenous trace and track technology, ERP, MIS, customer service one can feasibly manage the data with ease.
  • Assistance perks: Blue Dart would support you by required training programs as a package being a franchisee with it and also you will have a 24/7 customer service for all of your concerns.

Requirements and qualifications for a Blue Dart franchise in India

The Blue Dart franchise comes with different necessities subject to the store size and locations which are as follows:

  • City level
  • State-level
  • Rural level

Area required for Blue Dart franchise business

All Indian citizens can apply for a Blue Dart franchise separately. Generally, area choice for Blue Dart courier is subject to the location. So you must have 250 – 300 sq. ft space for your office. This space is needed for a printer, parcels, computer desk, storage carpet for documents, etc.

Investment required for Blue Dart franchise business in India

  • The cost of set-up for a Blue Dart franchise can be estimated to about ₹2L-₹5L at a city level
  • The cost of investment is relatively superior for one at the state level.

How to apply for Blue Dart franchise (open) 

  • Research about the process of Blue Dart franchise acquisition via the customer service contact number of the Blue Dart.
  • Visit your nearby zonal offices of the Blue Dart and have more information in detail about the technicalities for franchise acquisition.
  • Try to reach via E-mail to the Blue Dart about your franchise questions and proving your contact details so that they will reach you again.

Key points for starting the Blue Dart franchise business

To take a firm decision of whether or not to get along with this franchise, here are some aspects for you:

  • Firstly, having a brand name will allow you not only to provide the local necessities and but also it will make you a part of this globally popular company, which is indeed is a rare opportunity.
  • Secondly, it needs only minimal investment and provides you reasonable profits + non-financial encouragements.
  • Thirdly, a franchise in the industry has steady demand particularly at this pace of globalization where it is desirable the most due to its constantly rising demand.

Documents for Blue Dart franchise business/courier dealership

For set up of the office apart from the office space you must also submit an official document to apply for Blue Dart Courier Dealership. You must have two types of document that are mentioned below:

  • Identity proofs: Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter Card, Bank details, etc.
  • Land documents: If you have your property then you must submit shop details, or else you must submit rental agreement paper.
  • Bank details: A canceled cheque and passbook front side photocopy is also needed for a security deposit.

The cost for Blue Dart courier franchise business in India

The start-up cost for the Blue Dart courier franchise is subject to the store size and location. The company also offers a location-based franchise business model.

Blue Dart franchise cost is mentioned below:

  • City Level
  • State Level
  • Rural Based Level
  • Blue Dart courier franchise cost: Rs. 2 to 5 lakh
  • Security Deposit of about Rs.1.5 lakh
  • For starting a Blue Dart franchise store in city-level about Rs. 2 to 5 lakh, it will be required but that too based on location. For the state-level, you must invest more.
  • Also, you must pay a security deposit to initiate that may start from around Rs.1.5 lakhs and it differs from city to city. But after certain operations and periods, you will have this refund.

Profits in Blue Dart franchise business in India

You can earn a profit share from 35 to 40% with minimal investment. The main key point in this business is marketing your franchise in your area so that the customers in your area will get attracted to your franchise. You need to get repeated customers.

Blue Dart franchise opportunities

When you become an official franchisee, you will acquire Blue Dart franchise opportunities and also you can access various features and advantages.

  • Blue Dart supporting advertising and promotion of their franchise partners, with promotional events.
  • Also, the company deals with domestic and international courier facilities, so you can receive both types of requirements from the consumers.
  • You can also use the customer service, and bookings, indigenously developed, for Track and Trace, MIS, ERP facilities.
  • You can open a small start-up with low investment cost because the investment for this business is very less in India.
  • You can avail 24/7 customer care support for any operational issues.
  • Blue Dart offers valuable commission and encouragement to the franchisee, apart from the special bonus during festivals.
  • At last, you can gain a good profit from the Blue Dart courier franchisee.

Blue Dart franchise contact details

Blue Dart Head Office

Blue Dart Centre,

Sahar Airport Road,

Andheri East,

Near ITC Maratha Hotel

Mumbai – 400099,

Blue Dart franchise contact number: 022 28396444 / 1860 233 1234 / + (91)-022 -2811184

Bluedart franchise email address:

For Blue Dart Courier Franchise, check this website.


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