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Introduction to daily income business ideas

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A step by step guide to business ideas for daily income

Let us discuss the business ideas which give daily income. Here is the list of daily income business ideas. 

Boutique, Salon, Spa:

There is always a need for personal hygiene, fashion, and grooming associated services. Once you make an initial investment for a store and raw material, and if you can concentrate on selling and brand partnerships, you can easily turn it into a profitable business idea. A small business loan for the same is also provided by banks. If you are willing to own a business for any such venture, better late than never!

Tea/Coffee cafe:

This is one of the best business ideas for daily income. Working at a Café is a trendy thing nowadays. Having a well-furnished café with a good environment and a variety of Teas & Coffee is a money-making business. A rented/owned place with low capital is enough for starting a Café.

Gift store:

A gift store is one of the finest creative ideas. A customer is always seeking customization in their gift. Giving them what they desire is surely going to help your business and enhance profits.

Antique business:

Starting a small antique shop with various antique items and furniture will definitely attract people. Antique business can serve to be highly profitable if you find the proper customers who are passionate about antiques.

Hot air balloon or boat ride services:

It is also one of the most adventurous business ideas. The investment required here is more and skilled manpower is needed to assure customer safety. To begin such a business, you must require a bigger area.

Ice cream business:

One innovative idea for a business is selling ice creams. Try to plan for various flavors according to the seasons to fascinate your customer. This business must have special skills and patience to try out various combinations of ice cream.

Hair business:

People might think of the Hair business as a weird idea, but the hair industry is one of the most profitable industries. The hair industry contributed to $248 million in 2018. India exports hair to the US, China, Europe, and the Middle East.

Ethnic food service:

Currently, people do not eat to finish their hunger but for pleasure. If you think you have proper culinary skills that can make customers lick their fingers out, then you should start an Ethnic Food Service at home. You must obtain the right knowledge of ingredients and the idea of culture and place the recipe comes from.

Mobile garage service:

Most of the time cars break down in a place where there is no garage service. If you have a vehicle you can start and change it into a mobile garage with low capital.

Tailoring business:

Fashion and lifestyle today are one of the most profitable businesses. If you are a housewife or want to gain some extra money, then you can begin tailoring service at home. For this business, you need a sewing machine and some fashion ideas.

Tiffin services:

Providing food has become a chief business in industrialized areas. For some working professionals who are not able to prepare food at home or who stay away from home in other cities, Tiffin Services is considered a convenient option. You can use your home kitchen to cook fresh food and start this profitable business from home.

Medical sample collection:

If you have knowledge of anything about the blood group and various medical procedures related to it, then you can start this business. You need to just collect the body fluid samples and provide them to a pathology clinic near you. This is a less competitive business compared to others and can be started in a small area.

Sofa cleaning services:

These days, both of them have to work to meet this competitive world. People are getting busier day by day and after handling the work stress in their job profiles, they are not having the energy or strength to do the household services. Hence they do not find time to clean their furniture at home as well as in the office. If you are perfect at doing all these and enjoy cleaning, then you can form a team with some semi-skilled or little skilled manpower and start the Sofa Cleaning service with the help of the right equipment.

Mobile Food shop:

This is one of the very popular business ideas to earn daily income in India. The mobile Food shop is the topmost business idea where you can start with a small investment, as people all over the world are food lovers and loves to eat tasty and healthy food. This is a business in which you can start with little cost and gain the maximum number of profits as no one can ever refuse tasty food provided in a hygienic manner. So it is better to think of this idea to get daily income.

Fast Food parlor:

Fast food is the first choice to start income on daily basis, as it is the major source for people who are hungry and do not get the taste of home-cooked food. If you plan to provide tasty and hygienic food at an affordable price then you will gain good profits within no time.

Ice Dish and Soda Shop:

Ice Dish and Soda Shop come under one of the lowest investment business ideas with maximum profit percentage. All you need to do is to invest in the equipment required to make the soda drink or like ice snowmaker and soda maker. The cool soda relieves your thirst and the relaxed feeling never comes from any other drink. Everyone loves to have it from children to old people.

Courier Shop:

If you are quite efficient in delivering a message, packing gift items, or transferring letter from one place or person in the specified time, then why are you thinking this business is for you, take the charge. You will just require semi-skilled workers to manage everything in this business. You can even offer them a part-time job.

Laundry shop:

Laundry Shop.
Laundry Shop.

This would be one of the great business ideas for beginners to earn daily income. Every individual loves wearing freshly ironed and neatly washed clothes that smell good. If you are efficient at providing quality laundry service then why don’t you think of starting this business? You can employ a few poor people as it requires only a few of them to help you manage the task.

Paan center:

Anyone can open a Paan center, as it a favorite item after having delicious food and it does not require any skill. It is a low-cost business idea with daily good income and involves the preparation and sale of paan and other related items. You can also sell small items like chocolates, biscuits, water bottles, cool drinks, etc. along with paan.

House repair service:

Every now and then houses need good maintenance and small repair likes plumber service, carpentry work, and other repairs thus House repair service is a lucrative business idea. If you have little knowledge about construction and related service with a few skilled workers, you can start this business and manage it efficiently.

Car-pooling service:

Car-pooling is a type of car rental business that is designed to be convenient for people who want to use cars for just a short period of time in visiting areas like holiday spots etc. Car-sharing services offer casual drivers the option to rent a car on an hourly basis or day-wise. Everyone is aware of pollution and traffic control so you can think of that point to start the business and it is booming day by day in metropolitan cities.

Readymade Namkeen Breakfast Shop:

Namkeens are easy breakfast food items that can be had on the go. You can begin a readymade Namkeen Breakfast Shop in your street as people prefer readymade Namkeen and breakfast instead of cooking for it’s an easy snack.

Mobile Sales and Repair:

The mobile phone business is growing rapidly. Your customers who buy phones from you may need mobile repairing services, there are often chances that they will come to you to get their devices repaired. Your mobile repairing business can be a highly money-making business venture if it’s run in a planned way. The main thing for this business is you can start with low capital and with little experience in the same.

Packaged Drinking Water:

This is one of the easiest business ideas for daily income. The demand for packaged drinking water is surging exponentially in small towns as well as in cities in India. This is an evergreen business and there is a demand for this and anyone who wants to step here is allowed. Investment needed in this business based on the size of the business and the clients you have

Jewelry Production & sale:

If fashion is an area where you have some passion or you have a talent for creating unique jewelry then you may plan to start this business. You can build a name locally and ask for referrals from past customers to grow in this business.

Dairy products business:

This is one of the daily cash income business ideas for dummies. Milk and milk products are consumed daily and there is a constant need for these items in the market. You can have a small shop and a cold storage facility for starting this business. You can serve milk, sweet, and associated products to establish a dairy business.

Travel agency:

A travel agency is a public service associated with travel and tourism. You must have good communication skills to begin this business. You can also start this from home and need to acquire any place or rent a place for starting this business. You can provide Road, Air, and Railway travel tickets in the beginning. This business is growing mainly in urban areas.

IT Hardware shop:

Hardware shops will have hardware items such as motherboards, Monitors, few electrical materials, etc. To start this business, you must have a keen idea of the products. On average good performing, hardware will have a net profit of 10% on its daily sales.

Crane and Lifting Service:

Crane and Lifting Service deliver the right lifting equipment and service to match the customer requirements. You need specialized maintenance services and spare parts for various types and makes of industrial cranes and hoists to begin this business.

Transportation services:

To begin a transportation business, you must decide which type of business you plan to create. The type of company you plan for establishing must be determined based on the requirement and competition in the specific locality in which you decide to start.  You can begin a bike rental, taxi service, or bus service as per the capital you have for the business.

Car Parking Services:

This business idea can be a great opportunity to earn daily income. If you have a huge open area outdoor then you can use it for business purposes especially for starting a Car Parking Services business. It is an emerging concept as the number of cars on road is growing day by day.

Petrol Pump & Gas Station:

Vehicles need various fuels for vehicles that include including diesel, petrol, LPG, and CNG gas. Petrol Pump is thought to be a very advantageous business. If you open petrol pumps at a proper place you can have gained much income.

Electronic Store:

We are dwelling in the era of electronics. Electronics can be seen today in so many different aspects of our life. So, beginning an electronic store is a money-making business but you need to gather details about the products. The amount needed for this business may differ according to the products you plan to sell.

Printing Press:

Our society is very much inclined to the printing press. Nowadays, operating a printing press can be a successful business. We can print books, invitation cards, newspapers, magazines, posters, pamphlets, envelopes, flyers, business cards, and stationery items. Operating a printing business needs a few specialized types of machinery, and can be operated from even home, storefront, or even as an online one.

Money Lender:

Lenders are businesses or financial institutions that provide money, with the expectation that it will be paid back along with interest. The lender is paid interest on the loan in return for the cost of the loan. The higher the risk of not being paid back, the higher the interest rate. This business involves money therefore, you must be careful enough while lending money to people who can return the borrowed money with proper documentation in due time.

Grocery Store:

Grocery stores are meant to sell food and other household products. Often called supermarkets, grocery stores are go-to sources for a home’s food needs. Grocery shopping is an integral part of daily work, and any such business that appeals to life sustenance is proved to become profitable if it is planned properly.

Organic Food Store:

An organic food store is another area in the grocery business idea. To succeed in the organic food business, it is important to have a proper plan about how to get authentic organic products on a regular basis. Location is also a very important thing to consider here as you have to arrange it in an area where the people are health conscious and can purchase the high price of organic food items.

Hardware Store:

A hardware store typically sells building materials, hand and power tools, plumbing supplies, cleaning products, and many more. A hardware store has a lot of products for the business that needs detail-oriented preparation. You need to perform market research and find a developing place to start this business which contributes to the success.

Auto Spare Part Store:

Auto Spare Part Store is a cash-intensive business. With moderate capital investment and a strategic approach, you can initiate this type of outlet. Starting an Auto Parts store is a nice way to make money.

Stationary & Book Store:

Stationery items are always in demand whether when you are in a school or working incorporate. The best place for starting stationery and bookstore is always nearby school or office as the chances of getting more customers and good profit is more. In this business, investment is not more and no special training is needed.

Cosmetic store:

Nowadays people tend to spend more on beauty care so the demand for beauty products is high than earlier. Ladies are always in need of a cosmetic store. This business too demands a small investment.

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Leather & Perfume shop:

This is another form of small business wherein you need to keep items like bags, wallets, belts, and perfumes. This type of business is always an evergreen business if you have quality products and need a small investment.

Xerox shop:

Xerox shop is a perfect business for gaining income. A Xerox Shop is available in almost all places. This indicates that running Xerox Shop along with other products such as bookbinding, lamination, and small stationery products could be money-spinning. The investment needed here is also low. The best place to start up this business could be nearby banks, colleges, schools, offices, etc.

Beauty Salon:

The is one of my favourite business ideas to earn daily income in India. Beauty salons are now among the trendy business in India. The beauty care business is most likely undertaken by ladies. This business needs some special skills with passion associated with skincare. The person involved in this business must have undergone special training and courses associated with skincare and should have sound knowledge of beauty products. Investment required for a small business start-up is very low or else you can go for a franchise of a popular brand.

Medical Diagnostic Center:

Medical care is very important in today’s world. Day by day there are new infections affecting the health of people, so frequent health and medical check-up have become very essential. With proper medical check-up and advancing research, we can avoid many harmful diseases. The investment needed for running this business is somewhat high.

Photo Studio:

The photo studio is a business that can be initiated up with very low capital. Business success is based upon the skills and ideas that you grasp in the photography line.

Herbal & Ayurveda products retail business:

Herbal and Ayurveda prevailed in India for years. Ayurveda is a proven medicine for healing and for curing diseases without side effects. The herbal and Ayurveda medicine manufactures are now flourishing in the health segment. Especially, after the advent of Patanjali into the sector. This is the correct time to start up with herbal and Ayurveda products retail business with medium investment and gain better profits.

Gift Card shop:

You can see at least one gift shop in every locality. Currently, the world is very much excited about giving and accepting gifts. The gift shop also backs a good amount of income. The gift shop business consists of either business or personal gifting. The gift shop business needs a proper location and a good assembly of gift cards. Gift cards are used extensively on every occasion.

Optical shop:

You may have even noticed there would be at least one optician shop in all areas. Eyeglasses are mostly used by the majority of people. Due to the constant climatic changes, there are often eyesight issues caused to people of all age groups. To start up with an eyeglasses business you need to have sunglasses, contact lenses, and different trendy frames for specks. The rate of the products depends on the quality of the products and business location.

Utensil shop:

Utensil shopping business is a never-ending retail business idea. The main requisites for starting this business is you must have a suitable shop and inventory of steel materials. The success of this business is based upon the location of the shop and the quality of the utensils.

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