Delhi Public School Franchise Information Guide

Procedure to get the Delhi Public School Franchise (Process, Cost, and Profits)

If you are fascinated to invest in schools and wish to own a school franchise, then this is the correct platform for them. There are specific industries in India which are flourishing a lot and where much money is being invested in. Food, medicine, and education are instances of some of these sectors. Education is an essential aspect of life. Parents wish that their children should study in those schools where the teaching faculty is remarkable and other amenities that support a student in knowing about new things.

A step by step guide to Delhi Public School Franchise information

And specifically, if we consider schools in India, there is a particular name that differentiates itself from all the others. And that popular name is Delhi Public School. Delhi Public School or DPS is a trusted name for Indians where parents do not stop sending their children for quality education. All the Delhi Public Schools are having modern equipment and have well-organized faculty that can be a proper mentor for the student in the correct way.

About Delhi Public School (DPS)

Delhi Public School Society is one of the most famous and the largest chain of privately owned schools. The school is spread in India as well as abroad through its branches. The school believes in its motto of ‘Service Before Self’ which is very true. The Delhi Public School Society administrates all the schools which are under its banner. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which is in Delhi also has associations with some of the schools which are contained within the society.

The Delhi Public School was started in the year 1949 in Mathura Road of New Delhi. Later in the year 1972, another branch of Delhi Public School was initiated in R.K. Puram, Delhi. After that, the society determined to expand itself in the whole country and presently, there are greater than 150 branches of Delhi Public School in the country spread across cities such as Patiala, Faridabad, Guwahati, Haridwar, Navi Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, Cuttack, Lucknow, Rourkela, Meerut, etc. Society is also there in 13 places abroad including countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Bahrain, Qatar, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.

Delhi Public School Franchise

Presently there is high competition in all aspects of life. And to withstand such an environment, a person must be well educated and must have all terms of skills. Thus, there will always be a great need for good schools like Delhi Public School. The first benefit that a franchisee will have through investing in a Delhi Public School franchise in India is that DPS is an established brand amongst the educational system. Parents have a lot of trust in DPS. The school has its alumni as Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda, the ex-chairman of RBI Raghuram Rajan, and many other famous people. So, the franchisee will not have to bring problems while having the required number of students or for appointing the teachers and other faculty members. The other benefit is that after an agreement is made between the franchisee and the society, appropriate advice and guidance is delivered by the management of DPS to assist the franchisee in arranging the school.

Requirements to get Delhi Public School Franchise

Similar to other franchises, there are specific requirements which an individual must fulfill if he or she is interested to be a DPS franchisee. If the prerequisites of the franchise are fulfilled, the Delhi Public School franchise process can begin. Delhi Public School has the guideline that for an individual who is interested in being a DPS franchise owner should be educated properly so that he or she knows the worth and significance of education. The other needful things which must be followed by any person for being a DPS franchise owner include:

Area required:  The primary requirement to become a potential franchisee is about the area required for the school. The area for the school must be sufficient so that there is adequate space to include all the equipment and provision needed to provide the best quality teaching to students. The area needed to open a DPS franchise ranges from about 3,000 to 4,000 square feet.

Staff:  The number of teachers needed to run a Delhi Public School is about 200. Along with some 15 people meant for service staff and about 5 to 10 people administrative operations.

Delhi Public School Franchise Cost

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The cost of DPS Franchise.
The cost of DPS Franchise.

The entire Delhi Public School Franchise will need an initial capital of about 8 to 10 lakh rupees. If In case the cost of land and construction is encompassed, then the cost of investment will increase to 35 to 40 lakh rupees. Also, the franchisee should pay about 30 percent of the total amount towards licensing fees to the school. The leftover amount must be paid when the school begins. A royalty of 20 percent as well as claimed by the school from the franchisee.

DPS Franchise Profit

Even though one cannot have a specific number or statistical data available anywhere on the internet as well to make us aware of the earnings in the DPS franchise. It is predicted that it will take about 2-3 years to attain the break-even point.

How to get DPS Franchise in India?

There are particular steps involved to get the DPS franchise in India. The major steps required are mentioned below –

Qualified Franchisee

The first and the foremost thing required to start a DPS franchise in India is that he or she should be well-educated so that they can be aware of the importance of education in India. They should also be aimed to develop changes in the country in a better way, especially in the educational field.

Finance Required

As it is discussed and said before, a person has to associate with the Delhi Public School the main details required are the cost of investment for DPS Franchise. One cannot plan to open a franchise without investment. An initial investment amount of Rs. 8 to 10 lakh will be needed by a franchisee if he or she wants to open a Delhi Public School franchise in India.

Site Selection

Make sure that the school has to be located in a decent locality and the area needed to construct a DPS branch is nearly 3000 to 4000 square feet.

Site Approval

In the next step, the franchisee has to get approval from the DPS management for the site or the area required which has been selected by the franchisee for the school.

The signing of MoU

A Memorandum of Undertaking (MoU) should be signed with the DPS society by the franchisee. The franchisee has to pay 30 percent of the amount as the franchise fee in advance.

The building of School Infrastructure

After signing the MoU you can start with the construction of the franchisee of the school according to the standards of DPS.

Franchise Agreement

After completion of the construction, then the rest of the franchise fees has to be paid by the franchisee, and then the franchise agreement is signed.


In the next step, the Delhi Public School franchise process is pre-launch, i.e., announcing for the launch in that particular area. Throughout the preparation of the launch of the branch, the DPS society needs to be updated by the franchisee to get their support throughout the process.


After completion of the launching of the DPS branch, the franchisee needs to be in continuous touch with the DPS society which helps in maintaining the educational standards and to get constant support from them.


A royalty provided is 20 percent on the tuition fees of students, and also need to pay the franchisee to the school.

Delhi Public School Contact

If you want to get in touch with the Delhi Public School to know about the details and queries you can make use of the following information:

Reg. Office: DPS, C Block, Yamuna Puram, Bulandshahr.

Reg. Office: DPS Campus, Main Road, Madhubani.

Contact Numbers: +91-8979897799, +91-9557994197


Education will never end and stands as an essential entity for any individual in the world. On the contrary, its significance will keep on growing with time. And people of the country are beginning to comprehend that. So, the parents need a school that can, not only impart knowledge but can aid their children in overall skill development that could help to survive and flourish in the fast-moving culture.

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