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Desi Cow Milk Business – How To Start In India

Introduction to starting a Desi Cow Milk business

Desi Cow Milk business refers to ‘raising highly milk-producing cows commercially to obtain milk’. It’s absolutely a segment of agriculture or animal husbandry, enterprise for long period milk production from cows.

The commercial dairy cow farming business is an old idea. People are raising desi cows for milk production for a long time. Even though the desi cow milk business is a profitable business idea throughout the world.

A step-by-step guide to starting a Desi Cow Milk business

There are many new and established desi cow farms available across the country. Here we are explaining more about the benefits of the desi cow farming business, and some essentials for beginning this profitable business.

Advantages of commercial Desi Cow Milk business

There are several benefits of starting a commercial dairy cow farming business. In this article, we have shortly mentioned the main advantages of this business.

  • Milk and milk products have a great demand throughout the world. It is the chief advantage of starting a dairy cow farming business.
  • Nowadays, the dairy industry is one of the most attractive sectors all over the world.
  • Demands for milk will never decline, it will increase linearly in accordance with current population growth. It is consumed by vegetarians as well as by non-vegetarians.
  • You should not worry about marketing the items. Because it is among the traditional business and you can sell your products properly
  • Dairy cow farming business even will never pollute the environment, it’s an eco-friendly business.
  • You can begin dairy production by using your family members or relatives. It’s a decent thought to have your family labor which ensures trust in business.
  • A proper business plan and sufficient care with management will result in high profits. So it can be a great chance of income and employment for the unemployed but educated youth.
  • There are several highly productive dairy cows available now. You can select any breed depending on your region and business model.
  • Commercial dairy cow farming business demands high capital or investment. If you don’t have sufficient money for investing, then approach bank loans. Many govt. or non-govt. banks are providing you loans for initiating this business.
  • Along with profits, you can even have the proper nutrition for your family members through setting up a commercial dairy cow farming business.

How to start a Desi Cow Farming business?

Desi Cow Farming
Desi Cow Farming (Pic Source: Pixabay)

Starting a dairy cow farming business is never a piece of cake. You have to follow a series of steps for reaching high profits from this business. Here we are shortly explaining the main steps for beginning a profitable dairy cow farming business. The starting process comprises selecting proper breeds, feeding, care & management, housing, and marketing. Also, keep in mind the following before starting this business.

  • First of all, try to analyze the purpose of your farm. Why do you desire to start a dairy cow farming business? Do you have appropriate facilities for raising cows? Do you have sufficient time to care for your cows? Can you arrange all the facilities needed for the cows?
  • It will be better if you can check out some commercial dairy cow farms in your region. Try to note the methods that your local farmers are employing for raising dairy cows.
  • Consult with the physician and discuss the opportunities of dairy cow farming in your area.
  • It is recommended if you can spend some days on an established farm. In this way, you will gain knowledge and know more about this business from the farmers.
  • Also, it is essential to have the capacity to provide the cows with sufficient and healthy food throughout the year’. Visit your nearby market to know some information about the feeding expenses. If you want to produce foods to be self, then try to stock some foods for cold or rainy seasons.
  • In the case of large scale commercial farms, employ trained staff. You can also train your staff based on the type of your farm.
  • In the case of marketing, try to sell your products nearby. It will lessen the marketing or transportation expenses.

Desi Cow breeds

There are several Desi Cow breeds available in the entire world. You can select any based on your area, local facilities, and your production purpose.

  • Some famous and popular dairy cow breeds are Brown Swiss, Ayrshire, Guernsey, Holstein Friesian, Gir, Jersey, Red Sindhi, Milking Shorthorn, Sahiwal, Tharparkar, etc.
  • Consider your weather, local facilities, and market demand for dairy products while selecting breeds for your dairy cow farming business.

Housing for Desi Cows

For having healthy cows and maintaining them productive and diseases free, good housing is very crucial. Provide your cows with the necessary space inside the house based on the breeds. Usually, 80 square feet of open space and 40 square feet of space inside the house is needed per cow.

Although it may differ depending on the size of the breed. Make proper ventilation arrangement, and ensure ample flow of fresh air and light interior to the house. A concrete house is much recommended for the cows.

Feeding for Desi Cows

Good foods will lead to good health and high yield. So always try to feed cows with a sufficient amount of high grade and nutritious feed to ensure ample growth and significant health. Forages, which refer particularly to hay or straw, are the most usual type of feed used for raising dairy cows.

For fulfilling energy needs, add cereal grains to the dairy cow’s feed. Greens help to enhance milk production. So maximize greens to their regular foods. Greens also support to reduce feeding expenses. Alfalfa, clover, timothy, etc. are meant as good greens for dairy cows.

Whenever possible take the cows to a grazing place or prepare pasture for your cows. Along with adequate nutritious foods, ensure the presence of an adequate amount of fresh water. Dairy cows need more water than any other livestock.

Because they are mainly grown for their milk, and their milk is rich in a large amount of water. Usually, a dairy cow needs around 5 liters of water for giving 1-liter milk. So keep a sufficient amount of water according to their need.

Care and management of Desi Cows

Taking proper care and management is the crucial step to sustain a successful business in any animal husbandry business. Thus, always try to take proper care of your cows. Feed them nutritious food and provide an ample amount of clean and fresh water.

Vaccinate them for specified periods, so that you can keep them safe from all types of illness. If possible, always keep some necessary medicines. Keep their house neat and wash the cow periodically.


Choose a calm and silent place to milk your cows. It will be better if you can plan for a separate room for the cow for milking. You can either hand milk the cows or employ machines for milking. Ensure you have good practices to maintain your cows in a comfortable manner during the period you are milking them.

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Investment required to start Desi Cow Milk business in India

  • The cost of the cowshed for 4 cows, 40 sqft/ cow at 250/ sqft is Rs. 40,000
  • The cost of the calf shed for 4 cows, 20 sqft/ cow at 250/ sqft is Rs. 20,000
  • Cows produce 10 liters milk @ Rs 30000 transports is Rs. 1,20,000
  • Transportation per cow is  Rs 1000 so for 4 cows is Rs. 4,000
  • Hand operated chaff cutter is Rs. 10,000
  • Appliances needed for the dairy are Rs. 1000 per cow so Rs. 4,000
  • Electrification of the farm is Rs. 12,000
  • Total recurring capital  is Rs. 2,10,000
  • Feed cost for cows for one month is Rs. 5,000
  • Animal insurance about 5% of the animal cost is Rs. 6,000
  • Cultivation of fodder in 1-acre land is Rs. 10,000
  • Cost of vaccine and electricity, extra emergency costs is Rs. 9,000
  • Total Expenditure is Rs. 30,000
  • Total farm cost is Rs. 2,40,000.

Profit margin in Desi Cow Milk business

The profit in Desi Cow Milk Business from the above estimation can be analyzed as follows:

  • Each cow produces average milk each day: 10 litres (4 cows: 40 litres)
  • The selling price of 1-litre milk: Rs. 30
  • The price of 40 litres of milk for 1 day: Rs. 1200
  • The total income for a month is Rs. 36,000
  • Annual Income: Rs. 36,000×12 = Rs. 4,32,000
  • So the net profit in Desi Cow Milk Business is (annually): Rs. 2,00,000

The price of the cow and the value of milk both have changed due to the fact that these cows produce nutritious milk which can help people overcome health problems.

Marketing strategies for promoting Desi Cow Milk

It will be better if you plan your marketing strategies before beginning this business. Although dairy products are having high demand throughout the world. There are several firms also present in many areas. You can check your local market.

Pros and Cons in Desi Cow Milk business

Every business has some pros and cons and the commercial dairy cow farming business cannot be an exception. As the dairy farming business is a traditional business idea, so it has many benefits when compared to its troubles. Hence, it can be considered to be a profitable business. Finally, we recommend you to take good care of your animals if you plan to operate a successful Desi Cow Milk business.


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    Please kindly give the full details of lone fecility for the same, th as nk you


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