Email Reading Jobs:

Email Reading Jobs – Earn Money by Reading Emails:

Earn Money by Reading emails.. Sounds something different, many of them think that it may be scam. But it’s true you can earn money by reading emails. It’s a cool work from home job, payment cannot huge but you earn decent amount for your effort. There are many websites that pay for reading emails.

Now you may be thinking that how could anyone pay for reading email, you may feel funny or suspicious.  First thing that comes to your mind is “it’s just a scam”. Even I felt the same when I heard about email reading jobs. But a deep study about these jobs made me to realize the concept of these jobs.

Email Reading Jobs – Let me explain the process of Earning Money on Reading Emails:

Email Reading Jobs – What is main concept on PTR(Paid to Read) Emails ?

Paid to Read sites are on type on Online Rewarding programs, they pay the members for opening the email and clicking the Ad Links in the emails. These Ad Links are one type of online advertising by the companies.  These emails are Ads by advertisers they pay for PTR(Paid to Read) sites for sending email to their registered members. PTR sites spend some money from Advertisers to members for reading or opening the email and clicking the link. This whole process is a kind of promotional activity to drive traffic to advertiser website.

I think now you people got some idea on Email Reading Jobs, It’s just an online marketing strategy to develop business by many companies and websites. In email reading job there is no need to buy from companies that send email ads, you just open your email and click the link once the page is open you get the money.

One main thing is you cannot earn huge amounts with these jobs, these job are cool way to earn some additional bugs without any additional stress.

Main problem to take up these jobs are online scammers, its getting very harder to get legit paid to read emails that actually do pay their members. So make quick check one email scams.

Email Reading Jobs- Some best sites that pay money for reading Emails:


Uniqpaid is international website get paid to sites, this helps us to earn from anywhere around the world. This paid website helps to earn money for reading emails. You can get paid through PayPAl, Cheque, or gift vouchers. Uniqpaid website has fast and honest payment process, with free membership and no registrations fee. Is one of best website that offer jobs email reading jobs. Matrixmails offer risk free job opportunities to earn lifetime bonuses and you can get instant pay for the work. It is free platform with google page rank 4 with no spam risk. All emails will be sent to the in-server email addresses. Matixmails has instant pay system; you will receive payment via AlertPay.

Another website that helps to earn money without investment, Paisalive is best website to earn money for reading emails. Paisalive pay you a minimum amount Rupees 5 for reading an email. At the first glance you can rupees 99 for signing into the Paisalive website, even it pays bonus amount for referring friends. Payment will be done for every 15 day via cheque.


Cash4offers is another best website to earn extra money from home. It offer many schemes to earn money, Once gold member the payment will be dome for every 72 hours.

Sendearnings is also a popular website to earn money by reading emails. This website follows strict rules for reading emails and payment. Registering into this website is free; once your account is activated you will receive $1 for reading an email.

If you are planning to earn some good amount of money through emails, is the best platform. The process for earning in Moneymail is very simple; you can earn Rs. 0.20 to 200 for each mail. Moneymail  had ranked 1 in google page.

Some of other website that helps to earn money through reading emails.


Email Reading Jobs – Earning money through email reading is the excellent and easy option to earn money from home. So get ready to take email reading job from promising websites that have easy and simple methods to make money. As beware to spam that wastes your time and money. Check twice before signing up to a website for job and to share financial details.

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