Fashion and Beauty Business Ideas in India

Introduction to fashion and beauty business ideas

Entering the world of fashion doesn’t mean you’ll need to sell clothing or become a designer. If you are a fashionista with an eye for trends, starting your own fashion-related business can be extremely rewarding. The industry offers a wide range of opportunities to startups. However, according to your investment capacity and market demand, you will need to explore an idea.

The fashion and beauty industry has evolved over the years. And with the emergence of new technologies such as 3D printing and sensors many companies, from the big time-old players to newer startups, are disrupting the way they conduct business. If the world of fashion excites you, then there is a unique opportunity within, waiting for you to make it yours.

Here are some business opportunities for fashion fanatics that can help you make a name for yourself in the field. Let’s get started!

Fashion and beauty business ideas in India

The setup of any business requires a pre-analysis of the market, the starting cost, equipment requirements, and the number of employees you need to hire. If you have initial funding and you are ready to invest your time in this field, then here are some fashion startup ideas:

Set up your boutique

All that is required to lunch this type of business is a physical store that is well-positioned. Fill it with all kinds of weird and wonderful accessories and fashion items and enjoy selling your creations. The truth is that, if your boutique is well located and well stocked with quality clothes and fashion accessories, you are likely not going to struggle to attract customers.

Makeup artist

If you enjoy doing makeup on other’s faces and know how to create magic with different cosmetics, you can start this business from your home location and as part-time also. As a makeup artist you will provide service to the clients looks their best for weddings or other special events, give beauty makeovers to people who want to update their everyday images.

Cosmetics store

This is one of the best fashion and beauty business ideas for beginners. Naturally, your question would be how to start a cosmetics shop, so here are a few tips to get you started. To begin with, select your top brands and start selling. You can even take a franchise of one brand, but that would have specific money requirements.

Apart from the renowned brand, you can also sell local brands that offer a comparative bigger margin. It includes a vast variety of products such as skincare, haircare, personal care, essential oils, aromatherapy products, etc.

Wedding shop

If you have a clear sense of style, you can consider starting your wedding shop. Generally, to be brides and their family spends a lot of money on procuring bridal gowns and wedding accessories for the special day. If you are a creative person, you can consider starting a wedding shop of your own. A wedding shop will have every single item related to weddings. However, you must have adequate knowledge of the religious culture of your locality too. The business demands strategic planning and moderate capital investment. You can consider opening a franchise also.

Modeling agency

This is one of the excellent beauty and fashion business ideas in India. One of the most sustainable fashion business ideas is a modeling agency. The primary responsibility of the modeling agency is to provide fashion models. You can earn good income via commission, usually, from the deals, you make with the model and or the head agency. The business requires adequate communication and networking skill.

T-shirt business

For a self-starter who enjoys keeping up with trends, a t-shirt business can be an excellent online fashion business idea. Business owners should have both creative and artistic skills as well as technical know-how when it comes to choosing the best printing techniques. Some previous business experience is helpful, but not required.

Fragrance selling

Practically, there are several ways to start and selling fragrance. The fragrance is a multi-billion dollar industry globally. It includes scents, perfumes, deodorants, body spray, etc. You can establish a production business or you can only sell these products with an exclusive retail agreement of a reputed and reliable fragrance manufacturer. The business demands moderate capital investment and adequate knowledge about different types of fragrance and its use.

Fashion designing

People who have done a course in fashion designing eventually go for this idea. A good fashion sense along with the required knowledge can be helpful for this business. Just a little research will tell you how to get your designs stitched with the right fabric. You can market these products on various online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can also make your website.

The location of the business setup won’t matter if you are planning for online presence only, as you will receive orders online and you only have to send out the stitched clothes to your customers.

Embroidery unit

Embroidery is an ancient needle art. And it is one of the most popular needlework for designer garments making. Additionally, embroidery is very popular in any type of decorative bag, home decorations, and home furnishing industry, etc.

Deal in watches

Another profitable fashion business idea is dealing with watches. Watches are a fashion accessory we will always need. Another great idea to get your foot into the world of fashion is to start dealing in watches. Trawl the second-hand shops for cheap unwanted watches, get them restored, and sell them for a tidy profit!

Promotional wear

Promotional wear caters to a wide range of dress materials. The list may include jersey, t-shirts, caps, etc. Generally, small and big businesses procure promotional wear to promote their brands. In this business, you don’t need to produce the garments. You can simply procure the bare garments and apply the logo and company name on them.

Personal styling business

A personal styling business is ideal for someone who has experience in fashion, cosmetics, hair care, or a related field. While no formal training is required, an established network of potential clients can be very helpful in getting off the ground.

Fashionistas who already work in fields like broadcasting, cosmetology, or public relations will often have a leg up. You’ll also need to have excellent communication skills and enjoy working closely with people one-on-one.

Footwear store

You have two options under this fashion business idea. You can either collaborate with other brands or manufacture your products. You can set up a small manufacturing unit and send these shoes out to retailers or sell online. So if you are wondering how to start a shoe business, here are some key points you might want to consider before stepping into the business –

If you are manufacturing, then the location can be anywhere including your home garage. But, if you are starting a shop, then the place should be near the market. Analyze the market position as well as the trends in that particular area. Additionally, you must keep the products according to the local market demand.

Sell herbal beauty products

Customers worldwide prefer herbal beauty products like skincare products, hair care products, make-up products, and others. The market share for herbal beauty products is considerably more as compared to synthetic beauty products.

Start a beauty blog

Nowadays, the blog is one of the strongest tools to reach people and interact with them. If you are a beauty enthusiast and want to start an online home business, then you can consider starting a beauty blog. If you enjoy writing, then this is the best fashion business you can start from home.

A good quality blog can earn advertising revenues. Additionally, you can also sell the products on your website. Creating a blog is extremely simple and it does not require any technical skills at present.

Purse store

A purse business can be a good fit for fashion-loving people with a variety of backgrounds. You may have a keen eye for the next trend or retail experience in purse and handbag sales. Others may be looking to design their bags to sell. Those with experience in fashion and retail will have a leg up, but a passion for the industry is vital.

Fashion design school

Another highly thriving and profitable business venture in the fashion industry is a fashion design school. Generally, fashion design schools provide education to be fashion designers. This business is perfect for fashion designers. However, you can also hire other fashion designers as an instructor. The business is quite easy to start. However, you must identify your target demographic first.

Open a sunglass store

If you are looking for a profitable retail store niche in fashion-related business, consider starting a sunglass retail shop. The ideal owner will have a strong eye for fashion and the ability to select inventory that sells. Previous sales experience can be extremely valuable as you begin to build your customer base.

If you are not interested in designing your sunglasses but would like to tap into this market, opening your own sunglasses store is a great option. The startup cost of opening a sunglass shop will largely depend on the cost of the retail space.

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Fashion magazine

If you are a passionate writer, then you can consider starting your fashion magazine. Generally, fashion magazines cater to a wide range of areas. However, initially, you can start catering to a niche audience. The business demands strategic planning and moderate capital investment. You can earn revenue from subscriptions and advertisements. However, this is not an easy business.

Sewing business

If you are a fashion lover with a talent for sewing, opening your own sewing business can be an excellent full or part-time venture. While this is best suited for those who already have a high skill level, there are many educational opportunities out there for fashionistas looking to learn the craft.

Because a sewing business can easily be operated from your home, the startup costs are generally fairly low. You may already have much of the equipment needed to begin and can integrate the cost of your materials into the price you charge your customers.

Maternity wear production

In both Eastern and Western cultures, there is a greater demand for fashionable maternity clothes. In Western culture, the pregnant women in the public eye are taking the lead in maternity fashion. Hence, it is a highly lucrative fashion business for entrepreneurs who want to start a fashion business with moderate investment.

Mobile facial spa

One of the most profitable beauty and fashion business ideas is a mobile facial spa. With proper management skills and marketing strategy, any individual can initiate this business with substantial capital investment.

Mobile facial spa business provides services to the people who don’t have time to allow themselves the luxury of a facial and spa in their busy schedule, especially when they work full time. A person having interest and training in beauty and cosmetology could provide a service where he/she brings the facial and spa service to a person’s home or any desired location like office, hotel, and hospitals. 

Saree business

Saree Business.
Saree Business.

Saree is traditional wear in the Asia Pacific region. If you live in a region where there is a demand, you can start a saree business with moderate capital investment. Some of the most potent ways you can consider home-based, offline retail or online saree store.

Jewelry shop

This is another great fashion business idea one can start from home. You need to decide the type of jewelry you want to sell. This fashion business idea will yield profits if you decide the location and type of jewelry being sold based on the market analysis.

Please note that if you want to start a jewelry production company, it is not a must that you just manufacture jewelry made from pure gold or silver; you can go into the mass production of jewelry made from plastic, copper wire, good plating metals, and beads. People prefer costume jewelry because of their wide variety, beautiful designs, low-cost, and durability.

Swimming costume making

Swimming suits are in demand in both the eastern and western markets. Woman’s ambition for sports seems to be very good. Swimming is also termed as a hobby of the new generation. Generally, women prefer swimming at clubs, hotels, and public swimming pools to maintain a good physique, health, etc. You can start a swimming costume making fashion business on a small-scale basis.

The bottom line of fashion and beauty business ideas

The bottom line is that successful fashion designers have a thorough grasp of the market and they know how to meet their needs and they are always creative and flexible. Let your love of fashion be your livelihood. There are tons of opportunities for creative entrepreneurs to succeed in the fashion industry.

After choosing the business idea, it is important to decide a name for your fashion business and book a relevant domain name. Remember, your business name and website domain must be similar. Good luck!!

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