Flavored Supari Making Business – How To Start

Introduction on how to start a flavored Supari making business

Do you want to initiate a scented supari manufacturing business? Th­­­­is article elaborates on a detailed sweet supari making business project plan ideas with the production process, machinery, and raw materials you need.

A step by step guide on how to start a flavored Supari making business

The supari is also famous as betel nut. The scientific name of supari is Areca catechu. The supari grows majorly in the tropical Pacific, Asia, and some parts of East Africa. China, India, Taiwan, Bangladesh, the Maldives, Thailand, Cambodia, Ceylon, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and New Guinea are some of the major supari producing countries.

Market potential for flavored Supari making business in India

India is the highest producer of areca nut-producing around 3.3 lakh tonnes and a total acreage under cultivation of 2.64 lakh hectares. In India, some of the chief supari producing states are Kerala, Assam, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, and West Bengal. Apart from the domestic consumption our country earns foreign currency from the export as well.

Basically, supari is well-known as a mouth freshener. People in all age groups chew supari on a regular basis. However, raw supari cannot be consumable. It needs proper processing and packaging to make it appropriate for human consumption. Starting a small-scale scented supari processing business is greatly profitable. The raw material is even highly available. Apart from that, the investment need is also very less.

Steps to start a flavored Supari making business in India

Steps to start a flavored Supari making business in India.
Steps to start a flavored Supari making business in India

Business plan for starting Supari making business in India

It is the first and considered should be one of the essential aspects of your business. Depending on the production process and output magnitude, you must prepare the business plan. It is important to design the financial aspect carefully. It includes both fixed costs and working capital expenses.

The fixed cost comprises land and building, machinery, and pre-operative expenses. The working capital expenses comprise the utility bills, manpower salaries, raw materials costs, etc.

Registration, licensing, and permissions required to start flavored Supari making business

Registration is very important for any business and there is no exception here so register your business with the perfect form of organization. For the proprietorship operation, Trade License is enough for the beginning. However, you must register the company in the case of LLP, Private Ltd, or Ltd Company.

After the registration, it is advantageous to apply for MSME online registration. Obtain an FSSAI license as this business comes in the food sector. Also, you can obtain the brand in the future if you have a Trademark registration. Apply for GSTIN for the tax liabilities. If you plan to capture the foreign market, then you should obtain the IEC (Import Export Code).

The following are the permission and licenses required to make food products in India:

  • Obtain a trade license from the local authority.
  • Next, apply for the VAT registration.
  • Thirdly, get the BIS Certification (Bureau of Indian Standards) which is essential.
  • Next, register your supari making business for trademark.
  • You do not need a pollution control NOC. But it is recommended to verify with the local office.
  • Also, ensure to register your business with ROC.
  • Furthermore, it is important to apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME available online.
  • As it is a food-related product, you should apply for the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) licenses
  • Also, the unit must have compliance with the following: GMP and PFA Act which are very essential.
  • The products should have ISO certification for building trust in consumers so apply for ISO 9001 certification
  • Lastly, you must ensure the unit to have the exhaust fans to ensure a comfy environment inside the unit.

Supari is a food product and production and marketing of food items must be done abiding by the PFA Act. First of all, you must register your business. Next, should apply for Trade License. You can also register with MSME Udyog Aadhaar through the website. It will help you in availing the benefits of Government grants and subsidies.

Machinery required for making flavored Supari in India

Scented supari making is a simple and easy process. Hence, it requires less machinery in the processing unit. Some of the main machinery you may need are mentioned below.

  • Boiling Pan
  • Slicer
  • Drying machine
  • Mixer
  • Packaging Machine

Ingredients required for flavored Supari production

The major raw material you require for this business is betel nut. Additionally, you must get different types of flavors. Actually, it is based on what all the various types of scented supari you plan produce. Generally, sandal supari, elachi supari (cardamom), saffron supari, and menthol supari are very famous in the Indian subcontinent. Also, take care of having a supplier for the packaging consumables.

Steps in flavored Supari making process

First of all, obtain good quality raw nuts. Then boil them. After the boiling, it must be dried. After drying, peel off the semi-dried nuts. Without using the dryer, you can opt for the sun-drying of the nuts. But, as you know machine drying provides good quality and less production loss.

After peeling, dry the nuts and slice them carefully. Finally, apply essence and other spices as per the taste and flavor you desire. Use moisture-proof pouches for the purpose of packaging.

In the commercial flavored supari making business, you must mention all the required information on the outer side of the packing materials as per the Government guidelines.
Investment required to start flavored supari making business
You can start this business with little investment as the process is simple and requires only minimum amount. If you have a minimum of Rs. 50,000 then you can start the business immediately at a small-scale.

Profit margin in flavored Supari making business

You can expect a minimum of 20-25% of profit margin in supari making business if you start the business at a smaller scale. For a commercial scale, the profit goes up to 35%.

Marketing strategies for promoting the Supari product

Mainly it is essential to determine the marketing strategy for your business. The marketing strategy should have two things: first, to attract potential customers and make sure they are aware of brands and the second one is to educate potential customers about your supari product features like how it helps in digestion and also as a mouth freshener. Additionally, you can opt for advertisements using banners, advertisements in local magazines, and reviews by food critics.

You must set-up a well-penetrated distribution channel. Generally, many big e-Commerce companies and supermarkets are possible options for domestic selling. Not only the domestic market, but you can also even explore the international market for expansion.

How to sell your product?

You can sell your product by registering it online in B2B websites and B2C websites. You can even spread some samples in the nearby bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, or in the wholesale markets where your product gets well purchased. Try with new ideas in the starting and just concentrate on promoting your business. Later your business will be raised depending upon the quality you provide to the customers.

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Finally, you can start the business with a little investment and can have good profits within no time. But make sure that your product goes well with the quality. Then the customers will be back of your product for regular use. Try to introduce new flavors so that everyone gets the product as per their taste.

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