How to Make Money from CCTV Installation Business

How to make money from CCTV camera installation business

Are you willing to start the CCTV camera installation business, here in this blog, we provide you, a proper business plan for the security camera installation service? CCTV derives its name as closed-circuit television. In present times, the crime rate is growing; thus, the installation of CCTV cameras has become more crucial in commercial, domestic, and industrial areas.

An idea to make money from CCTV camera installation business

This type of service-oriented business comprises of two major undertakings one is selecting the right product for the clients and the other is installing the product and cost-effectively deliver the right service.

CCTV marketing potential

The increasing need for CCTV cameras in all the sectors resulted in the security camera service industry is the fastest-growing market worldwide with a CAGR of 19%. By analyzing the growing rate of crime, people have determined to secure their family and their belongings so they are opting for every option that fulfills their need about the securities. Thus, the CCTV camera has become an important product in almost all government and public sectors.

The major clients for the CCTV camera are the bank, educational industry, traffic signal, airport, shopping mall, healthcare premises, offices, houses, railway station, bus stops, etc.

Beginning CCTV camera installation business is a money-making business idea that you can initiate with the low capital, here in this post we have put forth all the details concerning the security camera system business that will assist you in designing a business plan.

CCTV camera business plan

While beginning a business you must prepare a proper business plan for the security camera installation business, without this it is very tedious to run the business successfully. Here we added some points which you must keep in mind while preparing a business plan for the CCTV camera installation business.

CCTV camera market research

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Market potential for CCTV camera installation.
The market potential for CCTV camera installation.

While beginning CCTV camera installation business you should conduct a proper market survey, gather the information about the business and service demand in the specific location, you should do a perfect analysis of the market demand which will aid you to design a CCTV camera business plan.

Select the security camera niche

CCTV camera installation business is one of the segments of the security camera industry while initiating the security camera system business you must select the right niche depending on the customer demand. There are various niches are in the security camera installation industry in which you can select the appropriate niche of your choice to start the business. Some of them are mentioned below –

  • Security camera installation
  • Security cameras sell and repair
  • Security camera monitoring

Moreover, you can also deliver the service of the fire alarm installation or burglar alarm installation.

Security camera installation business license

Registration of firm: It is very essential to begin your CCTV Camera Installation Business either as a proprietorship company or as a partnership firm. When you are interested in starting this business as one Person Company, then you must register your company as a proprietorship firm. You need to get registered either for a partnership firm, you need to register as LLP- Limited Liability Partnership or as a Private Limited Company with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

GST registration: For any business currently getting a GST number (this is compulsory for all business post GST rule) is very important.

Trade license: It is required to get a trade license from local bodies.

MSME/SSI registration: MSME/SSI registration will make you avail of all the government schemes and facilities, so if you are willing to receive any of the government subsidies or schemes then you have applied for MSME/SSI registration.

Trademark: To protect the trademark of your business, in terms of the name, then make sure that you have to register it with a trademark that will protect your brand.

Area required for CCTV camera installation business

Selecting a location for the business is a very crucial task, thus, and while choosing the area for the business make sure that the transportation price will be reduced and you can easily get customers in your locality.

CCTV camera accessories

CCTV camera business has huge demand in the market and for the supply of the important items for the set-up, it is important to contact the material proper supplier to ensure he is a reputed supplier who could provide your accessories in case of an emergency.

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Usually, you must buy the important item that is needed for the security camera installation, also you must have the CCTV camera installation toolkit but during initial stages avoid bulk purchases, before placing an order try to reach every possible supplier. You can develop a network with the manufacturing company directly and distributors of the CCTV camera and its accessories.

CCTV camera installation equipment

For installation of the CCTV cameras, some numerous components and devices are required, not only the security camera but several accessories are important to the CCTV camera installation and here we have indicated all the needed components and equipment.

List of CCTV camera installation equipment

Camera: It is evident you must have the camera for the installation There are diverse types of cameras that are available in the market and you must choose the camera according to the customers demand.

Digital video recorder: DVR is a recording device that captures the footage of the CCTV cameras and it will store in memory setup which can be retrieved and seen whenever needed.

CCTV cable: CCTV cable is the wires connect the CCTV camera with the DVR.

BNC connector: BNC connector joins all the various cameras to DVR.

CCTV power supply: CCTV camera power suppliers deliver constant power supply to the security camera system which comes with the 24V AC and 12V DC and it could configure based on a camera connected with the system.

Software required: You must have software to operate the CCTV cameras, based on camera type and cameras connected to the system you can select the proper software.

Other tools: You must have different tools like electrical tools, a fastener, and displays.

Expenditure  or cost to starts CCTV installation business in India

The cost to start a CCTV Installation business.
The cost to start a CCTV Installation business.

The expenditure for this business would be less as you can take the advance from the customers first to get the cameras and all other workers. So, it is a better option to start the business with the experienced workers where you can offer them daily wage based on the work. So, it requires very less amount to just buy the tools required for the business. So, you can start the business with the amount of Rs. 1,00,000.

CCTV installation business marketing plan to make huge money

The success of any business is based on marketing skills, thus promoting business with a proper and effective marketing plan is a very essential task in this business as well. You can opt for marketing techniques as per your business model.

Concentrate on the promotion of the business by publishing the company details in newspapers, business cards; even send emails invitations to the targeted customers. Apart from the old marketing ways, you may select the online marketing methods as well to advertise your business through digital marketing and also do postings about your business on social media and it is easy and well-organized to get the perfect lead that can be a potential customer. You may also check the Blurams Dome Pro Smart Security Camera with Facial Recognition.



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