How to Make Money from Leather Belt Manufacturing

How to Make Money from Leather Belt manufacturing business

Hi friends, today let us learn how to start a Leather Belt business in India. The Leather Belt is the most used accessory for men and women. This is not only used as a fashion accessory but also an essential accessory. The particular accessory has abundant use across the world. Thus, there is a great potential market for it. The leather belts are available in different colors but black and brown are dominantly sold. Now, let us get into the details of leather belt manufacturing business to make good money.

Ideas to start and make money from Leather Belt manufacturing

Due to its high demand, the Leather Belt manufacturing industry is prosperous. According to the producer of a leather belt, the procedure of manufacturing leather is not tedious. This is why it is a profitable opportunity for many businessmen. One can finance money and can thus produce leather belts on a huge scale. It is one of the good manufacturing business ideas to earn profits.

Registration and license for initiating Leather Belt manufacturing business in India 

If you are interested to start a Leather Belt manufacturing business, no matter how small it may be, you must acquire a license. Your business also must have registration. The required papers are detailed below for a start-up business idea like Leather Belt manufacturing.

ROC registration: For initiating a business you must register their business along with the brand name under the ROC of the specific state where you are starting your business. The registration process will be complete as per the guidelines of the state.

Trade license: Like for any other business, a trade license is also mandatory for a Leather Belt manufacturing business. You must get a license from the local municipal corporation.

Industry base and MSME registration: To begin a small scale business you must to registration under industry base and MSME. This type of registration will not only help you to avail of bank loans but also aid in the reduction of the interest rate. It will also help to get other facilities provided by the state government.

Export license-To export Leather Belt to other countries you must have an export license. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade offers the IEC number or export license after certain formalities.

NOCLeather Belt of manufacturing is not seen to produce any pollutants and thus the environment is safe. The raw material that is needed for manufacturing leather belts is effortlessly obtained in the market. Thus, you need not acquire the NOC from the pollution control board.

In case you are having trouble regarding obtaining a license for the Leather Belt business you may approach the local office.

The market potential for Leather Belt manufacturing business to make huge money

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The market potential for Leather Belt manufacturing business.
The market potential for Leather Belt manufacturing business.

Before you begin your business you must conduct proper market research to know about the demand of the market. Here are a few aspects that will aid you to perform proper research. To initiate the new business it is vital to have an idea of the capacity of the market. You should know if there is any kind of saturation in the market. You must survey based on the kind of your business to recognize the demand for the product in the market. As the Leather Belt has a great demand in national as well as international markets; it is every time-wise to get elementary facts about the opponents in the market. This will decrease the struggle of running the business efficaciously. Like all other business Leather Belt manufacturing also deals with several benefits and shortcomings. Before you design to set up the business you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of the business.

Location selection for Leather Belt making plant

For the manufacturing business, you need two types of clients and they are either wholesalers or retailers. Through the wholesalers or retailers, you can contact to the end-user. For manufacturing your product selection of a location essential where you can get a continuous supply of power and water. As the machines will produce noise it is important to set up the unit far from the residential region.

Belt making machine

The machine is vital in the manufacturing industry. For the manufacturing of leather belts, the following machinery is compulsory.

  • Power strap cutting machine
  • Upper Leather skiing machine
  • Single needle flatbed industrial sewing machine
  • Side crossing machine

You can also go through the Leather Belt manufacturing video for a better understanding before you start the business. You can also find some Leather Belt making courses to get good ideas about the business. Here are the essential things without which Leather Belt manufacturing is impossible.

Raw materials for making Lether Belts

After the machines are acquired, the raw material is another important part of the manufacturing industry. For Leather Belt manufacturing, split leather, and chrome stand upper leather are important. To make holes, attaching buckles you require many hand tools. The packaging of the product requires the purchase of packaging materials from the market.

How to get the essential goods for manufacturing leather belts

When it comes to the purchase of machinery online websites for instance Alibaba and Indiamart are inevitable. You can purchase raw materials in the nearby local market.

Leather processing techniques

The steps of Leather Belt making are very easy. The procedure is summarised below.

  • First, you slice leather into strips as per the required thickness. To cut the leather strap cutting machine is used.
  • The end part of the leather strap is cut in a slant after that the edge is folded diagonally. The glue is applied to the folded section for pasting it.
  • After pasting the folded section, sewing is done to render a permanent fold using the sewing machine. Then the remaining section is cut with a scissor.
  • Then using punching machine holes is made in equal spacing. The punching machine is used here to attach the buckle.
  • In most belts, there is a special type of buckle that is attached which avoids the punching holes.
  • The size of the belts differs according to the waist size; thus diverse types of belts are manufactured.
  • After the manufacturing is complete there comes the stage called packaging. The products are packed sensibly to sell in the market.

Hiring workers for Leather Belt manufacturing business

For operations of the Leather Belt manufacturing business, you require skilled laborers. The skilled workers will aid you to produce quality products. If you appoint unskilled workers you must train them as per your requirement. But usually, the unskilled workers are available at a lower cost.

If you carefully check the above-mentioned aspects you could establish the business and run it successfully in a profitable manner.

Arranging capital for Leather Belt making business

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Capital for Leather Belt making business.
Capital for Leather Belt making business.

The leather manufacturing business needs average investment. If you face a scarcity of money you can get monetary help from the bank after you design your Leather Belt business plan. If you have done ample research then you can guess the amount you need to start a business and execute the project effectively. An amount of around three to five lakh rupees is needed to start a Leather Belt making business.

The Leather Belt making machine price ranges from Rs. 1,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000

The cost for raw materials for Leather Belt making business is Rs. 30,000

The packaging cost is Rs. 10,000

Miscellaneous charges are Rs. 10,000

The total cost for starting a Leather Belt making business is Rs. 3,00,000

Marketing strategies for promoting the Leather Belt business

Any business requests a potential market and clients to sell the manufactured product and Leather Belt manufacturing is not separate. For attracting people you must advertise the product you manufactured. It is important to gain profit by selling a noteworthy number of products to the clients. Apart from the advertising, you must pay equal care to the manufacturing sector.

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