How to Make Money from T-Shirt Printing Business

Introduction to make money from T-shirt printing business

Are you thinking to start a simple creative business? Stop thinking of all other things and start thinking about the T-shirt printing business idea. T-shirt printing business is holding the top place in the list of small scale businesses with low investment and high-profit margin. As you know everyone is fond of different designs on their T-shirts. Generally, T-shirts give comfort feeling for the people due to the fabric texture. Most of the people prefer different printed T-shirts, especially during events or college functions, parties, couple T-shirts stand as the most attractive ones during their anniversaries or during their visit to honeymoon places, etc. Hence the demand for custom printed T-shirts has increased the number of folds in recent years. T-shirt printing is providing good business opportunities for entrepreneurs to choose this to invest in. The main reason for the growing demand in the market trends is due to modernization in all the events in society.

Ideas to start and make money from T-shirt printing business

You might think of how to start the T-shirt printing business. This blog helps you out by providing all details regarding the business.

Moreover, it requires very little space to start a business. So, many people started their business as stalls in malls, supermarkets, also from home. Most of the people in the society are focussing on setting up the environment in case of an event. But, the trend now has changed as there is more importance given to the costumes used even in the event. Here comes the point for T-shirt business opportunities and the great demand for the T-shirt printing business.

In this article, you will get all the information required for a T-shirt printing business start-up with very little investment.

The market potential for T-shirt printing business to make huge money

The present generation comprising of teenagers, ae more interested to have T-shirts, thereby we can see an increased number of orders towards T-shirt printing. People in the present times are not buying whatever is available but shifted to customization and they tend to showcase their uniqueness which somehow contributes to the demand for the T-shirts. Hence there are many T-shirt printing business opportunities in India.

A business in this segment will surely help gain huge profits if executed in the most proper way by following a specific business plan. After establishing the business, you must create your opportunities for making its existence a significant one. Opportunities in the T-shirt printing business are found in every junction of the society, and this is one mainstay for the business. It is not at all mandatory that you must own a typical shop, the T-shirts could be displayed in malls and also showcased on the own online store.

Prepare a T-shirt printing business plan to make good money

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Prepare a business plan for T-shirt printing.
Prepare a business plan for T-shirt printing.

A business should have land, capital, labor, and machines. Capital is based on the size of business and the operational level you are expecting it for. All these necessities can be general or as per your financial support. I will give you information on the machines you should procure for the business, as they are compulsory for production.

It is absolutely a critical element to choose on the machines you need as they reflect on the procedure to adopt too. Proper maintenance must be done for the equipment so as to have a sustained flow of production. Before looking into machines, let’s have an idea about T-shirt printing methods and processes.

So, you need to plan for a perfect T-shirt printing business plan before starting the business.

T-shirt printing methods

It is a very essential element and one must have proper knowledge before beginning the T-shirt printing business. The T-shirt printing machine is required to determine the exact requirements of the clients and the quality in which the T-shirt has to produce, a complete analysis of these methods is obligatory. Some of T-shirt printing business equipment includes-

  • Screen printing
  • Heat press printing
  • DTG – Direct to Garment Technique
  • Sublimation technique
  • CAD Cut Vinyl Printing
  • Transfer Paper method
  • Heat press printing is the majorly used method for small scale T-shirt printing business. If you wish to start up the large scale business then you must opt with screen printing because the price of printing one T-shirt using the heat transfer method is low as compared to the screen printing. But, the price of printing 100 T-shirts using the heat transfer method is expensive as compared to screen printing.

In this blog, we will elaborate on the heat transfer method by sublimation paper. For this process, you will need are a heat press machine, computer, sublimation paper, and a printer.

Heat press machine

Heat press machine of size 16×20 inches will be a proper one for transferring the design into the T-shirt. Moreover, this machine is required if you are using a heat press method. The cost of this machine is approximately Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 only. There are different types of machines in the market, you should thoroughly check the reviews of all machines before arriving at the final decision.

Sublimation paper

A decent quality transfer paper is required for having the graphic print on the garments. The quality of the paper is very essentials since there are cases when the entire process is hampered if the paper quality is not the standard one. A transfer paper is considered to be of a standard quality if the surface of the paper is non-absorbent and smooth.

Printers (For printing design in sublimation paper)

These printers should not be confused with the normal paper printing ones, but the printers for fabrics exclusively. Inkjet, sublimation, laser, and solvent printers are the four kinds of printers that you can employ for the business. Of these, solvent printers are the highly expensive ones for their procuring and high maintenance costs. Thus, I suggest you not to select it for a start-up business. The cost of this printer is approximately Rs. 20,000.


Computers will be required for graphic designing and relevant works in the company such as inventory, billing, etc. A well-trained, expert graphic designer must be hired to work out all the activities of designing.

Apart from all these, you can also opt for a second-hand T-shirt printing machine based on its condition. So, that it minimizes your expenditure.

Steps involved in T-shirt printing

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Steps pf T-shirt printing.
Steps pf T-shirt printing.

The heat press printing method is very easy. The steps included in this process are as follows:-

  • Create a design on your computer.
  • Print that design on sublimation paper.
  • Turn on the heat press machine and must wait until it heats up.
  • Keep a T-shirt in a heat press machine and put sublimation paper above T-shirt.
  • Press the machine for 10 seconds and the design will get printed on T-shirt fabric.

Heat press machines are automated or manual. But, the one which is automatic is considered an efficient and proper one for your business. A heat press is generally a machine that generates heat and pressure for printing the required design on the fabric. To understand is more easily, we can say it works like the Xerox machine.

Types of inks used in T-shirt printing

Printing is a very easy thing, but the variety of ink must be of a decent choice. Some of the inks are selectively used with the request of clients and these inks might increase the costs of the T-shirts. A set of 6 printing inks would be around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 6,000.

  • Neon inks
  • Foil and metallic inks
  • Shimmer inks
  • Soft hand inks
  • Discharge inks

Stencils or templates

Regular templates or designs and can be obtained in bulk for designing the T-shirts with basic or common prints. These templates could be a showcase for your client’s knowledge so that they can be aware of the various designs you have with you.

How to decide the pricing for T-shirt printing

Pricing must be different and it depends on each design and on each order. This is because quantity determines the price of each unit. If you are willing to sell it in a wholesale format, then the price at which you sell must have fewer gains as they will be sold in bulk. If the quantity is low, then the margins can be anticipated.

Remember it is very important to maintain the quality of the printed T-shirt as they will be compared with the prices you are offering and the customers will be judgemental sometimes. One must take into consideration the costs of T-shirt printing machines, operating expenses, the tag on it, labor needed for a single tee shirt to be printed, and the type of ink used while deciding the price.

You also need to keep in mind that the cost involved in the T-shirt printing setup, before deciding the price for the product.

Register your business

Like all the business, you must obtain a trade license to operate the T-shirt printing business. The trade license can be availed from a local office and this license will legally allow the operation of your business. Open a bank account and finish off all tax formalities after company registration.


Lastly, the printed T-shirt should be examined for any damage while printing. Also, the colors in which they are printed must be inspected with the pre-mentioned specification. The inspection makes your clients come to you repeatedly. This will build trust in your firm and with that customers will accept even if your costs are little more as compared to others.

The conclusion to make money from T-shirt printing business in India

Finally, the T-shirt printing business stands to be a very good chance for young minds. I mentioned the term “young minds” to focus on the need for fresh ideas rather than the already present ones or the conventional ideas for this T-shirt printing.

Make a perfect business plan for all your activities within the business. Capital should be planned beforehand and the operations must take only within the expected budget.

Marketing efforts should not be avoided in this business as well. The use of social media platforms is a must for promotion. If you plan properly, then the T-shirt printing business profits will be more.

Initially, make your steps simple with very easily adaptable guidelines. This will aid your employees to have a superior work environment. Have free-associating sessions when possible to generate new ideas that will make your business stand ideal in the market. Hope this blog gives you all the details required for T-shirt printing business start-up. You may also like Modern Farm Equipment in Agriculture.


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