How to Open a Daycare Center in Connecticut: Business Plan, Setup Cost, Profit, Requirements, and License/Permit

Opening a daycare center in Connecticut can be a rewarding and profitable endeavor. However, it’s important to remember that certain regulations, costs, and requirements must be met before you can begin operating your business. Many daycare centers are licensed by the state where they operate and must meet certain health and safety standards.

How to Open a Daycare Center in Connecticut

How to Open a Daycare Center in Connecticut

Search for a Good Location to Open a Daycare Center in Connecticut

The location of your daycare center will also play a role in your profitability. Suppose you are in a high-traffic area with many families looking for childcare services. In that case, you will likely see higher profits than if you were located in a less populated area. You can use market research to help you determine which location would be most beneficial for your business before making any final decisions.

Creating a comprehensive business plan, researching the start-up costs associated with opening your daycare center in Connecticut, and understanding what licenses or permits may be required are essential for successfully setting up and running your new venture. 

With careful planning and dedication, you’ll soon have an exciting new business providing vital services to children across Connecticut. The scope of services offered by daycare centers can vary greatly. Some centers focus exclusively on providing basic childcare, while others offer a more comprehensive range of services to support working families.

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Certifications Need to Open a Daycare in Connecticut

  • A Child Care Facility Certification from the Department of Public Health. This certification must be renewed every two years.
  • A Business Certificate from the Secretary of State. This certificate is valid for four years.
  • A Tax Registration Certificate from the Department of Revenue Services. This certificate is valid for three years.
  • An EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the Internal Revenue Service. This number is required to withhold taxes from your employee’s wages.

Find a Daycare Facility in Connecticut

Center-based programs usually have more structure and staffing than home-based programs, so they may be a good option if you’re looking for a more traditional daycare experience. They also tend to be located in safe, convenient locations. On the downside, they can be more expensive than home-based programs, and your child will likely be in a large group with other kids their age.

Home-based programs are typically smaller and more intimate than center-based programs. Your child will likely receive more individualized attention in a home-based setting. These programs are often less expensive than center-based programs, but they may not be as convenient since they’re typically located in someone’s home. Make sure to visit the facility and meet the staff before enrolling your child in any program.

Zoning Regulations to Open a Daycare Center in Connecticut

Every state has different regulations for opening a daycare. In Connecticut, potential daycare owners must first apply for a license from the Department of Public Health. The application process includes an on-site inspection by a department representative, who will ensure the facility meets all health and safety standards. Once the license is granted, the daycare center must follow all state and local zoning regulations.

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Zoning regulations vary by town, but most require that daycare centers be located in commercial or industrial areas. Some towns may allow daycare centers in residential areas if they meet certain requirements, such as having a minimum number of parking spaces or being located a certain distance from schools or other daycares.

Before starting the application process, potential daycare owners should research their town’s zoning regulations to see if their desired location is zoned for a daycare center. If not, they may need to request a zoning variance from the town planning board. The application process for a variance can be lengthy and complicated, so it’s important to get started early.

Create a Daycare Business Plan in Connecticut

1. Before making money, you must determine the cost of getting your daycare up and running. Some of the costs you’ll need to consider include renting or leasing space, purchasing supplies and equipment, and obtaining insurance. Once you know your start-up costs, you can start looking for ways to finance your business.

2. You need to develop a business plan. This should include your goals and objectives for the business and how you plan to achieve them.

3. Next, you need to determine the setup cost for your daycare center. This mainly includes the renting or purchasing of a facility cost, as well as the cost of any necessary equipment and supplies. Finally, you need to obtain a license or permit from Connecticut. This will allow you to operate your daycare center legally in the state.

4. To operate legally in Connecticut, you must obtain a license and permit from the state’s Department of Public Health. The application process is relatively simple and can be completed online. Once you have your license and permit, post them prominently in your daycare so parents can see you operate legally.

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5. Start with a small staff. When you open your doors, you will not have many children enrolled. It is very important to start with a small staff so that you can get a feel for the flow of the center and what works best for you and the children. As enrollment grows, you can add more staff members.

6. Hire qualified and experienced caregivers. The caregivers at your child care center will be responsible for the safety of the children in their care. Hiring qualified, experienced caregivers passionate about working with children is important.

7. Train your staff members on your policies and procedures. Once you have hired your staff members, training them on your policies and procedures is important. This will ensure everyone is on the same page and that the children receive the best possible care.

8. You will identify and research your target market for childcare services. This information will develop your marketing strategy later in the business plan.

Types Of Daycare Centers in Connecticut

  1. Childcare centers are the most common type of daycare center. They provide care for children from birth to age 13.
  2. Family childcare homes care for children from birth to age 18.
  3. School-age childcare programs care for children from kindergarten to age 18.

Cost to Start a Daycare in Connecticut

The average setup cost for opening a daycare center in Connecticut is between $10,000 and $20,000. When financing your new daycare business, there are a few options. You can self-finance using personal savings or a loan from a financial institution. You can also look into government grant programs or seek out investors. Whatever route you decide to take, create a detailed business plan outlining your start-up costs, operating expenses, and projected revenue.

Market Analysis to Open a Daycare Center in Connecticut

The first step in opening a daycare center is to conduct a market analysis to determine whether there is a need for your services in the community. This can be done by surveying parents of young children to see if they are interested in using your services and, if so, how much they can pay. It would help if you also researched the competition in your area to see what other daycare centers are charging and what services they offer.

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Once you have determined a market for your services, you must develop a business plan. This should include an overview of your business, target market, marketing strategy, financial projections, and overall goals. Once you have developed a business plan, you can research the setup cost and requirements for opening a daycare center in Connecticut.

To open a Connecticut daycare center, you must obtain a license from the Department of Public Health. You will also need to meet certain health and safety requirements, such as having a physical space that meets state standards for childcare facilities. Additionally, you will need liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Once your facility runs, you must begin marketing your services to parents.

Tips to Start a Daycare Business in Connecticut

  • The first step is to develop a Daycare business plan. This should include your objectives for the daycare center, your target market, your projected revenues and expenses, and your marketing strategy.
  • Next, you will need to determine the start-up cost for your daycare center. This includes the cost of leasing or purchasing a facility, hiring staff, and purchasing supplies and equipment.
  • Once you have determined your start-up costs, you need to generate enough revenue to cover these costs and make a profit. You must set tuition rates and enroll children in your program to do this.
  • Finally, you must obtain a Connecticut Department of Public Health license. This process includes completing an application and passing an inspection by the department.
  1. Childcare Furniture: You must invest in high-quality childcare furniture that meets all the safety standards. This furniture should include cribs, cots, tables, chairs, shelves, etc.
  2. Childcare Supplies: In addition to furniture, you will also need to buy various childcare supplies such as diapers, wipes, formula, food, and snacks.
  3. First Aid Kit: It is essential to have a well-stocked first aid kit at your daycare center. This will help you deal with any minor injuries or health issues that may arise.
  4. Safety Equipment: To ensure the safety of the children in your care, you will want to invest in some basic safety equipment such as smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.
  5. Insurance: Last but not least, you must get insurance for your daycare business. This will protect you financially in case of any accidents or incidents at your center.

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Equipment and Other Necessaries for Open Daycare Center in Connecticut

Location and Supplies to Open a Daycare Centre in Connecticut

The first step is to choose your daycare location. You’ll need to find a large enough space to accommodate your planned activities and meet all state requirements for safety and sanitation. Once you’ve found the perfect location, you’ll need to purchase or lease the property and outfit it with the necessary supplies. You must ensure the space is large enough to accommodate your planned activities.

It would help if you also considered the area’s safety and whether it meets all state requirements for sanitation and safety. Finally, you must decide whether to purchase or lease the property. Once you’ve chosen your daycare location, you must outfit it with the necessary supplies. This includes furniture, toys, and materials for crafts and activities. You should also ensure you have food and snacks for your little ones.

Health and Safety Regulations to Open Daycare Center in Connecticut

  • To open a daycare center in Connecticut, you must adhere to health and safety regulations. These regulate everything from the food you serve to the sanitation of your facilities.
  • The first step is to obtain a Child Care License from the Department of Public Health. This license is necessary for any facility that cares for more than two children under four. Obtaining this license includes inspecting your facilities by a department representative and ensuring you have a comprehensive health and safety plan.
  • Once you have your license, you must create a menu that meets the state’s nutritional requirements. You will also need to create a schedule for cleaning and sanitizing all areas of your center, including restrooms, kitchens, and play areas.
  • Finally, it would help if you created policies and procedures for handling emergencies, such as fires or medical emergencies. These should be reviewed regularly with all staff members and posted in a visible location.

Obtain the Necessary Certification and Licenses to Open Daycare Centers in Connecticut

You will need to obtain the proper business licenses and permits. The requirements for these vary depending on the type of business you are operating, but generally speaking, you will need to apply for a child care license through the Department of Public Health and submit to a background check. You will also need to obtain a permit from the local zoning board if you plan on operating your daycare out of commercial space. Finally, ensure you have the appropriate insurance coverage to protect your business.

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Marketing the Child Care Center in Connecticut

  1. Start by creating a website and social media accounts. Be sure to populate your site with photos and information about your program, staff, and facilities.
  2. Get involved in your community. Attend local parenting events, host an open house at your center, or partner with other businesses in town.
  3. Advertise in local publications and online directories. You can also create flyers or postcards to distribute around town.
  4. Utilize word-of-mouth marketing by asking satisfied parents to spread the word about your child care center. Referral programs can also incentivize parents to bring new families into the fold.


A daycare center is a type of childcare facility providing care and supervision for children during the daytime. Daycare centers typically offer early childhood education, before- and after-school care, and full-day care. Some daycare centers also provide transportation, meals, and other enrichment activities.


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