How to Start a Cleaning Business in California: Business Plan, Setup Cost, Profit, Requirements, and License/Permit

Cleaning businesses can be a great way to make money and start your own business. With careful planning, you can create a successful cleaning business in California that provides employment and clean homes. Before starting your business, you must make some points, including researching different cleaning methods and pricing schemes.

How to Start a Cleaning Business in California

How to Start a Cleaning Business in California

How Profitable is Starting a Cleaning Business in California?

There are many ways to start a cleaning business in California. One option is to find an existing business that needs cleaning and offer your services as a subcontractor. Alternatively, you can start your own cleaning company by registering with the state and getting licensed. There are several requirements, including passing a criminal background check and having financial stability. 

Benefits of Starting a Cleaning Business in California

The climate is perfect for a cleaning business in California. The weather is constantly mild, so cleaning businesses can open year-round without facing ice or snow problems. The cost of goods and supplies is low in California, making it an affordable place to start a business. A large population base in California requires cleaning services, which means there is always a demand for new cleaning businesses to enter the market. The workforce in California is highly skilled and trained, making it easier for new cleaners to get started and succeed.

What are the Best Towns in California to Run a Cleaning Business?

San JoseSacramento
Los AngelesOakland
San FranciscoIrvine
Riverside-San BernardinoStockton
San DiegoLong Beach

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Do You Need a License and Permits to Cleaning Business in California?

Yes, if you are planning on providing residential or commercial cleaning services. All cleaners must have a license from the State California Department of Public Health in California. Even as a sole proprietor, you should consider obtaining a federal tax ID, formally known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Various other licenses and permits will also be necessary; these may include the following;

  • A business license
  • A fire code permit
  • A hazardous materials disclosure
  • A wastewater discharge permit
  • A State EPA identification number, and
  • A State registration form for employers

The entrepreneur will need to obtain a county business license. This can be obtained by visiting the county business office website and filling out an application. Once the application is complete, the county will review it and may require additional documentation, such as tax returns or financial statements. In addition to the county business license, some entrepreneurs may need a state licensing certificate.

This certificate can be obtained by contacting the Department of Consumer Affairs or going online to their website and completing an application form. The Department of Consumer Affairs will review the application and may require additional documents, such as insurance policies or criminal records checks. The state licensing certificate is valid for two years and must be renewed annually. Another important permit that many cleaners in California require is a health department permit.

To operate a commercial cleaning business in California, you will need an Occupational License from the California State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Some regulations, such as training employees and keeping business records, must be followed. To operate a residential janitorial service in California, you will need both a Business License and a Residential Contractor’s License from the City or County where your service will be provided.

How To Start a Cleaning Business from Scratch in California?

There are a few things to keep in mind. According to the California Cleaning and Restoration Association (CCRA), an organized approach is one of the most important aspects of starting a cleaning business. Start by creating or purchasing a cleaning business plan, outlining how much money you anticipate making, what types of services you will offer, your pricing structure, and more.

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Additionally, be sure to create a marketing strategy and establish customer relationships. Another key factor to consider when starting a cleaning business is licensing and certification. To legally operate as a cleaner in California, you must obtain General Business and Residential Cleaning licenses. Furthermore, many states require cleaners to obtain ILCB-certified professional cleaners or Master Handyman Certification in Cleaning & Restoration.

Finally, ensure you have the proper equipment and supplies before beginning your cleaning business. This includes mops, brooms, bucket trucks, detailing tools, air purifiers, and more. It is also important to have sufficient insurance coverage in case of accidents or damages.

Ways to Start Your Own Cleaning Business in California

One way is to Start your own home-based business. A second option is to franchise your business. Another option is to become an independent contractor and clean offices, retail stores, or hospitals. Many online resources can help you get started in the cleaning industry. Before starting your own cleaning business, it is important to research the laws and regulations that apply to the industry in which you plan to operate.

Equipment Needed to Start Cleaning Business in California

  1. Vacuum cleaner: A vacuum cleaner is essential for cleaning floors and surfaces. Be sure to buy a high-quality model that can handle a lot of dust and debris.
  2. Mop: A mop is essential for cleaning floors and surfaces. Make sure to buy a durable model that can hold up against spills and heavy use.
  3. Scrubber pads: Scrubber pads clean hard surfaces, such as wood or concrete. Buy enough pads to cover the area you plan to clean.
  4. Bucket: A bucket is useful for wetting dirty surfaces and mopping spills. Select a sturdy bucket that can hold water without spilling it.
  5. Clothes hanger: Clothes hangers are often used in closets and other small spaces to hang clothes out of reach of pets or children. Buy enough hangers to cover the areas you will be cleaning.
  6. Hardware store: You will also need some hardware supplies, such as nails, screws, hooks, brackets, and tarps. Check with your local hardware store for tips on how to set up your cleaning business properly.
  7. Supplies: Start with a basic supply of cleaners, paper towels, and buckets. As your business grows, you may want to invest in more specialized cleaning supplies like drain cleaners or carpet cleaners.

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Requirements for Starting a Cleaning Business in California

Some tips for starting a cleaning business in California include researching the market, preparing your business plan, and locating the right cleaning supplies and equipment. You also need to create marketing materials and find clients. Once everything is ready, you can start by setting up a safe work environment and training your employees. Finally, keep track of your finances and adjust your strategies as needed.

If you are interested in starting a cleaning business in California, there are a few things you will need to do first. Research the state’s regulations and ensure your business meets all the requirements. Find a location to start your business and get the necessary permits. Invest in the necessary equipment and supplies, and get started.

How to Get Your Cleaning Products in California?

When starting a cleaning business in California, knowing the regulations in place is important. One of the most important rules to know is the requirement for a cleaning contractor license. This license is required to provide residential or commercial cleaning services. There are other requirements, such as having liability insurance and proof of certified training. You will need supplies like buckets, mops, and clothes to start. You will need supplies for disinfecting, such as bleach and wipes. Finally, you will need tools, such as a vacuum cleaner and dust cloths.

Research the Cleaning Business Market

Before starting your own cleaning business in California, it is important to research the market opportunity and assess your skills and resources. You can find valuable information about starting a cleaning business online or by contacting local businesses that offer this service. Once you have found how much money you want to invest in setting up your business and what equipment you require, start looking for potential clients.

There are several ways to gain this information. You can talk to other business owners in your area or search online for industry blogs, articles, and forums. Once you understand your competition well, focusing on delivering an innovative product or service that sets you apart from the rest is important. Also, make sure to keep up with marketing trends so that you can reach a wider audience with your message.

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Create a Cleaning Business Plan in California

1. Know your market – Before starting your own cleaning business, ensure you understand the market in your area. Once you know the areas where potential customers are located, start researching competitive rates and how much work each type of cleaning typically entails.

2. Get organized – The first step is to get your business organized and ready to accept payments. Ensure you have all the necessary paperwork, such as liability insurance and tax documents. This will help streamline the process of processing payments and getting refunds or credits back to your customers.

It will help if you stay organized when starting your own cleaning business. Keep track of all expenses to your company (such as equipment costs, rent or leases, and labor costs), make sure you are billing correctly according to industry standards, and keep records of customer interactions so you can improve future services

3. Establish pricing guidelines – Determine what services you will offer and set prices accordingly. While it may seem daunting, organizing your business before you even start cleaning is essential for success. Keep track of hours worked, client visits, and expenses associated with your business. This will help you stay on budget while providing quality work.

4. Build relationships with local businesses – Offer complementary services like deep-cleaning or window washing in exchange for promoting your company to clients.

5. Get all the necessary permits and licenses – To start a cleaning business in California, you must obtain permits from your local government. You will need a license from the Department of Health Services if you will be performing disinfectant services or if you will be using hazardous chemicals. You will also likely need liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Make sure you understand all the requirements before starting your business.

6. Create a budget and track expenses – A budget is essential when starting any new business. Track your spending to determine where your money is going and whether you are achieving your goals.

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7. Hire talented employees – When starting any new business, it is important to select the right employees carefully. Hiring the wrong people can ruin your reputation and lead to lost profits. Instead, invest time screening potential employees and finding someone who shares your vision for the company.

8. Invest in quality equipment – No matter what kind of cleaner you are, investing in quality equipment is essential for success. When starting a cleaning business, investing in the right tools and materials is important. You will need a powerful vacuum cleaner, high-quality cleaning supplies, dust mops and brooms, and plenty of rug cleaners. Make sure you purchase quality products that will last through tough conditions.

9. Choose an appropriate business structure – Choosing the right legal structure can help protect your assets and promote flexibility in times of growth or adversity. Develop strong internal controls to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Properly designed systems can help minimize risk while maximizing profits.

10. Create a strong marketing plan – One of the most important factors when starting a cleaning business is creating a strong marketing plan. You must develop an effective branding strategy, create catchy slogans and logos, find local advertising opportunities, and build strong customer relationships. With careful planning, your new cleaning company can quickly gain traction in the marketplace.

Different Ways to Get Clients for a Cleaning Business in California

One way to get clients for a cleaning business in California is to advertise in local newspapers and online. Another way is to go door-to-door and offer your services. You can also hold informational meetings to introduce yourself and your business. Finally, you can use social media like Facebook and Twitter to market your business.

Cleaning Business Set-Up Cost in California

Cleaning businesses in California can expect to spend anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 to get the business up and running.

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Promote Your Cleaning Business in California

When starting, it’s important to ensure your business is licensed and insured. This will protect you from liability if something happens while someone is working for you. In addition, be sure to have the proper permits and licenses for your work. Research what type of cleaning services people in your area are looking for. Then develop marketing plans that target those specific demographics. Finally, hire a strong team of cleaners and get started.


Starting a cleaning business in California for offices or homes has its legal considerations. Starting a cleaning business can be profitable, but it requires some planning. It can be a method to make extra money and work from home.


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