How to Start a Dosa Plaza Franchise in India

Introduction on how to start a Dosa Plaza franchise in India

Are you a dosa lover and want to start a DosaFranchise in India. If you are a true Dosa lover and want to capitalize on a food business that specializes in Dosa and desire to own a Dosa franchise in India, then this is the appropriate place for you. This article will give the details of the Dosa Plaza franchise which is famous in India and about the Dosa business plan opportunities that are delivered by the company to the public. This blog will give the information and thus could assist you to a firm decision about why you must invest in Dosa Plaza and obtain its franchise.

Ideas to start a Dosa Plaza franchise

It is not a hidden fact that most Indian people love food. We can see a range of cuisines from different parts of the nation that people consume daily. One of the most famous cuisines is south Indian food. It has dishes like Vada, Idli, Uttapam, etc. that are lovely in taste. But one dish that is dominantly desired by all from the South Indian region is Dosa.

There is a large variation of Dosas presented across India like Paper Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, SchezwanDosa, Masala Dosa, and so much more. And one of the most widespread places in India to consume a Dosa is Dosa Plaza which also stands as the best Dosa franchise in entire India. Dosa Plaza has been serving its customers by satisfying the cravings for delicious food with top quality customer service for many years. It is this commitment to helped them to shape a huge and loyal consumer base across entire India.

About the Dosa Plaza

Dosa Plaza is an Indian food outlet that was founded in the year 1997. The company started its very first shop in the state Maharashtra near Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Considered to be one of the finest eating places in the country, Dosa Plaza has its existence in more than 12 states of India. The company is in supports the idea of franchising and has arrangements to open 10-15 new franchise outlets per year. The company claims a large range of Dosas. The count on different types of Dosas offered by Dosa Plaza is estimated to be 104. This varied range of food items is one of the exclusive selling points of the company that fascinates a lot of clients. This large range of Dosas does not only entice local people but also folks from abroad. Among the 104 types of Dosas, about 27 types of Dosas which are even trademarked by Dosa Plaza.

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About the Dosa Plaza.
About the Dosa Plaza.

To be an owner of a Dosa Plaza shop, a person should follow a few specific steps. The first thing which an individual must do is to check the company’s official webpage. After checking the website, the candidate should duly fill an application form to apply the franchise of the Dosa Plaza. Certain professional as well as personal information is required to be filled out by the franchise in this form. Then, he or she should submit the form to the firm. The support executive of Dosa Plaza will verify the application form. If the application is chosen, then the candidate will be communicated by the Dosa Plaza people to proceed further.

The market potential of Dosa Plaza in India

Dosa Plaza Franchise in India has great demand in the market. From children to elder people love having dosa. The dosa point attracts many of the people. In these busy days, everyone chooses to have varieties of dosa from the dosa points. This company was developed with just Rs. 50,000 now it reaches a turnover of around Rs. 1000 crores.

The company is having different categories of Dosas. Some of these categories include Sada Plaza, Combination Masala Plaza, Traditional Masala, Chinese Fusion Dosas, Thin Crispy Dosas, Chopsuey Plaza, Mexican style Dosas, Spicy Plaza, Paper Plaza, and many more.

Requirements to start a Dosa Plaza Franchise in India

Similar to other franchises, there are some requisites which an individual must fulfill to be a franchisee of Dosa Plaza. One exciting thing about Dosa Plaza is that the company proposes two types of Dosa business plan options to the clients so that the potential financiers can select as to which franchise probably they should spend in. The two options are known to be Model A and Model B. The Dosa Plaza franchise necessities are also unlike for these two types of franchise categories that are delivered by the company. Below are the two franchise choices that are presented by Dosa Plaza to the investors, along with the necessities that any person has to fulfill to obtain these franchises. The below are the dosa plaza franchise price is depicted below as per the Model:

Model A

Model A embodies the Food Court Express franchise model presented by the company. The major obligation that is needed to be fulfilled by the franchisee of Dosa Plaza is concerning the area or outlet space. Adequate area or space is desirable so that there is sufficient room to accommodate the equipment. The store must be spacious enough for the employees to walk easily while execution of their everyday duties. In the case of a Dosa Plaza, the area that is compulsory by an individual to take up the franchise store is about 400 square feet.

Model B

This model offered by the Dosa Plaza characterizes the dining restaurant. The area needed for an individual to start this model of the Dosa Plaza is about 1,300 to 2,200 square feet.

Cost or investment to start a Dosa Plaza franchise 

The one very significant factor that must be considered by every financier while choosing as to whether to capitalize in a company or not is the price of investment involved. The cost of investment is dissimilar for diverse models of the Dosa Plaza.

In the Model A which is the Food Court Express model, the cost that is obligatory by an individual as venture capital is about 25 to 30 lakh rupees. The dosa plaza franchise cost is about 8 lakh rupees must be paid by the franchisee to the company. Apart from that, the franchisee should contribute to the royalty fee of 8 percent to the company.

In the case of Model B that comes to the dining restaurant model, the money that a financier must spend to become the owner of the franchise is about 55 to 60 lakh rupees. The dosa plaza franchise cost in India in Model B is about 12 lakh rupees must be paid by the franchisee to the organization. The franchisee also must provide to a royalty fee of 8 percent.

Profits in Dosa Plaza franchise

People can earn a good amount of profits in the Dosa Plaza outlet. The estimated rate of returns for a Dosa Plaza outlet is about 20-30 percent. The franchisee can get back the first investment amount in a span of 1 to 3 years.

Dosa Plaza franchise contact details

The below are the details of the Dosa Plaza Franchise – You can contact the details to Dosa Plaza franchise inquiry E-mail address at ‘’, or by Dosa plaza franchise contact number at +91 9324251402, or a landline phone number +91 22 2783 0606.

The conclusion to start a Dosa Plaza franchise in India

There are several benefits related to investing in a company such as Dosa Plaza and being the owner of its franchise. The company’s fame aids the franchisee in fascinating customers and it also upsurges the sales of the store. Another advantage of investing in Dosa Plaza is that the business provides high financial returns to the franchisee for a sensibly moderate investment.

The work rules of the franchise of dosa plaza are clear and growth-oriented. The owner of a Dosa Plaza franchise and the employees must go through a training session organized by the company. The purpose of this training session is to equip the franchisee in a way that he or she is capable to absorb the details of the business and is fully prepared to successfully run the business. Dosa Plaza also helps to support the franchisee for setting up the franchise including the pre-opening operations.

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