How to Start Ball Pen Refill Making Business in India

Introduction on how to start a Ball Pen Refill making business

Ball pen refill making process is easy. In addition to that, you can start the business as a home-based manufacturing business with low investment. Ballpen is an essential writing tool for students, for educational organizations, and even in offices.

A step by step guide to start a Ball Pen Refill making business

The wide and growing use of ball pens and refills has made this product the mass consumable entity. There is always a very high demand for a quality ball pen and refill. Nowadays use-and-throw pens mostly famous among students. Any individual can start this manufacturing business by having simple equipment. The required raw materials can be obtained from the nearby local market easily.

Create a detailed business plan to start a Ball Pen Refill making business

A business plan refers to the steps one takes to incorporate any business, with the details of the investment strategies, resources required, required manpower, risks, and failures, return on investment, etc. A business plan also aids to draw the attention of the investors and to avail of a loan for your business. It also helps you in beginning your business and keeps you at a steady pace.

Registration to start a Ball Pen Refill Making business

For beginning ball pen refill making you should register your business mainly. For starting a business as a small scale unit, you can register as OPC or LLP or Pvt. Ltd Company.

You must avail Trade License for the local Municipal Authority and even obtain GST Registration. Other legal requirements are you must have a Pan Card and bank account for the current account. This type of manufacturing activity does not need the Pollution Control Board License.

Registration to start a Ball Pen Refill Making business.
Registration to start a Ball Pen Refill Making business

Space to set up Ball Pen Refill manufacturing unit

 If you are planning for a small-scale unit then one room is sufficient for you which can be operated in your own house. It will save a lot of money which may be futile while renting space. If you feel it essential then you may lease space as well. 

Finance to start a Ball Pen Refill making Business

Ballpen and refill manufacturing is considered a micro-scale industry. You can arrange finance with your savings or related circle or you can even apply for a MUDRA Bank Loan which is being provided nowadays. In any case, you require a project report with information like machinery charges, raw material cost, and working capital investment details. You should have a proper financial analysis well before applying for a loan or any type of finance from a bank.

Machinery required to start a Ball Pen Refill making business

For the beginning, a ball pen refill making unit, 200 sq. ft. onwards area is needed. Major required machinery are stated below

  • Punching machine
  • Ink filling machine
  • Nozzle fixing machine
  • Centrifuging machine
  • Hot stamping machine

Ball pen refill making unit also can be started on a fully automatic basis. Technically upgraded fully automatic ball pen refill making machine can also be acquired from the market. According to your available resources and desired output, you must select the right equipment for the business.

Raw material required to start a Ball Pen Refill making business

The required raw materials are pipe, liquid ink, and nozzle. Besides, you can obtain all the raw material from the nearby wholesale market or the manufacturer directly. You will need some packaging consumables such as plastic wrappers along with the cardboard box.

Ball Pen Refill making process

The ball pen refill making process is easy. It only requires the basic steps shown below:

  • Filling the pipe with predetermined ink quantity.
  • Fixing the nozzle
  • Embossing your brand name
  • Packing

In a fully automatic setup, the above steps are performed by a single machine automatically. You can also produce various sizes of refills with separate colors.

The market for Ball Pen Refill making business in India

 To sell your manufactured product it is crucial to create or discover a market. You have to meet those many shopkeepers and distributors who have some contract with the stationary business. You may also begin your retail shop for selling pens for an increased profit margin. You may also make some sort of deal or contract with some businesses or firms who could purchase pens from you and then brand it with their organization name to distribute it within their organization or to their clients. 

Managing your business and return on investment

Managing your business is a very significant aspect to get wonderful results. From organizing every item in setting up your business and recruiting your employees. It all needs a lot of hard work and time. Managing your business with effectiveness will upsurge the profit margin and will impart you good returns.

The initial months of your income would be spent on the capital and resources you have put and only after that, you will receive any returns. Lastly, in for running a successful business, proper planning is very essential followed by its timely execution. Always remain on your toes at least during the initial stages as a small error may lead to big damage to your business. In this competitive and trending market, by following it regularly with your smartness you could sustain your business

Employees required in Ball Pen Refill making business

Based on the scale of business you must plan the number of employees but the budget is also a major concern.

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Marketing strategies to promote your pen refill business

Promotion of your company

You can select from various available possibilities for advertising your company. You can provide even some samples for free and the shopkeepers can distribute it to their customers and through this people will get the knowledge about your product and they could then begin purchasing a ball pen refill of your firm.

Print media: You can even advertise products/companies by placing ads in newspapers and brochures. You can hand out these brochures through newspapers or by any individual.

Promotion through electronic media

Electronic media is the standard model of promotion. Radio and T.V are could be a costly way but most effective.

Promotion through social media

Those who have sound knowledge of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram can use it to spread their business well. You can even hire a professional for this purpose for your ball pen refill.

How to sell a ball pen refill?

You can go directly to the shops and sell a ball pen refill for your firm. By doing this you will cut off the wholesale commission and gain profits.

How to sell your ball pen refill online?

You can sell your ball pen refill in local markets or you can even sell in the medical stores. You can also register on B2B websites and B2C websites in online markets to promote your products. 

You can also sell your products in supermarkets, small stores in shopping malls, etc. Advertise your product through social media to get a huge number of clients in this way you can increase and promote your business. Even though there are several ball pen refill manufacturers in India, but the demand for encouraging the new product is also high because of its quality. So, you need not worry about the market. You can sell your product based on the ball pen refill wholesale price in India.

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