How To Start Jackfruit Business – In India

Introduction on How to start a Jackfruit Business in India

Are you willing to start a jackfruit-based business? If you are interested to know what are the value-added products you can prepare from jackfruits? Check out some of the jackfruit processing business ideas in this article.

A step by step guide to start amd make money from Jackfruit business in India

The Jackfruit is popularly famous with the scientific name, Artocarpus heterophyllus. This belongs to the Moraceae family. Also, it is one of the largest tree fruits across the globe. The tropical countries are considered to be the major producers of jackfruits.

The northern states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat and the southern parts of India such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka are major jackfruit producing states. 

License, registration and permission required to start a Jackfruit business

The main economic product of jackfruit is its fruit. People use it both when immature and when mature. However, you cannot use the sweet pulp of the fruit for a long time because of its highly perishable nature. Hence, a huge post-harvest loss occurs is seen every year during peak time.

Currently, the various government based research centers including CFTRI are planning to standardize the production methodology of value-added products from jackfruits. These are following the FSSAI standard. Hence the businessmen can start a small-scale food processing unit to have value-based products from jackfruits.

Below is the list of license required before starting the ghee making business in India

  • Registration of firm
  • GST registration
  • Trade license
  • Pollution certificate
  • MSME/SSI registration
  • EPI and ESI registrations
  • Trademark 
  • FSSAI registration
  • IEC code
  • FPO act
Edible Jackfruit.
Edible Jackfruit.

Generally, the cost of this type of project is not much. You can start a unit even for a single product. However, a multi-processing unit will give a better revenue return. Some of the most profitable jackfruit-based products that you can make and sell for profits are listed below.

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Canned Jackfruit

Apart from the domestic market, canned jackfruits are gaining huge export potential as well. As raw fruit is an easily perishable product, we can preserve it in sugar syrup for a long period. You must use the crisp bulbs of the ripe Jackfruit for canning. Also, you will need materials like citric acid, sugar, and packing materials such as tin cans, etc. for operating the unit.

Jacjfruit Bar

Generally, fruit bars are healthy snack items that provide delicious taste. It is also famous for fruit toffee. So, fruit bars have a great market throughout the nation like India. You can prepare the fruit bar using jackfruits as well. Commercial manufacturing is a very profitable business. The main raw materials that you will need are starch, color, sugar, preservatives, hydrogenated fat, skimmed milk powder, flavor, glucose, etc.

Jackfruit Ice Cream

Ice creams with different fruit flavors are attaining huge popularity in the present day. Currently, people are willing to consume ice creams throughout the year irrespective of season and age. Hence, this is not a seasonal business nowadays. And you can prepare ice cream using jack pulp. Initiating this type of plant needs a very small startup investment. From the same unit with using the same machinery and equipment, you can even prepare other items also.

Jackfruit Chips

Raw jackfruit is the main raw material for fried jack chips. First of all, you must cut the raw jackfruits into large pieces. Then, take off the bulbs and seeds manually. Then cut the raw bulbs into appropriate lengthwise pieces. Finally, fry these pieces using coconut oil or refined vegetable oil. Also, you may include salt in the frying pieces to augment its taste and preservation.

Jackfruit Nectar

“Nectar” is usually used for drinks that are produced using dilution of fruit pastes or juices with or without including sweeteners. It is a healthy food item even for the kids and adults. In nectar processing, you must remove the bulbs from ripe jackfruit. And pass them through a pulping/fruit mill. Then mix with around 10% hot water and send through a pulper having a fine sieve of about 1 mm hole. Now, this pulp can be used for preparing nectar.

Jackfruit Peda

Peda is a typical Indian sweet and it is also famous as khoa. Peda is harder and has a granular texture when compared with burfi. Generally, it is available in a round shape. Manufacturing of peda comprises blending and kneading of khoa and sugar until a smooth and homogenous product is developed. Here you can add jackfruit pulp for jack peda. The preparation method is easy and simple with low investment.

Jackfruit Squash

In our country, fruit squash is a famous product used while preparing homemade cold drinks such as sharbat. You can find an extensive variety of established brands like Druke, Kissan, Ruhafza, etc. You can prepare jackfruit squash using juice and pulp. The manufacturing process is easy. You must take care while providing good quality moisture and leak-proof packaging.

Jackfruit Seed Flour

The preparation of jackfruit seed flour is simple. Also, the technology is easily available for businessmen. Due to its high carbohydrate content and other nutritional value, they can be added to bakery items for value addition without affecting the functional and sensory characteristics of the final item.

Jackfruit Jam

For preparing jam, you must have fully ripe jackfruits. You can prepare it using boiling fruit pulp with pectin, sugar, and acid. You must spend a small amount for starting a small-scale unit. Jam is an intermediate moisture food and the sugar content in it increases its caloric value. Due to the sweet taste, people of various age-group consume jam very often.

Jackfruit Pickles

You must use unripe jackfruits for the pickle preparation. First, you must apply oil to a knife and peel off the jackfruit skin. Try to slice the peeled fruits into 12-18 mm thick slices. Prepare a 5% common salt solution after mixing salt with water, 50 g salt/l. Place the slices in a vessel and cover with the brine solution. Drain the slices after 1 day. Finally, grind and mix with spice and vinegar and cook it to improve the taste.

Investment required to start a Jackfruit business in India

You can start Jackfruit business with just one unit so it requires only minimum investment of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000. You can even earn more profits with low investments.

Profit margin in Jackfruit business

You can get a good profit margin of 20-25% within a year and soon your profits will get rise based on the quality of your products. 

Marketing strategies for promoting the Jack fruit product

Mainly it is essential to determine the marketing strategy for your business. The marketing strategy should have two things: first, to attract potential customers and make sure they are aware of brands and the second one is to educate potential customers about your Jackfruit products features like how it is so healthy and tasty. Additionally, you can opt for advertisements using banners, advertisements in local magazines, and reviews by food critics.

You must set-up a well-penetrated distribution channel. Generally, many big e-Commerce companies and supermarkets are possible options for domestic selling. Not only the domestic market, but you can also even explore the international market for expansion.

How to sell your product?

You can sell your product by registering it online in B2B websites and B2C websites. You can even spread some samples in the nearby bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets, or in the wholesale markets where your product gets well purchased. Try with new ideas in the starting and just concentrate on promoting your business. Later your business will be raised depending upon the quality you provide to the customers.

Conclusion to start and make money from Jackfruit business

Jackfruit is an extremely fibrous fruit. But, you can’t keep the ripe fruit fresh for a long period. So, it is difficult to store them. Hence, you must take considerable care during the procuring period and choose the fresh jackfruits for preparing any type of value-added food items.

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