How To Start Pizza Corner – Business Plan In India

Introduction on How to Start a Pizza corner in India

With about 80% of Indians are consuming pizza at least once a month, it’s no wonder that pizza shops are one of th5e famous types of restaurants. Opening a pizzeria can be a great option especially when you’ve planned correctly.

A step by step guide to start a Pizza corner business in India

If you’re thinking about how to open a pizza shop, your first motive should be coming up with appetizing recipes and deciding what types of pizza you might feature on your menu. The following section is available to guide you in starting your pizza business.

Business plan to start a Pizza corner in India

Whether you are confirmed to open your pizza shop or are planning if you want to open one, it’s essential to know what is necessary to begin a successful pizza-serving business.

License required to start a Pizza corner in India

Apart from the proprietorship business, you should be in a position to register your organization. On the basis of the managerial pattern, you may opt for your business to register as LLP or Pvt. Ltd. or Ltd. Company. You must definitely obtain a Trade License and approach a nearby bank to open a current bank account for financial transactions pertaining to your business.

As your business is categorized under food processing business, you must have an FSSAI registration.

You must even follow the FPO norms. Though this type of plant does not demand a PCB license, it is recommended to apply for a NOC. Finally, you must obtain GST registration for tax filing. If you have more than 10 staff members, then you should apply for PF and ESI.

Create your Pizza recipes and form your menu

Pizza Menu

With pizza places on almost every street corner, you can set your pizzeria apart by innovating your skills to make sure your pizza is unique and with great recipes. High-quality, fresh components are crucial for flavor, and you can also figure out various toppings to design a variety of pizzas. Make sure to write down each step when thinking out different recipes, so you can remember your pizza inventions.

Deciding what will be on your menu is very significant for your service style and brand. It will also decide what type of equipment you need, the customers you hope to attract, the staff you appoint, and the investment you may require. These are all essential when planning and writing a business plan.

Choose your Pizza Shop service style and brand

Coming up with a promising idea and brand is crucial for envisioning your restaurant, writing your business plan, and resourcing the capital.

How to choose a Pizza Shop service style?

The most common pizza place service styles are mentioned here. You can also plan a combination of these service styles. This decision is finally dependent on how much capital you have, the area you select, and your unique objective.

Sit-down: A sit-down pizzeria allows for an extensive range of customers than other service styles. Also, it helps you to communicate your brand, area, and to deliver hospitality. This option, however, requires much capital.

Delivery: A delivery pizza shop is an easy option for most customers. However, there lies some risk related to the safety of your delivery people along with an increased price for customers as the delivery labor charges will be added.

Take away pizza

A take away pizza place is likely the best compared to the expensive option, as it demands less equipment, tableware, space, and others. One downside is that the cost and food are your main selling points as apart from your pizzeria’s special feel and welcoming staff.

Choosing a Pizza Shop Brand

Selecting a brand for your pizza place might be based on your service style. But you must still create your memorable brand. If you want a fast-casual spot that is meant for millennials or planning to recreate a sit-down spot with Italian dishes? Are you thinking of a traditional pizza hub with Coca-Cola bottles and retro symbols? Next to the food you offer, your restaurant’s brand and feel are the other aspects to attract customers, so make sure to put careful ideas into your brand.

Prepare a business report for your pizza place

Here is a basic layout of what should be added to your pizza shop business plan. A business plan is important for structuring your business, staying planned, and getting capital or funding.

  • Executive Summary
  • Company Overview and explanation
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Offerings
  • Management
  • Marketing Plan and Public Relations Strategies
  • Financial Estimation

Find a location for your Pizzeria

When choosing a location to open your pizza place, we suggest the following ideas:

  • Try to search for an area where similar restaurants are less. Some healthy competition can be a good thing in the restaurant world, but you should not be overshadowed by any most popular pizza places nearby.
  • Find a visible spot. If possible, choose a place that has a busy street, gets heavy footfall, or features parking spaces. If your pizza shop is open and inviting to nearby, you’ll be more likely to get new customers.
  • Figure out the demographics and eating patterns of people of that region. Make sure there is a customer base that will be interested in your restaurant service fashion and brand in the location you opt for.

Securing loans and funding to start a Pizza corner in india

When thriving for a capital source for your restaurant, you may need what amount of total startup funding you could need for your pizza shop. You should first estimate how much money you already have with you as startup funding and how much more you could get to start your pizza shop.

To do this, calculate all the costs of opening your pizza shop and the expenses necessary to keep it operating daily. You should then budget, project, and plan the next year to know how much you may require to stay in business. Consider applying for restaurant startup loans if you require investment to carry out your business.

Equipment required to start a Pizza corner business in India

The pizza business equipment that is essential for your pizza shop is based on your restaurant concept, but there are some amenities that every pizzeria should have:

  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Dough preparation equipment, such as dough presses, dough sheeters, and proofing cabinets
  • Pizza ovens – you can select from conveyor ovens, impinger ovens, convection ovens, pizza deck ovens, or a brick pizza oven
  • Basic preparation supplies, including pizza cutters, serving utensils, cutting boards, and plates serving supplies, like pizza stands and pizza delivery bags.

Hire qualified employees

Your employees will be the reflecting of your pizzeria, so you must ensure they’ll represent you properly and in the best way possible. When interviewing candidates, look for smart, warm personalities. It’s important that customers feel convenient while interacting with their workers. Also, look for potential employees who are sincerely interested in becoming a member of your restaurant. If they care about the success of your pizzeria, they will surely work well and contribute to your success.

Pizza Corner
Pizza Corner (Pic Source: Pixabay)
  • It’s significant that locals and out-of-towners have the information about your pizza corner and can gather helpful details about it. Create excitement around your new pizzeria to attract customers to want to try it.
  • Make use of social media. Create a Facebook and Instagram page that will gather potential patrons with photos of your food, cooking videos or behind-the-scenes pictures of staff, and information about your pizzeria menu. Make sure to use HD photos.
  • Create an attractive website. Your website must be user friendly and an individual could navigate easily to represent your brand. Include all the essential information about your pizza places, such as your address, contact number, opening hours, and menu.
  • Place an ad for the local newspaper. Getting all the details before you open your pizza shop could give you an advantage, especially if pizza businesses are already popular in the area.
  • Create a digital check-in. Create a digital prizes program using an app that will attract the growing number of consumers who use mobile apps predominantly.
  • Keep an email list. The trick to engage customers with emails is to have relevant content for each group of people. For example, sending dine-in specials to reservation customers or offering delivery coupons to online ordering people are both great options. Your email should reflect your brand and forge a relationship with customers who will look forward to opting for your pizza point.
  • Offer promotions to new people. Give guests a free soft drink or extra side dish for the very pizza slice. This will give customers the imprint that they are well-treated at your joint, and they will be interested to revisit your pizza shop along with their friends.
  • Plan for a grand opening. This can be done after your soft opening or in place of it. You can also host other events, for instance, late-night promos, music events, how-to-make-your-own pizza nights, or themed dinners.

Host an attractive and grand opening of your Pizzeria

Interiors of Pizza Shop

We suggest hosting a soft opening before your full-fledged initiation date. This allows you to analyze operating your service strategies and resolving any issues that may arise. Consider offering smaller items or just serving for a few hours of the day. You can also host friends and a family function with complementary dishes or invite local people. These approaches also support you to attain local people who may publicize the word of your new pizza place before its official start.

With such a heavy demand for pizza, opening a pizza shop can yield great returns. But this profitable bottom line is more likely possible with logistical planning, delicious formulae, and a distinctive brand and ideas. If you’re looking for more innovative ways to attract your pizzeria clients, ensure to add new foodservice ideas into your pizzeria.

Investment required to start your Pizza Business in India

If you plan your Pizza Business at small-scale first, then it costs Rs. 2 Lakhs to 2.5 Lakhs. This is affordable and you can handle it easily. Later you plan for expanding your business based on your profits.

Profit-margin in Pizza Business

You can expect at least Rs. 100 on each pizza as a profit or you can increase it based on the ingredients. So, on a whole you can expect 35% to 40% of profits in your Pizzeria business.

How to sell your product?

You can sell your product by registering it online in B2B websites and B2C websites. You can even spread some pamphlets in the nearby stores, restaurants, supermarkets, or in the wholesale markets where your product gets well purchased. Try with new ideas in the starting and just concentrate on promoting your business. Later your business will be raised depending upon the quality you provide to the customers.

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