Ideas to Make Money as a Teenager

Introduction to ideas to making money as a teenager

Are you wondering to know how to make money as a teenager? Remember that you don’t necessarily need a job to make money as a teenager. There are a great number of side hustles that you can work around your schedule. In many cases, these side hustles can be started as a teenager.

Many teenagers are not shying away from taking a summer job or working during the weekends. Having to undertake responsibilities early on in life builds character. But, you should look for money-making opportunities from non-traditional sources. But that’s not a problem, because there are more of them than ever before.

Ideas to make money as a teenager

If you’re a teen interested in earning some money of your own, you’re not alone. Many teenagers are looking for many ways to cover expenses by making money on their own. If you are one of the many teens who need or want to earn money to cover these costs, read on. In this article, we covered the ideas of making money as a teenager, and some tips for the teenage hustlers. You can choose any of the following ideas to make money as a teenager. Let’s get started!

Ideas to make money as a teenager.
Ideas to make money as a teenager.

Below are the ways to make money as a teenager:

Tutor your schoolmates 

Many parents are looking for reasonably priced tutors for their kids in specific school subjects. If you’re a teen who excels in a particular subject such as math, reading, or a foreign language, you can offer your tutor services to local parents. Ask neighborhood parents if they need a tutor. Or check local online for parents looking for tutors.

You can also try to sign up for an online service that connects you to other students needing tutors. Many of these sites require a high school diploma, but others are more flexible about their stipulations. Don’t give up on this idea just because you’re not a brainiac!

Here are some things you could tutor:

  • School subjects
  • Sports
  • Drawing
  • Playing an instrument
  • Comedy 

House Sitting

It’s not uncommon for friends and neighbors to ask each other to house sit while they’re away on vacation. You may need to stay a few hours at a house or to live there the entire time, so make sure you’re clear on what the expectations are from you. Some house-sitting gigs will involve watering the plants, sorting the mail, and taking care of any pets that are there.

Digitalizing photos

One of the profitable ways to make money as a teenager is digitalizing photos. This is a process of scanning and saving photos to your computer. If you have a high-quality scanner, you can offer your services to people who are looking to convert their photos from paper to digital.

Many people have their family photos lying around that they would love to have a digital version of but they don’t have the time to scan them. That’s where you come in! Offer to digitize pictures for people so they will be around for many more years to come and help eliminate clutter.

Rent your video games

If you’ve got a lot of video games or books, you can rent them to friends for a small fee. Charge them a certain amount to rent the item for a week or two, and make sure to tell them there will be a late fee if the item isn’t returned to you on time. Keep a notebook listing who has what items and when they’re due back so that you don’t lose track of your stuff.


Another way to make money as a teenager is babysitting. This may not be a job all teenagers can do, but it’s quite a common way to earn some cash while spending time with kids. Responsible teenagers who are good with kids often babysit during weeknights or in the summer when the kids are on holiday and parents are working. You have to love kids. It’s often as easy as just letting people in your neighborhood know that you’re available to sit.

Teach computer skills to the elderly

Despite the rapid spread of computers, there are a lot of people who still don’t know more about that. Many are only discovering the joys of computers now. But they don’t know how to use them well. You teach basic pc skills to an elderly person as a way to earn money in teens, and you might even learn a thing or two yourself in the process. You have to offer some services to teach them. 

Organize garages or houses

If you have a talent for organizing things, you’ll be getting offers from everywhere. People don’t have time to properly organize things in their garages or homes, and even when they do, they would rather pay someone else to do it for them. Make sure you evaluate correctly the time you need to organize spaces, so you can charge an amount that makes it worthwhile for you to spend your time cleaning and organizing spaces.

Listen to music

Yes, you are right listening to music will make you money as a teenager. You just listen to a song for 90 seconds and then write a review of it. The better your review, the better your pay! Your pay will depend on your reviews. You just need to have a good skill in English to write the review.

Do online surveys

Marketing research is very important for big businesses, and paid survey sites are one of the many ways firms complete this research. Most of the surveys are quick and painless, and you can do them from the comfort of your own home. Take some time to search for a reliable site or sites that don’t require a registration fee and accept teen participants.

Monetize your hobbies

Are you a talented writer? You might be good at drawing or making sketches of people or animals. If you have a talent that can earn you money, don’t be afraid to monetize it! You can sell your art and crafts at festivals and fairs, or you can sign up on platforms like Fiverr, where you can do various jobs like writing articles, creating logos, etc.

Word-of-mouth and good reviews can bring you in a lot of customers, allowing you to make enough money as a teenager to support your hobby even further and make some profit as well.

Get paid making YouTube videos

Like most of the jobs listed here, you’ll need the consent and help of a parent to take on a job like this. Whether you start a YouTube channel about makeup, fashion, or video games, with enough subscribers you could earn money from ads run by Google on your videos. Maybe your channel can become as successful too.

Help a senior citizen

One of the great ways to make money as a teenager is helping a senior citizen. You will probably make the senior citizen’s day too. Many of the elders suffering from loneliness and look forward to seeing young smiley faces that are ready to help out.

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Read stories for kids in a bookstore

This is another cool way for making money as a teenager. Bookstores for kids or bookstores that have kids’ corners often have reading programs, where kids can listen to stories and spend time with their peers. If you like reading and don’t mind the company of kids, you can apply for a reading job at a bookstore.

Participate in local studies

Many universities and pharmaceutical companies pay people to take part in studies or clinical trials. Some of these studies take up an afternoon, while others will require a longer-term commitment, so make sure to read all the conditions and requirements beforehand.

And finally, you can earn money by a variety of methods including:

  • Answering polls
  • Using their search engine
  • Giving feedback about a website
  • Getting cash back for shopping online
  • Playing games on their site.
  • List collectibles or unused items in online classifieds

Tips for the teenage hustlers

Following are the tips for teenagers to make money:

Have fun – You don’t need to get rich off your first side hustle. Have some fun with it and find out what you enjoy doing. You’ll learn a lot.

Learn from your mistakes – When you start something new, you’re bound to make mistakes. Instead of getting discouraged, figure out what went wrong, and learn from it.

Do the best work possible – If you want your business to grow, you can’t do crappy work. Your business will grow when you do good work, people notice.

Start now – When I was younger there were a lot of things I thought I couldn’t do because I was too young. I was wrong and I wish I would have just started.

Be creative – The more unique you are and the more you stand out, the better your chances of success.

The bottom line of ideas to make money as a teenager

If you’re able to work, there are plenty of opportunities you can do as a teenager. Some of the jobs are more suitable for an older teenager, some can be done by 12-year-olds too. Some jobs require that you do manual labor, others are less active jobs. Remember that as a teenager, you may not get paid as a professional, but you can still earn enough to go to that concert or festival you’ve been waiting for to go to or have enough money to afford the clothes you’d like to buy.

Always you have to discuss payment details and the jobs you want to apply with your parents. They can make sure everything is in order and can help with any issue that you may have.

I hope my list of the many ways you could earn money as a teenager has inspired you to apply for a job and it has given you all the tips and confidence you need to get started. Even better, you don’t have to pick just one way. You can choose two or three, or even more. There’s always another way to make money and you never have to get bored.

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