Awesome Ways To Make Money By Writing Articles

Hello friends, today we are here with a new topic to make money by writing articles. Everyone wants to make money as early as possible. If you want to start earning when you are in high school or college, one of the common jobs you can take up is as a writer.

Writing online articles is considered to be the best way to make extra money. If you have good writing skills, then you must consume these skills and make yourself some money. People usually ask us about the different ways to make money through writing articles.

This post will tell you about the top ways that you can use for making money fast via content writing.

12 easy ways to earn/make money by writing articles!

Earn money by writing articles
Earn money by writing articles (Image source: pixabay)

There are many ways by which you can earn money, but you must know that the below-listed ones are the most helpful options that we would suggest you pick from.

1. Start a blog

The most common and popular way of making money is through blogging. Blogging can help you make money fast, and this is why you would see more than billions of blogs indexed on the web these days. You must know that if you want to earn money by trying different ways, starting your own blog would be the starting point. So you have to make sure that you start your blog while still doing it for free. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of blog writing, you must know that a blog is a way by which you can express your thoughts and ideas to the audience on the web. You can use many blogging platforms, but the most popular choice is!

2. Get paid through guest blogging

Another quick and easy way of making money is by guest blogging. Guest blogging is the term that is used when you are writing blogs for someone else. Many websites would pay you to publish blogs on their behalf. Guest blogging is one of the most technical and, at the same time, easy type of writing which can get you a lot of money. Usually, guest posts/blogs are paid based on several words you have written. In guest blogging, you have to make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality of the post, or else the webmaster can easily reject it.

3. Ask around for writing jobs

The simplest way to get a writing job is to ask around. You can ask your friends and family and find out whether they need help with some content writing projects. Today content writing is getting very common, and so you would find work in your close circle. You don’t only have to find opportunities in content writing. Rather you can also charge for creating/writing resumes, ads, event invitations, and even email letters. You can also get work related to editing and proofreading from schools and colleges. If you are more into checking jobs, we suggest you pack a grammar and plagiarism checker with you.

4. Use a job board

Using a job board can also help you land a writing job. Job boards are usually placed when digital marketers and website owners need to hire people for content writing and creation. This is an easy way to make money if you can pitch the hiring manager. Most jobs/projects would pay you around $20 to $50 per post, which is a serious amount of money you can earn by sitting at your place. You have to make sure that your client knows your worth and value so that you can end up working for him on a long-term basis.

5. Use past clients

If you had worked on a writing project in the past, you can also approach your old clients and ask them for work. If they would have been satisfied with your work, then you can surely get more from them. If they don’t have work to offer you, you can also ask them to refer another client. Referral business is the best way if you want to up your game. Here we would like you to know that you have to make sure that you deliver quality if you get a job based on reference. You can take help from an online plagiarism checker tool to ensure that the content you have prepared is unique and free of other human mistakes.

6. Contact freelance writers

The majority of freelancers today are taking up content writing jobs. You can contact freelancers and ask them for extra projects they have or collaborate on the work they are currently doing. You must know that freelancers are often looking to sublet their work so that they can complete it well in time. There is a lot of competition in the freelancing field, so maybe you have to do some lobbying to get a writing project.

7. Cold pitch

Cold pitching is the concept that refers to the hunting of online businesses and pitches them directly for hire. You must know that you can easily make a cold pitch by contacting the email addresses listed on the websites/blogs. You can also call this email thread a cold email. Many writers are making money online in this way, so you can also try your luck.

8. Start a versatile service

When you are looking for different ways to make money through writing, you will find many other jobs on this journey. After working as a content writer, you can also try your luck in other services. Some of the common freelancing services related to content writing are virtual assistance, Pinterest management, graphic designing, plagiarism checking, website development, email marketing, social media management, proofreading, and editing. You can also start your firm and provide all of these services at a certain price. Today you can easily do this to take help from digital tools like the online plagiarism checker!

9. Place ads on your blog

Another common way of making money through writing is by designing and placing ads on your own blog. You can earn at least $600 to $800 dollars in a month by ad placement. The earning on the basis of ads totally depends on the flow of traffic. You would also get new clients who can hire you for more writing projects. This method is also getting in trend, and this is why we would also suggest you give it a shot.

10. Offer video tutorials

You can earn money via content writing by not only just writing blogs or website content, but you can also teach how to write on YouTube. You can prepare tutorial videos and upload them on your YouTube channel. You can also pin this channel on your blog. In this way, you would start earning money from both of the platforms.

11. Write sponsored posts

Writeing sponsored posts
Writeing sponsored posts (Pic source: pixabay)

You can earn money by simply writing sponsored posts for different brands. This is getting more common, and you can see this on social media platforms. But to get clients who would give you these projects, you have to make sure that you have at least 20k followers on the particular platform. You will only get paid if your posts are reaching a certain amount of audience. You would be astonished to know that today people are earning more than $20k in a month through sponsored content writing.

12. Register with freelancing platforms

You might have heard of up work and Fiver. These two are the most famous platforms from which you can get yourself writing jobs. You would find thousands of clients on these freelancing platforms, and so we would suggest you register yourself with them. Registration is quite easy, but here you should know that you have to prepare for a strong gig if you want to get multiple jobs. You can make thousands of dollars by writing content on these platforms

ProTip: Use free plagiarism checker for Unique Writing

Many writers today are paying hundreds of dollars a month for paid plagiarism checking and proofreading. You can get rid of all this expense if you connect with a reliable and free plagiarism checker. There is a misconception that free plagiarism checkers are not reliable, but this is not true. You just need to pick an online plagiarism checker which uses AI and advanced algorithms to screen out errors from your content. One of the famous duplication checkers in this league is!


Now that you know about the top thirteen ways to make money with content writing, we would suggest you stop wasting your time and start earning money by connecting yourself to online platforms. Here you must know that the more experience you gain in content writing, the better would it be for you to get new projects and at good rates. If you want to polish your writing skills, then you can also do so by using online tools like Grammarly. Online writing tools can not only help you in checking plagiarism but also in improving your style and quality!

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