Make Money from Liquid Organic Fertilizer Production

Introduction to start and make money from liquid organic fertilizer production 

Hi folks, today let us look into the process of how to turn your vegetable waste, lawn waste, and seaweed into money generating liquid organic fertilizer. The liquid organic fertilizer is one of the types of organic fertilizers, where it is used for the growth of the plant. Liquid organic fertilizer or bio-fertilizer in present times has an increasing demand in the agriculture market. At the same time, we have also seen a reduction trend in the inorganic fertilizer market.

Ideas to make money from liquid organic fertilizer production business

Liquid organic fertilizer made from extracted organic materials and various natural materials. Mainly it is used in organic food farming because the basic nutrients are supplied by them for plant growth. The organic liquid fertilizer for vegetables has shown the excellent growth of plants. This blog provides you all the details required for ‘how to produce liquid organic fertilizer’.

The market potential for liquid organic fertilizer to make huge money

In India, liquid-based organic fertilizer is now being gradually imported from countries in the European continent. The demand for imports is linearly increasing, which can be met only by producing a quality economic product. All the raw materials needed for the manufacturing of liquid organic fertilizer can be obtained in India. The Liquid organic fertilizers are used because of more efficient nitrogen use when they are applied through a drip irrigation system. In this process, negligible effluent is present which can be nullified by proper management.

Basic plant and machinery needed can be acquired indigenously. Some of the organized sectors and several private sectors are already in the manufacturing of solid bio-fertilizer. It is essential to literate the farmers regarding the advantages of bio-fertilizer, which will in turn enhance the bio-fertilizer market. Now the liquid bio-fertilizer is being employed in the European as well as in developed countries. In India, there is the use of imported liquid bio-fertilizers as a result we can find a good opportunity in this business for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Liquid organic fertilizer business plan to make good money

To start the liquid fertilizer business, you need to design a perfect liquid organic fertilizer production business plan. In this, you need to particularly plan about the following important points-

  • You need very minimum space just to place the liquid organic fertilizer machinery setup, so you need to acquire a land area of about 500 sq. mt. to start the business. This is based on the scale of the business you are planning to start.
  • Equipment required to start the liquid organic fertilizer manufacturing process is available in the market, you can even avail it from online.
  • List of licenses, registrations, and permissions required to start the business.
  • You need to get a complete idea about the liquid fertilizer manufacturing process.

License, registrations required for liquid fertilizer manufacturing business

Below is the list of licenses, registrations, and permissions required to start the liquid fertilizer manufacturing business:

  • First, you need to take the fertilizer license for starting the production of liquid organic fertilizer.
  • You also need to get the registration with the National center of organic farming (NCOF), Department of Agriculture, MoA, GoI, under bio-fertilizers, and organic fertilizers which are covered in fertilizer (Control) Order, 1985.
  • Registration under Companies Act is mandatory
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (for production of sterile fermentation products)
  • You need to get registration from ISO/ BIS for the prevention of cross-contamination of production culture and quality control to meet the international standards.
  • Udyog Aadhar or MSME registration
  • SSI registration
  • NOC from State Pollution Control Board (PCB)
  • Trade license
  • GST registration
  • EIC registration which is required for exporting your product.

The liquid fertilizer manufacturing process

Many organic farmers strive to find natural ways of improving their soil. Hence, there is a great demand for liquid organic fertilizer; this makes the sense to start the liquid organic fertilizer production business by using vegetable waste and other farm or garden scraps, etc. When produced abundantly, homemade organic liquid fertilizers can be as worthy as their commercially produced counterparts. There are various types of organic liquid fertilizers available currently. For example, compost tea is a potent fertilizer while coffee grounds serve as sufficient nitrogen sources to plants.

A huge percentage of organic liquid fertilizers are prepared from kitchen waste. Even other things could be transformed into potent fertilizer for employing in the organic garden rather than discarding them.

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Raw materials required for liquid organic fertilizer business

The raw materials required for the production of liquid organic fertilizer include soybean meal, banana peels, eggshell, vegetable cooking water, Epsom salts, unseeded weeds, tea droppings, etc. which you can collect or buy from the restaurants, hotels, hostels, tea stalls, gardens, parks, etc.

Process of making organic liquid fertilizer

This can be prepared in different ways using different kinds of organic wastes produced. The liquid organic fertilizer production process is described below.

Organic farmers can prepare their organic liquid fertilizer by adding their components of choice in water for a few days. The soluble nutrients will finally drain in the water solution.

Farmers can pick to end the process and use the fertilizer in their gardens or even proceed to ferment the component if they are interested. Some farmers have even found great results from fermented organic liquid fertilizer.

Organic liquid fertilizer from different organic wastes

Below are instances for the liquid organic fertilizer manufacturing process which you can start from collecting the wastes at home.

Fertilizer from banana peels

Banana peels are highly rich in potassium. Fertilizers that are rich in potassium are perfect for fruit plants and flowers. This could not be used for foliage plants like spinach and lettuce.

Use banana peel organic liquid fertilizer on squash plants and tomatoes. In a mason jar, put the banana peels, fill it with water, and cork it. Allow it to sit for three days and use it in your garden.

Fertilizer from eggshell

Eggshells are rich in calcium and comprise some share some percentage of potassium. First, crush them, place in a mason jar, and add water. Let us wait for a week and use this water on your plants. It is perfect for tomatoes and houseplants. Calcium will save the plants from blossom-end rot.

Vegetable cooking water

After boiling the vegetables, do not throw them off. Allow them, to cool after that dilutes it with water. Use it for houseplants and organic gardens. To prevent bad smell, use the entire thing once. This water is high in vitamins which the vegetables lose during the cooking process.

Organic liquid fertilizer from Epsom salts

Epsom salts have sulfur and magnesium. In a gallon of water, include a tablespoon of Epsom salts. Keep the mixture in a sprayer and use it on tomatoes, peppers, roses, and onions. Spray them for every two times per month.

In a bucket, start by placing compost, next add water, and cover by a lid. Ensure the bucket is not tightly closed. Wait for around one to two days and drain the water into a separate bucket. Dilute it in a ratio of 1:10 and use this mixture for the plants.

Liquid organic fertilizer from unseeded weeds 

Unseeded weeds may be utilized to make fertilizer. Include grass clippings to make it richer. Grass and weeds being rich in nitrogen, additionally water accelerates its breakdown to make the nutrients available. Place grass and weed clippings in a 5-gallon vessel and include water. Make sure the water goes gradually above the components, cover, and wait for some three days. Drain the liquid and dilute with water proper ratio of 1:10. Use it to water plants present in the organic garden.

Liquid organic fertilizer from droppings tea

Gather rabbit, chicken, or goat droppings, place them in a bucket and add water slightly on top of the droppings. Stand for two to three days and then drain the water. Now make sure to dilute the content with a one to twenty water ratio and employ it to water plants in the organic garden. Droppings tea is considered to be rich in nitrogen.

Equipment required for liquid organic fertilizer business

The machinery required for starting the liquid organic fertilizer production business requires ‘organic liquid fertilizer manufacturing plant.’ This is the automatic machinery where the whole steeping process is done by the machine itself.

Investment for production of liquid organic fertilizer in India

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Investment for production of liquid organic fertilizer in India.
Investment for production of liquid organic fertilizer in India.

You can research the liquid organic fertilizer production companies to get a good idea about the competitors in this business. Let us now get an idea about the costs involved in the production of liquid organic fertilizer.

The organic liquid fertilizer manufacturing plant price is Rs. 3,50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. So, we will consider the machinery cost Rs. 4,00,000 for starting a small scale unit.

The cost involved in getting the raw materials is Rs. 50,000.

The cost involved in packaging the liquid organic fertilizer is Rs. 50,000

Other miscellaneous cost includes Rs. 1,00,000.

The cost of land and the other arrangements to set up the unit is Rs. 3,50,000

So, the total investment for starting a small scale organic fertilizer production is Rs. 10,00,000

Procedure to use liquid fertilizer to crop

Make sure that the crops are abundantly watered before using organic liquid fertilizer on them. This avoids them from absorbing excess salts. If the plants seem withered for the absence of enough water, it is recommended to water them properly first and stand for 24 hours before administering the fertilizer. These liquid organic fertilizers are applied regularly, based on the nutrient requirement of the crop.

How to sell liquid organic fertilizer

You can sell the liquid organic fertilizers to the nearby nurseries, organic stores, organic farming units, fertilizer stores, and you can also register online on B2B and B2C websites to market your product.


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