Mug Printing Business Plan, Profit, and Investment 

Introduction to mug printing business plan 

The mug printing business in India is gaining a lot of popularity in the present time. People select to print their personalized photos on mugs. They also look very much personalized and are ideal to be gifted by anyone and on any occasion. You may find many online websites that offer you complete details of how to get started with a mug printing business plan at home. This business does not require much investment and anyone can learn coffee mug printing at home. You just need to follow a few simple instructions to get started.

Ideas to start and make profits in the mug printing business

In this article, we shall get familiar with a few important basics of mug printing business plan and important things to start with it.

Types of mug printing techniques

To get started with mug printing you can use different types of techniques. Mostly making the selection of the right method would also depend on the cost involved in this process. You can make the selection of anything between screen printing coffee mugs to modern transfer printing techniques.

Mug printing for mass production

When you have to get started with mass production of mug printing, you can make the selection between:

  • Screen printing– This type of mug printing involves making use of screen mesh and color dyes. The process also involves some technical know-how to get started with.
  • Dye Sublimation – This is an ideal option if you don’t intend to do it in the long run. The process is ideal for anyone who plans to get started with mug printing at home.
  • Transfer Printing – This is a type of screen printing, but a little bit more advanced in technology. In this process, the image is transferred manually. If you are looking around for adding a lot of details, then this is an ideal method for you to use. Besides, if the cup is convex or conical in shape, then this method is ideally suited.
  • Digital printing – This is one method that is ideal in case you want to print mugs in big volumes. This is also ideal if you are looking around to customize any ceramic mug with your photo. When using this method, you need to be professional in using the software technique in selecting colors.

How to start mug printing business at home

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How to start mug printing business at home.
How to start mug printing business at home.

To get started with making photo mug at home you don’t need any specialized training. The process just only takes little time and is an exciting exercise. You can try and add your image or any type of photo to the mug.

  • Select the right mug – This should ideally be your first step to get started. Before selecting it is best to select the right color and shape of the mug. If you have selected one that has a regular shape, then it is the best choice. Pick one that blends perfectly with the photo that you have selected. Avoid using mugs that have rough surfaces as the image may not transfer perfectly from the printing paper to the mug. If you have selected one that does not have the usual shape then transferring image may be difficult.
  • Select the right image – It is ideal to select the photo that you want to image transfer on the mug. No matter what always ensure that the one you selected is the right fit on the mug. Try and get the digital format of the image to ensure the best transfer results. This type is also long-lasting and durable.
  • Select the right image size – Even before you print the image, you need to check with the size. The image must fit well in the selected area on the mug. Avoid selecting a big or small-sized image. Before printing the image, you have to measure the right size. You can make use of the print preview option when printing images. You can also resize the image before printing.
  • Use transfer paper – Before printing the image, you have to feed the printer with a transfer paper. This type of paper will ensure that the image prints on the mug for a longer time. Avoid using regular printer paper. You can look around for transfer paper online or in a store near your home. Photo studios can provide you with a quality transfer paper.
  • Use acrylic coating spray – You can find transfer paper that is already coated with the acrylic coating film. Otherwise, you can also purchase one from a nearby store or hardware shop. You have to take extra caution when spraying the acrylic spray. It is important to try and cover the entire image for the best results. Once coated, you may have to leave the image for some time so it can get dried up. It may take from few minutes to few hours, depending on the type of spray you have selected.
  • Soak the image in water to apply – Once the coating on the image is dry then you just can give the final touch to the image by resizing it. Dip the image in a bowl of water and then place it on the mug. To make it more effective, just dip the image in a bowl full of water and then place it on the mug where you want to print it.
  • Let the image dry naturally – Once the image has been placed on the mug, then you may have to leave it for drying for some time. The time for drying up may depend on the quality of the transfer paper used. You may have to read fine prints before getting started. Once the image is dry then you can wash the mug and decorate it or start using it.

How to print a photo on mugs using an electric iron

  • First, you have to select the right design and mug you want for printing. It is important to trim the design to the right size.
  • Even before you place the design on the mug, you have to clean the mug and dry it well so no grease is left on its top.
  • You can place a soft towel under the mug for supporting it so it does not move when you print the image on it.
  • Now you can heat the iron. The temperature setting may depend on the material of vinyl selected. You get different types of vinyl stickers in the market that are made up of different materials.
  • Now place the image on the mug in the right position. Take the hot iron and place it on the mug. Keep it at least for 30 seconds. This process has to be repeated for the entire design.
  • Avoid using excess pressure or else the image may not appear as per your needs.
  • The heat should just stick the glue to the mug. Once the design has been transferred then you can now use the mug.

How to print mugs by sublimation print

  • The first step to get started is to make the selection of a blank mug. The white-colored mug is one best option as all colors may best be highlighted on a white mug.
  • You have to select the artwork that is printed on an inkjet printer. The print is coated with a special dye that gets transferred on the mug. The transfer paper is also a special paper that only holds the image before being transferred.
  • Once you have selected the image, you just need to place it on the selected mug by wrapping around it. Make sure that the image is mirrored backward as it should be transferred to the mug directly.
  • Just select the right temperature and place the mug inside the heat press. By making use of heat the right level of pressure, the image will gently be transferred. So the moment heat has applied the image simply gets transferred to the mug.
  • When using this method for transferring images, you have the benefit that the image will last for many years.

Working process and time for printing one mug

Selecting the right image
  • Before you get started, you have to get familiar with the work process. This may depend on the type of method you have selected for printing the mug.
  • Sublimation is most effective but people may also try out hot iron heat transfer methods.
  • Getting started with the work process means selecting the right image. You can choose to download it via the website. Most websites may provide you with the best templates.
  • The prints should be perfectly sized depending on the size of the mug. For best results, you also need to keep in mind that the image should be set in such a position that some borders are left on the edges.
  • Also when printing images, ensure that you have download the mirror image of the photo or template selected.
Selecting the right mug

You need to ensure that you have selected the right mug for the image transfer. The selection has to be made based on the image selected. If you need to mass-produce mugs then you can also purchase it from retailers or manufacturers directly.

Selecting the right method

Your selection of the right method may depend on how many mugs you want to print. If you are just thinking of printing one or two mugs for gifting to your friend, then the heat transfer method may be best. If you want to print in big numbers then one of the two methods is ideal. They are also economical and do not need much technical knowledge.

Time is taken for printing one mug

The time may differ depending on factors like method selected, ink selected, or even transfer paper selected. But in general, it may be from a few minutes to a few hours.

The raw material for Mug printing business

  • The basic cost to get started with mug printing may vary from around Rs 26,000 to over Rs 1 lakh. The cost factor may depend on the type of printing machine you have selected.
  • You may need to invest some money in purchasing start-up products and raw materials. You may need a desktop or a laptop, software, printer, and other attachments.
  • Other raw materials required are plain mugs, transfer paper, tapes, and sublimation printing machine.

The cost or investment to start a mug printing business

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The cost to start a mug printing business.
The cost to start a mug printing business.

If you already have access to desktop and printer then this cost can be excluded. But still, the overall start-up cost for this business may vary from Rs 80,000 to over a few lakh, depending on your set up.

License process for mug printing business in India

  • The process of licensing may depend on the location of your business. To get started with establishing on large scale, you may have to apply for a license at the local body office.
  • As the business is considered as small scale business, so the time of license approval and the registration fee may not be much.
  • Once the license has been approved by the local authority then you can set up your small scale printing unit at home or in industrial Gala.

Best mug printing machines

Heat transfer and sublimation machines start from Rs 12,000 to 15,000. You can purchase them online via flip cart or other manufacturer websites. The process of using it is also very simple. You can just get started by following a few tutorials and instructions provided along with.


Once the mugs have been printed then you have to pack them for marketing. You can make use of soft paper, Styrofoam balls, and card boxes for packing. As the cups are made up of ceramics, so they need to be protected when shipping.

Mug printing business for sale

When searching online you may find many people help you set up the entire business in exchange for some fee. You can also look around for already established new mug printing business online and purchase it. This will help save your time that you may have to spend looking around for machines and materials.

Marketing strategy for mug printing business

Printed mugs often considered being a perfect gift item to present. So you can focus on people at the time of festivals and celebrations. Personalized mugs are also desired by people on special days like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

The targeted area for marketing

You must search and target ideal customers. You can promote your services online to a large audience, or even promote in your locality at different places like shopping malls, bakeries, gift and stationery shops.

Is mug printing business profitable?

In case you start mug printing business on a small scale basis then the investment is not much. It also offers you with better gains as the cost of buying raw materials are not expensive. The overall investment will be in purchasing blanks and other equipment and you may gain about 20 to 30 percent profits in the mug printing business in India 

Precautionary measures for Mug printing business

If you are operating the hot iron you must be careful and should not burn your hand while printing. The sublimation printing machine also uses a heat transfer procedure so you should take precautions while handling the machine. While using acrylic spray avoid its contact with eyes or mouth. Even if inhaled accidentally it is suggested to seek immediate health advice.


The mug printing business is a perfect business for individuals who plan to start with less capital. Moreover, as the business is having great demand by properly targeting the correct market you will gain profits easily.

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