Top 20 Online Business Ideas with Zero Investment

Introduction to Top 20 Online Business Ideas with Zero Investment: As technology advances, you can work from the comfort of your own home.  For housewives, college students, and even other qualified individuals, working online and earning money online has been a great opportunity. It is possible to start hundreds of businesses online. Despite this, there are only a few online businesses that require little or no capital investment to get started. What are the best online business ideas that don’t require a lot of investment? What are the best ideas for starting an online business without investment? How can these businesses be started without investment?

With an online business, you are not physically present at the location where the business is conducted. Many of them do not require any investment from your pocket. Computers/laptops and internet connections are basic requirements to run them.  For college students, these may be part-time or full-time positions. The following list has many business ideas. There are many offers available without investment here and one should pick the one for which they are passionate.

Top 20 Online Business Ideas with Zero Investment

Online Business Ideas with Zero Investment
Online Business Ideas with Zero Investment (pic source: pixabay)

This page contains a list of 50+ online businesses without investment / without investment business ideas. Some of them may require some investment while others might not. These include trending hot new business ideas as well.

You can earn a good income from freelance writing

The opportunities for you are huge if you are able to write articles or reports that flow well in the language.,, and are among the numerous websites that provide opportunities for freelance writers to find work at good pay rates. You can start this business as a part-time venture without spending any money.

Have your own blogging business

By blogging, you create educational and useful content for a targeted audience. Blogs are a great way to make a lot of money if you have a lot of knowledge about a particular subject. As your blog grows in popularity, it will gain more readers. You can earn money from advertising on your blog if you receive a lot of traffic. Ad space for your website may be offered to advertisers by applying for Google Adsense or by approaching advertisers. Blogging is basically anything I do here. Anyone who is passionate about creating content can start this business with no investment.

Setup your own dropshipping business

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Online Dropshipping Business
Online Dropshipping Business (pic credit: pixabay)

You can sell products online via dropshipping without actually having to stock them. Increasingly popular these days, dropshipping is an innovative way to sell products online. You need to set up a free store on any selling platform like Amazon, eBay, etc. to do this. You now need to find a wholesaler who sells the product you wish to sell. On platforms such as Aliexpress or Oberlo, you can find many wholesale drop shippers. Offer to send them photos of their products if they send you a deal. Make sure that you describe the photos in SEO-friendly terms on your store. In order to place an order with a client’s address, you must deduct your profit and channel the remainder to drop shippers as soon as someone buys a product. This allows you to make profits without investing any money in stocks.

Use your free time for editing and proofreading

This business would be perfect for someone with an eye for detail and the ability to catch even the smallest mistake. There is no startup capital needed, so anyone can start it from home.

Spend some time to create online courses

This may be the right business for you if you are looking for one that requires no investment. Internet is one of the places where some people can always learn new things. Make a course out of any topic you’re an expert in and sell it on platforms like Udemy, Teachable, Thinkific, etc. Cooking, yoga exercises, and so on are all things that people are eager to learn. In case you have a passion for education, this could be a great Online Business without Investment in India.

You can make some money from online books

It’s possible to publish an entire book on your own and earn good sums of money by selling it to Amazon if you are skilled enough to write the book, but don’t want to spend money on publishing. You can take advantage of this opportunity with Kindle publishing. A social media advertising campaign can help you boost your sales.

Put your design skills to set up an online graphic service business

This is a great business for you to consider if you are excellent at graphic design. There are many people who are searching for a good graphic designer.

Make money from CPA affiliate marketing

Cost per Action (CPA) marketing is a form of marketing where you have to persuade people to perform a specific action, for instance, take a quiz, play a game, or sign up for a newsletter. You will be compensated based on how many actions you convince people to take.

Earn from Instagram marketing

Every business owner looks for a platform where they can reach a large number of their target audience. If you manage to build an Instagram following large enough, you can begin accepting ads from clients interested in advertising on your platform.

Pocket some profit from selling videos online

You can consider recording and selling videos on YouTube and other video-sharing sites if you are able to produce really good videos to teach people something or entertain them. It is amazing what people will respond to when you create a video of something amazing and creative or cook different delicacies.

Turn your technical skills into power point presentations

Professional PowerPoint presentations are difficult for many business executives to create. As a result, they hire people to do the job for them. PowerPoint presentations can earn you up to $20 a slide, but all you need is creative talent and excellent marketing skills for it.

Earn rewards from online surveys

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online surveys
online surveys (pic source: pixabay)

People are often asked to respond to surveys about their products and services by business owners and survey companies. In addition to being paid for the surveys, you can also test free products and services.

Make good profits from language translation services

Translation services are needed by many people who do not speak the language. As an example, there are many people who do not understand the English language, but they still need translators to help them when their documents are written in English. You can easily earn good money by selling this service online if you are an expert in any language.

Consider online data analysis for extra bucks

It is also possible to make good sums of money through data mining and analysis. Providing these services on freelancing platforms can earn you a lot of money if you learn the ropes.

Why not online news correspondent

Join an online news platform and begin contributing news there. Considering it will be online, you can start this from home.

Work on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon owns the platform, which allows users to perform small tasks for a few cents, such as filling out forms, responding to surveys, and so on. Performing small tasks can lead to significant income.

Make money from your creative photography

You can sell stock photos online if you are an experienced photographer. The world around you can be captured in beautiful photos and sold online. A great online business idea for those who are passionate about photography without any investment.

Good profits from document transcription services

The business involves converting written documents into audiobooks or converting audio scripts into written documents.

Make money from online CV writing

Many people worldwide do not know how to write their CVs in a professional, professional manner. Providing CV writing services from home can be a good option if you are good at it.

This business allows you to help blog owners and webmasters gain more traffic and visibility for their blogs and websites by creating links around the web.


All these online jobs will produce a handful of money that you can earn with zero investment. You can earn with ease by just using your skills.


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